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How Long Before Calling Dr. - Fever on 1 Yr Old

My daughter has had a fever the 2nd day now. the temp is around 101.5. I'm waiting for my ped. office to open. How long do you normally wait until you take the baby in? Am I overreacting and should wait another day?

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I always say better to err on the side of caution. While 101.5 isn't extremely high, it IS a fever. So I would call. Never be afraid to "bother" your pediatrician's office. That's what they're there for!
You already know this, I'm sure: rest and lots of fluids are good for fever.
Hope she's better soon.

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Have you been giving her Tylenol to bring down the fever? If yes, it the fever coming down at all with the Tylenol? Is she lethargic? It has been my experience with my kids that the fever is only part of the story. If they are active while having the fever, then it isn't something for me to worry about. But if they aren't active, then I start to get concerned.

What it basically come down to is this. You are her mother. So, if you are worried or concerned, call the doctor.

I always call right away and let them determine when they want us to be seen. But that way at least I've touched base with them before it's 2am and I'm needing to call the on-call doctor.

My pedi says 3 days.

It's worth a call to the pediatrician's office, especially if she's lethargic, cranky, or having other symptoms. In general I try to wait to take the kids in to the doc, just because then you're bound to be exposed to other germs as well (can you tell I'm a germophobe?). Definitely don't panic, but make the call and see what they recommend.

For what it's worth some kids are just more prone to fevers and/or high fevers than others. My kids do so easily, so unless it's over 103 or they're really suffering with other symptoms we don't worry too much. We were over 105 not long ago (which did make me nervous) and all worked out fine. Your daughter does not seem to fall into this category, but I mention just so you know that the temp alone isn't something to panic over.

Just try the motrin or tylenol, lukewarm baths, and lots of liquids. And talk to the doc/nurse and follow their recommendation and your gut as to whether she needs to be seen or not. Hope she feels better soon.

My ped. said to call whenever about whatever, that's what he's there for. I liked that answer, it is so true. So call if you want to, especially to make you feel better!

I like to give my kids a day or two to rule out a virus unless they seem to be in pain or have something unusual like a discharge from the ear, odd stools, won't eat or drink anything. As your baby cannot verbalize where pain is or even how bad it is I always go around the second or third day of sickness to rule out infection. I did have a child once that had a fever for two days then was fine for a week and the fever returned with ear dishcarge. Turned out he had an ear infection and the ear drum tore. He was fine, no permanent damage or anything but if you would feel better going then go!

She is young so they may see her on day 2. My pediatrician says they like to see them on day 3. My daughters were recently 104.8 and that is what they told me. They did not have any other symptoms though. They will probably tell you to alternate motrin and tylenol. Luke warm baths help and a cool washcloth on her head. Good luck.

A., a fever is the body's way of fighting back.It's not how high the fever is that is a concern (unless she had febrile convulsions), it is the complications such as dehydration and weight loss. In a one year old, sustained fevers can lead to dehydration. The important thing is to keep giving her fluids. By all means call the doctor.The nurse will be able to better assess your daughter's situation. Does she have any other symptoms-vomiting, diarrhea, congestion? Is she eating and playing normally? Is she taking enough fluids? At a year old, I would call the doctor on day 1 of a fever (so they can document it) and heed their advice as far as when to have her examined.

I have a 14 month old in part-time day care who gets sick fairly frequently. She is currently fighting a virus, and we took her to the peds (called on second day and they advised us to wait) yesterday. The first day, she had a temp. of 104.8. Called ped. and he advised tylenol and motrin (children's or infants, dosage appropriate) and to wait it out. Took her to the doc. yesterday (3 days later) and they said it was a virus, nothing they can do and if it doesn't go away by day 5 to call back.
I'd call first and see what they say, but I would recommend giving it a few more days.
Good luck, hope your little one gets better soon.

My doctor's office actually told me that I should call for fevers over 101. It may be nothing, but with a little one it's best to get it checked out.

take the baby to the doctor. it is some kind of infection. it could be bacterial or viral. the doctor needs to make that kind of determination. also try some ibuprofen that should help bring it down.

101 : call the doctor
103: go to the hospital
This is what a Ped friend told me. :)

Dear A.,
Usually a fever caused by the flue will run its course in a few days as long as the child is getting rest and fluids. If you are nursing, your baby is also getting lots of antibodies from your milk, so I wouldn't be as worried.
If you are not nursing then it may be more important to see a doctor, even though the flue is caused by viruses, they often prescribe antibiotics for flue related problems like ear infections.
I used to take a wet cool washcloth to their feet and/or forehead when they were sleeping to bring down my babies' fever. This brings it down so that it is not as dangerous.
Good luck,

I have the same issue right now, my 1 y/o is teething and had a low grade fever yesterday, today got sent home from daycare with 102.9 fever. Called the peds & said if she didn't have any other signs/ymptoms of illness, it's probbably the teething. Although it's a high #, they're not so concerned about the # as they are the amount of days. Generally they said if she has a fever over 101.1 for over 3 days, she'd need to be seen. I hope that helps. Have been giving her tylenol & motrin and warm bath & definitely helped. I hope she's better soon. By the way, my name is A. C. too- how funny!

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