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How long does it take to heal from a impacted wisdom tooth removal

I am getting one impacted wisdom tooth removed next Friday. I was wondering about the recovery time. My dentist makes it sound like no big deal, but I am a little worried. I don't take pain well. I am planning on not going completely under, just the local shots and gas. Anyone have advice for me? How long of a healing time should I expect? What kind of foods can I eat? Thanks for the information.

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You can expect to feel the after effects of your wisdom tooth extraction for at least 72 hours afterward. You may experience swelling of your jaw(s) after surgery; this is normal. Do not resume physical pursuits until your surgeon has cleared you to do so. Avoid spicy and oily food, eat something that are easy to swallow without a lot of chewing, such as mash potato, yogurt.

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I used to be TERRIFIED of the dentist so I waited for years to get mine out. And then it really wasn't a big deal. I only ate soft foods for a few days, and took the prescribed pain killers and I was fine. It does take c couple of weeks for them to heal completely - but after a couple of days the pain is gone and you should be fine. Good luck!!!

I had my 2 top Wisdoms removed together. I was fine by the next day.

All I ate that night for dinner was a few french fries that I chewed at the front of my mouth and 2 DQ ice cream sundaes (hot fudge). The cold felt good. I also suggest chilled Jell-O or pudding. Nothing through a straw (no sucking).

It wasn't that bad. It actually felt GOOD to get them out of my mouth after weeks of them scraping the insides of my mouth. They came in sideways.

P. <><

Diana, if it is just one, then you are lucky!! I had all 4 done at the same time, so I had to go under. It was an awful experience. My face was swollen like a balloon, I could barely eat, I was bruised, and I even got ill afterwards. My recovery, which was supposed to be 3 days, turned into 3 weeks. However, yours will be nothing like that... just 1 sounds like a breeze. It all depends on the person-- i've heard people who had my experience and then others who said it was nothing. Good luck.

Hi Diana,

I am absolutely the most terrified person alive when it came to getting a wisdom tooth pulled until it actually happened.
This was something I feared having to do even as a child.
My wisdom was coming through but it kept literally cutting into my cheek and I suffered through the pain off and on for about a year before I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to get it pulled.
The dentist called it a surgical removal because half of the tooth was still in my gums.
I felt like a little kid in the chair BUT Thank God it was not bad at all!
My biggest recovery was having my cheek abcess heal from the tooth cutting into it that he prescribed antibiotics for. The pain of the tooth being pulled wasn't bad at all!!
I believe he prescribed some Darvocet that I was done having to take by the following morning.
You'll be fine and recovery is quick.
You'll be eating anything you want by the next day....I actually don't remember any food restrictions either.

Good luck!

Hi Diana, mine were impacted too. I had all four pulled at the same time. I had no problems at all. They put me under and the next thing I knew I was awake. I ate pudding and ice cream and jello and soup for a couple of days. You are not supposed to have caffeine, carbonation, no straws and you can't smoke. I could have gone out the next day, if not then, definitely two days. This procedure is no big deal at all. Good luck!

When I had mine out, the surgeon told me to eat only ice cream for the first day or so. I think that helped with the swelling a lot. Also, be sure to take all your meds and to bite the rags to avoid dry socket, etc. It really wasn't bad at all. Good luck and enjoy the gas!

i have had both of my bottom wisdom teeth removed...and it wasnt that bad...i dont take pain well either..but the local shots and gas were plenty... you will feel some pressure but it doesnt hurt. also for 2 daysyou should eat soft stuff...like pudding and mashed potatoes,jello,ice cream,etc. they will tell you not to drink soda or any carbonated drinks or drink through a straw..it will cause a dry socket and that is very painfull, also they should give you some pain meds.

You should be fine as long as you follow the doctor's instructions. Just don't drink from straws. It causes dry sockets and that is very painful.

I was extremely afraid when I had to get mine pulled. I opted to be put to sleep. They gave me an IV, I dosed off, and woke up with my teeth gone. Seems like I was out for 5 minutes.

Good luck!

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