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How Long Do You Use a Toddler Bed For?

Realistically how long can I expect to use a toddler bed? My son in 2 years 3 months and I am just exploring the option. My twins began climbing out of their crib at this age so we resorted to crib tents and kept them cribbed until they were 3 years 3 months! I am in no rush to put my "baby" in a toddler bed but if it is doable it might be a fun transition. So I was just curious how long a kid stays in one. My twins are almost 6 and I think that is too old and too big for a toddler bed. Thanks for your input...

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that is about the right age I believe. I started my baby (now 13- yikes!) at about age 2 in a toddler bed. I then transitioned to bunk beds for my boys. Its a space saver and worked well. good luck as it sounds like you have a full time mommy J.O.B. already. My boys are now teenagers and I am in another stage of "bliss." happy happy joy joy!! lol. yeah right, wait till yours are teenagers.

A. Michelle

I've never seen the point in a toddler bed either and both of my girls started in a twin bed before the age of 2. I had planned to use side rails (that came with the bunk set that I bought), but never found a need for them. If you already have one or your crib turns into one, then go for it, but I wouldn't specifically buy a toddler bed.

I just assembled a twin bed on the lowest setting (or you can start with the mattress on the floor). Neither of my kids had trouble with falling out (with the older one, I put a large stuffed animal between her and the edge and that caused her to tend to sleep closer to the wall).

I pushed my older one into a bed about 2 months before her sister was born (she was about 2) so that there would be plenty of time to transition. She only wanted to sleep in the crib one time after she started sleeping in the bed. With my younger one, I had both the crib and a bed in her room and around 22 months she told me she wanted to sleep in the bed and she's never gone back (it's been a month now). The down side...she shows up at the side of my bed at 6:25am on the weekends and says "Mommy, wake up."!!!

OUr crib was a convertible crib. We just put my 3 year old in her toddler bed and I plan to use it until she's around 5. That's when I got my other daughter her "big girl" twin bed. It was quite the ordeal...exciting for her.
I kept my girls in their cribs til they were 3. The longer the better and they didn't complain.

Unless your crib converts to a toddler bed, it's a waste of money to buy a toddler bed. Just go straight from a crib to twin.

It depends upon their ages. I kept my kids in their cribs until climbing out was a problem. And, then converted it to a toddler bed. They can sleep in that really until they're just too big. My oldest was about 3 because we needed the crib for our son. My son was much older. My youngest was about 5. But, I know children that sleep in them well into 5 or 6 because they're small kids, and others that are too big at 3 or 4.

I would say skip the toddler bed and just get a twin bed with side rails, and take the rails away when they're about 4. That's what I did for each of my daughters when they were 2, and they still have them 12 years later. That way if once in a while they need you, you can lay next to them for a while. I think a toddler bed is too small for that.

We skipped the toddler bed and went right to a twin with guard rails when my daughter was 18 months old. Why waste the money on the toddler bed? They are in it for such a short time anyway.

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