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How I Wish I Were a Good Cook!

I'd have to say one of my major desires in life is to be able to cook well for my family. I'm not trying to be a gourmet chef, just very basic tasty food--American and international. I am so discouraged and frustrated that I cannot cook well, though I have tried and tried for YEARS. I don't consider myself an idiot, yet I feel like one. Why can I not do this? I have three little boys and a husband. I'd like to cook a few meals a week for them so that they will have some nice memories, nice nutritious meals of "mom's cooking." With the food network, all the great recipes out there, etc, I have tried MANY. I end up cooking with the little time that I have and throwing it in the trash! It just doesn't taste good. Yes, my family can be picky, but even I don't like much of it and I am not picky at all. I really feel like never trying again and relying on take out and Super Suppers for the next 20 years.

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I love to cook. What kinds of things are you wanting to make? Perhaps if you list some things you would like to make we can come up with some easy recipes....I cook from scratch, can, bake and because I have MS I have to make it as easy as I can.........

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Well, I actually used to be a chef and went to culinary school, so I am a good cook. I have one piece of advice for you. Get the cookbook "The Joy of Cooking". It is a classic and is very easy to follow and has every basic recipe you could ever dream of. It is the only cookbook I ever refer to even though I have hundreds. My first instructor in culinary school was asked once if she could only have one cookbook what would it be and that is what she said and I could't agree more. You could search forever but would never find a better tool for learning to cook! Good luck!!!

I see you have received many responses already. I just wanted to add that I love Angela M advice. Take it slow, and perfect one thing at a time. Also a must have in my opinion is the book The Joy of Cooking. Many basic receipes and it teaches you terms and how to do many techniques as well.
The only thing that gets food on my table is planning, planning and more planning.
My husband (a chef) also just suggested putting a dry erase board on the fridge and keep a list of what is in there.
I forget what we even have pushed to the back and things go to waste-so far it has been a great help and keeps that part a no brainer.

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Try menus4moms.com. You can subscribe to their free weekly email that will give you a weekly (5) dinner menu, including recipes and grocery list. I consider myself to be a good cook & this is wonderful for our family, as it does the planning for me. The recipes are good & easy to follow.

Hope this helps!

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I am NOT a Pampered Chef consultant (so there's nothing in this for me), but I am a huge fan of their products. Their recipes are usually easy and delicious. My family likes them very much, and they are picky. For example, there is a recipe for bubble-up pizza that goes like this:
1 tube of Biscuits (cut into quarters and put into a bowl)
spaghetti sauce (pour 1/2 to 1 cup in the bowl and mix with the biscuits.)
mozzarella cheese - put about a cup or more to taste in the bowl
your favorite topping (cooked sausage, onions, peppers, pepperoni, whatever) mix it all up in the bowl, put it into a baking dish, bake at 350 until it is hot and bubbly.
You can go to www.papmperedchef.com and check out some of their recipes online. With every new Pampered Chef season, they have a small recipe book that costs $1 and has a good variety of seasonal recipes for that season. They also have cookbooks to purchase. It's a home-party based business, so keep that in mind if you decide to find a consultant. But I swear by the recipes!

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with 3 under 4 it's little wonder you can even stand up in front of a stove, much less cook on one. give yourself a break. besides, the problem probably is that you are trying to mix nutritious with good. once you take out all the butter, sugar etc. it's just not that good! anyway, i'm no help, i live on frozen dinners or fast food and I really know better, but with 2 sets of twins under 5 I just don't have the willpower or desire to try to think up and prepare decent food. good luck.

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I love to cook. What kinds of things are you wanting to make? Perhaps if you list some things you would like to make we can come up with some easy recipes....I cook from scratch, can, bake and because I have MS I have to make it as easy as I can.........

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Here's a few easy recipes.

Take a loaf of french bread.
Slice french bread length ways. You can slice as thick as you want.
Sprinkle with olive oil.
Apply a layer of mozzerrella cheese
" " " of sliced tomatoes
Sprinkle salt/pepper... oregano (optional oregano)
Apply a layer of pepper jack cheese

Put in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes; until french bread looks toasty/cheese appears melted. You can alter this recipe with cheddar cheese.
serve with salad


Does your family like beans? There's various types of packaged beans with seasoning packets. Really easy...
soak the beans the night before
drain beans
pour beans into a crock pot
pour about three cans of chicken broth enough to cover the beans
add seasoning packet
add half an onion; sliced
add a link of smoke turkey sausage; sliced

cook on high if you want this within four/five hours. if later in the evening... cook on low for about seven hours.


Pot Roast

Chuck roast

One package of dry onion soup mix
One can of cream of mushroom soup
One or half can of water
slice a bellpepper, onion, garlic pod
mix all of this together in a crock pot
put chuck roast in the mixture
cook for about four-five hours on high.

Sometimes I slice the roast in 1/4 slices and cook that way.

Then serve this over rice. Get a rice cooker. They are the best way to cook rice. Pour rice/water/push the lever!!!


mac and cheese box mix
slice up smoke sausage (cook in the microwave for about 1 minute or so)
about two cups of sliced frozen brocolli (cook in microwave for about 2 minutes or until they appear tender)
mix the sausage/brocolli/ and prepared mac/cheese together
serve with sliced tomatoes.

good luck.

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I love kraftfoods.com. The recipes are fairly simple and good. They use most of the foods they sell. My husband and son love whatever I make from there. I don't have near the load you have but I hear your desire to want to cook! Good Luck in your quest!

I don't know how I survived my first 2 yrs of marriage, but, I will say, the Junior League of Austin Cookbook and a 20 min meals Weight Watchers cookbook helped. Also, when I was in college, i took a beginner's cooking class that taught me the basics of what NOT to do with eggs, etc. Now I'm good enough to make most anything out of ground turkey/tuna/ chicken breast/veggies...etc... We don't eat pasta so that is kind of hard. Also, for starters, I used www.menus4moms.com but didn't stick with their plans - just used the ideas...

good luck!!!

I am not a good cook either. I am the youngest in my family and I had always depended on my mom and my sisters to cook for me when I was living with them.
Now I am married with 2 little kids and just makes it harder for me to cook anything good.
I am frustrated for a while but I kind of find my solution to the problems. I tried to plan ahead of time. I will look up recipes on website like allrecipes.com and recipezaar.com
I will print some of the good recipes out or send those recipes to my blackberry. I choose about 5 recipes for the week and then I will go grocery shopping in the beginning of the week. I will try to get all the ingredients that I will need for the week and then each day, I will cook a different meal. The easiest thing to do is to use a crockpot, follow the recipes exactly. Put all the ingredients in the pot ahead of time and then you can leave it cooking for 6 hours and dinner comes, you are all ready.
Another suggestion is that you can find freezable meal recipe on the website that I said earlier. You can marinade everything and put it in freezer ahead of time. That will save you so much time. I hope this will give you some ideas!
Good luck and eventually you will find cooking is the funniest thing to do.

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