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How Long Do You Keep Your Child Inside/isolated After a Fever?

I'm curious if there's a definitive answer to this question. Our doctor told us 24 hours after a fever but I didn't askk if that applies to just going outside (if it's fairly warm versus freezing.) My 3 year old had a fever of up to 103 on Saturday night and showed the effects. On Sunday, it averaged 99.50 and she acted completely fine. She wanted to play, go outside etc. She didn't have much of an appetite but that was the only symptom. My husband thought it was fine to take her to a store, outside some etc while I thought maybe she should just stay inside all day. What do other people do? Thanks

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I keep my daughter inside even if her fever is low. She relapse's after playing outside. I keep her home/inside until a day after her fever is gone to be safe.

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I wait 24 hours to send mine to school and such, BUT if she is home and feeling fine or a low grade fever(under 100*) and wants to run to the store or go outside to play, I let her, but I make sure she isnt too active as that seems to raise her temp.

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If they feel fine, let them go outside. It's good for them.

If she is feeling better, I'd say take her outside for a bit of sun and vitamin D. But just make sure she goes easy and doesn't over due it. Even if you do a 10-15 minute. Also have her go easy inside as well. They can use up all that energy build up and have a relapse. Take care!

I think fresh air is always a good idea - just don't overdo it. A nice little leisurely walk would be nice. Stay away from public places with lots of germs.

I take my kids outside if they feel up to it, I just don't let them play as hard as they usually do. We need the break from being inside so I'm happy when they feel like playing outside when they've had a fever. I try to keep them away from other children 24 hours after fever over 100.

Hi P.!

Personally, I think "fresh air" is what all kids need, especially to begin to feel better. But after my 6 yr had "the virus" that is going around with 103.8 fever, I had changed the way I parented my sick kids!

I did let my son go out for a few minutes of fresh air, but he knew it wasn't for long.

When kids have a fever, they can "act" fine, or they can bw obviously sick. Whenthey feel good enough to play with something, it's a relief to finally see it :O)

Your daughter probably won't overdo it. Just keep an eye on her.

~N. :O)

I'd keep her away from stores/public places where there are other people that could pick up whatever bug she may have.

But on a nice day, when her energy level permits, I'd be fine with letting her play in your own backyard (not the neighborhood park with other kids tho) for a little while. Dont overdo it, and not for too long, her body is still getting better.

I keep my daughter inside even if her fever is low. She relapse's after playing outside. I keep her home/inside until a day after her fever is gone to be safe.

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