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How Long Did It Take to Get Your Official Birth Cert?

My baby was born at Legacy Salmon Creek last November. I thought they submitted for the Birth Certificate, but we havn't recieved it yet. We got the Social Security card. I'm just wondering how long it took for other folks to get it, so I know if I need to follow up.

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Thanks! I think I figured it out. We have the form for the "Vital Records" but I didn't realize what it was for. No where does it say "Birth Certificate". Looks like I can send it in/take it down to 4th Plane and get it right away.

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I would call the office. They might just be backlogged. It has been a while but I believe it took a bit of time.

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you probably received this info already but, anyway, you have to mail for your official birth certificate, including the payment. The hospital does not order one for you.

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We had a baby at Legacy Salmon Creek in August and they gave us a form to mail to the court house and you send $20 to get the birth certificate printed up and mailed to you. You can order more than one at that time, if you wish. You may either have to get another form from the hospital to mail in or go to the court house to request one.

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The hospital form gets it in the county records, but that's it.

You have to order it yourself if you want a copy.

We had this issue when we needed a passport for international travel at 3 months. We thought the hospital "ordered" it, but they don't do that. They just submit the information.

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I'm a homebirth midwife, so fill and file these myself. You cannot expect to receive it. You need to apply for one and pay the fees in the state in which your baby was born.


I would call the office. They might just be backlogged. It has been a while but I believe it took a bit of time.

I don't know if it is different in Oregon, but in California, they don't automatically send you a birth certificate (like I thought they did). I had to go to the county records office and request one in person. We had to have copies for getting passports also. You might want to call the hospital records dept and find out what the process is. I wouldn't just wait for it to come, because it may not be coming automatically. Good luck to you.

I work in the birth center at SWMC, and if salmon creek is anything like us, you have to send that in yourself. The SS card is automatic, but the birth cert. is like $14 and you do it through the state. You could do it at www.doh.wa.gov
Hope this helps!
It should only take a few days, you can go pick it up!

There's a form you're supposed to fill out. The hospital should have given it to you.

It really doesn't matter how long it took other mothers to get their child's birth certificate. You need yours before March. Call The Washington Department of Vital Statistics and tell them this.

I suspect that how long it takes to get a birth certificate depends on several different possible situations. One that you would have control over by making this call is that the application has gotten lost in the system. The SS card and birth certificate are issued by 2 different agencies.

They will not send you one. You can go get one down by llyod center you just need you ID to get your sons, they print it out right then and give it to you. You have to pay for it. I can not remenber the cost. 800 NE Oregon Portland

Duuuude, you just reminded me I need to track down my 8 mos old's SS card!!

Oregon doesn't issue actual paper BC's automatically, they just store the info for, as I recall, 50 years (or maybe 50 years after death? anyhow, they have a sunset date). You have to order them, especially if you want an official, certified one, or go into a state office and wait an hour or so while they work it up right then.

Washington might be similar.

I use ask.com to find govt offices/answers about laws ... it works better than google for me on those issues.

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