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How Long After Birth Should I Get My First Period

I just had my second child 10 weeks ago and still havn't gotten my period. I dont remember how long it took me with my first to get it, but i'm getting a little concerned. I was always VERY regular with my cycles before. My husband and I have been intimate a few times since and not using any protection (i hate birth control pills and he hates condoms) so we have just been "very careful" if you know what I mean. I asked my ob-gyn about an IUD but he said that he cant insert it until I get my period. Took a preg test and it said it was neg. but still wondering.

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Are you breastfeeding? My daughter weaned at 22 months- I didn't start my cycle again until she was 16 months when we stopped the 4am feeding. I have friends who've gone longer w/o.

If you are breastfeeding, it might not come back until you wean or reduce feedings. I bf for 7 months, and mine didn't come back until around 5-6 months when we dropped some feedings.

After my 3rd child, I had a period 4 weeks after giving birth and ended up pregnant again - almost immediatly. Not to scare you - but you can get a false negative - especially this close to have giving birth. You may want to call the Dr. and let them know what is going on and ask if they would recommend blood work. If you are "prego" don't worry - some times close together works really well. ; )

Good Luck!


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As other moms have mentioned, if you are nursing or pumping it's not unusual at all that you haven't gotten your period yet. That said, it is impossible to "be careful" about getting pregnant at this point - you have no idea when your body will decide to ovulate. If you don't want another baby at this time you should be using some kind of protection.

Everyone is different, but I have 4 children, have breastfed all of them, and it has taken, every time, 14-17 months before I got my period back. But, I have known a lady who breastfed and got pregnant without ever getting her period back, after all, we do usually ovulate first. If you exclusively breastfeed (ie. no formula, bottles, artificial nipples, etc. - all suckling at the breast) then it is likely you don't have anything at all to be concerned about.

Also, since it is your 2nd, your nutritional reserves may be a little lower than the first time, so it just might take a little longer, regardless of how you feed the baby.

Regarding the regular cycles, remember also that it is entirely normal for them to take up to 6 cycles to even out and become regular again, and even then, it is not uncommon for them to be a little longer than they were before you ever became pregnant.

Good luck and keep smiling!

I'm pretty sure you don't have to wait till you get your period for an IUD placement. Verify what your doc told you as you may have misunderstood him as it is easier and less painful if they insert while you are actually on your period. As with what everyone else is saying, everyone is different and if you are nursing you may not get it for a while. I nursed all 3 of my children for a year and bled for quite a while after I gave birth, but I usually started my period a few weeks after I was finished bleeding from delivery. Don't freak out. Wait a week or so, take another test, and call your doc back to verify when you can in fact get an IUD. I absolutely love mine. If you are nursing, go for the one sans hormones, so it doesn't alter your milk supply.

Are you nursing? I nurse our 21-month-old, and I didn't get my cycle back until 14 months.

My SIL got hers back at 7 weeks or so.

Generally, it varies...

If you are breastfeeding (or breastfed or pumped AT ALL) your cycles could be delayed do to Lactational Amenoreah. The hormones needed for milk production suppress the hormones needed for ovulation, and periods. If you have stopped breastfeeding your hormones will even out soon and you will have a cycle.

The good thing about Lactational Amenoreah is that you are usually infertile (still need to be careful as you can ovulate if you miss a feeding) for about the first 6months, as long as YOU are your babes only source of food.

I didn't get mine until my son was about five months old and I had cut way back on breastfeeding. My cousins didn't come back until her son was nearly seven months old (also a breastfeeder). I used to be VERY regular but even though I'm no longer breastfeeding it's still not 'normal.'

I also breastfeed and did not get my period until my children were about 6-7 months old. Actually with the second one, it came a little ealier. If I remember well, I got mine when I started to slowly wean them off the breast and started using Formula here and there.

My period didn't come back until after my son was over a year. My doctor did place an IUD about 8 weeks after I delivered. While it is better to do it while on your period, is not completely necessary. It's a little more uncomfortable, but my doctor gave me some pain pills and I was good to go.

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