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How Long Does a Breast Pump Motor Last?

I purchased a new Medela pump in style when I had to go back to work after my first child. I used it 2-3 times a day every day for just under a year. Should the motor still be good? Toward the end, I wasn't getting as much milk no matter how long I pumped and I don't know if it was me or if the motor was wearing out.

We're trying to have a second child and I don't know if I can rely on it again. Has anyone else used a pump (regularly) for multiple children?

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I have the same pump and it wasn't working as well towards the end of baby #1. Then with baby #2 it was horrible! I discovered that my tubing had a hole in it. I replaced the tubing and all is fine.

Hi S.,

I bought my Medela 9/05 and used it for 6+ months, about 4 times a day. I started using it again 7/08 and used it 4 times a day until just recently when I started pumping a little less frequently. I thought my motor went out once, but I just didn't have everything connected right. The previous posters were right about the membranes especially. Several of mine have developed small rips and seem to get thinner and more pliable after so many uses/cleanings, so new ones really help with the suction. Good luck on becoming pg soon!

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Your pump should definitely still be good. I would either call the Breastfeeding Resource Center at Harris Methodist, downtown Ft. Worth or a lactation consultant and see if they will test the suction on your pump. Good luck!

I have had my pump in style for 10 years and after 4 children, still works like the day we got it!! I did find that at the end of nursing each child (about 10-11 months) I wouldn't produce as much as in the begining, for the pump. I think I got so used to the child nursing, that I wouldn't let down as well for the pump. I thought the same thing that you did about the pump not working as well, until I got it out to use w/ our 2nd child and it was just as effective as when I used it in the beginging w/ the 1st.
Good luck!

I am the 3rd person to use my pump (we sanitized it well after 2 of our good friends used it). They both used the pump for about 6-8 months each before I got it and it seems to work well. It is also a Medela.

I used mine with both my kids and also let a friend use it and it still works. I think they are made to work for a very long time.

It's most likely your milk supply. I nursed my oldest for a year, and after about 9 months, I could nurse my baby fine, but if I pumped I could not get anything out. Baby's are more efficient than the pump, and as your milk supply dwindles due to less demand as the child grows, I found the pump not to be useful any more. That being said, checking the membrane is a good idea. I did have a problem at one point with suction, and changed the membranes and it made a world of difference. The pump motor should last a long time.

It's probably you. At about 10 mos to a year, your milk supply decreases.

I took my pump to Sharon Mattes at Natural Beginnings before the birth of my 3rd...she was able to use something to check how strong the motor was. If she is not in your area, you could probably find a doula or LC who could do it if it would make you feel better. I went ahead and replaced my tubing and the membranes...

that is a great pump. you can have it serviced to make sure it is working properly. you should be able to use it with several children. my best guess for not getting much milk towards the end is that your supply was going down. a pump just can't do what a baby can do and you will never get as much pumping as you would if baby nursed. my baby would drink 4oz (early on) but it would take me more than 1 pumping session to store up that much milk. I just didn't respond well to the pump.

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