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How High Is to High of a Fever and How Long Is to Long to Have One?????!!!!!

My sweet baby girl of 1o months (on Monday the 25th) has had a fever since Friday 8-22-08. It has been as high as 103.4. I've been doing the tylenol and cold rags. SHe is in good spirits and eats and drinks, but her fever is high. Today, 8-23-08, she didn't to high of a fever til late afternoon of 102.2. She's been really sleepy today but other than that still playing and happy, a little whinny and clingy with me. Should i take her to urgent care, e.r., or just keep watching her????

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Hi moms! ok, after the very first response I called my peds. office and was directed to the on call pediatrician. I didn't know that was possible, thank you for letting me know this. The pediatrician wasn't concerned and said it was probably teething. Her fever finally broke in the early dawn Sunday. Last night my husband noticed a rash on her back. So this morning, knowing odds are she has roseola, i took her to the pediatrcian. An sure enough he thinks it is too. It could be that or rash from the high fever. But she is doing great, and thank you so much moms for all your quick responses.

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I'd say it is better to be safe than sorry. I don't babies should have that high of a fever for too long it means the body is trying to fight off something regardless of attitude. She may just be teething but if it were me I'd be going to the doctors.

Good luck, I hope it breaks soon!
M. P

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3 days with a high fever unless it looks serious. both my girls were like that and on the third day it went away and they got the rosela rash. Totally the easiest of the childhood maladies. Good luck, hope it is nothing serious, but take her to her dr tomorrow if she still has it.

Dear B.,

You are doing all the right things, but I would call the doctor and let him or her decide if more is needed. C. N.

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Believe it or not, the fever is a good thing. It is her body's way of fighting off an infection. Giving her Tylenol or Motrin is hindering her body's own defenses. If her fever does go away after this, the infection will still be in her body because it was not properly cleared up by her immune system. She will likely have this illness again and again until her body is given a chance to heal itself.

My daughter has unusually high fevers (the last time it was 104.7) and our nurse says that is not a situation that requires ER care. She told me they recommend going to the ER when the parents are panicking, not because the pediatrician can do anything for it that you can't do at home.

I'll probably be the only person on here who does not recommend taking her to the doctor. Unless there is some serious complication you have not included in your question, there is no reason to take her to the ER. They are only going to give her Tylenol or Motrin anyway because their job is to get the fever down quickly so they can send you home. (We've done it several times.)

You mentioned the fever was lower on the second day. That shows improvement. Just give her plenty of fluids, no blankets and a lukewarm bath if she's uncomfortable. But if she's happy and eating and drinking, there is very little to worry about.

Don't listen to all these people who are screaming "HURRY! TAKE HER TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM BEFORE HER LEGS FALL OFF!!!" That is just silly.

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Hello, B.,

If you have a health food store nearby, get the homeopathic remedy for fever: Bella Donna. It works wonderfully without interfering with the body's process. It is much better and safer for supporting the body than Tylenol.

It takes enormous resources in the body to create a fever. It is a necessary process to allow the body to release heavy metals and other toxins that would otherwise stay in the body. Vaccines can create the metal burden in the body, processed foods contain many things we would not dream of putting into our systems if we understood what they were, the air we breathe contains much that our body must somehow release or pay a much greater price later on.

You may go to www.mercola.com and do a search on fever to learn more.

If you would like support with food, I am a nutrition coach and can help.

My very best,


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I'd say it is better to be safe than sorry. I don't babies should have that high of a fever for too long it means the body is trying to fight off something regardless of attitude. She may just be teething but if it were me I'd be going to the doctors.

Good luck, I hope it breaks soon!
M. P

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If she has another day of high fever, yes take her to Urgent Care!!!!

Hi B., first and foremost, if you are concerned, take her to the urgent care....peace of mide if nothing else...although my son, almost 3, started running 103-104 degree fevers at 11 months, but mainly thru the night...always acted alright, just sleepy, but that could have been from the late hour too. Anyway, I would put him in the sink, in luke warm water, just a little cool when tested, spray him with the sprayer, have him drink cold water, juice, whatever he would. The first time was Labor Day, so I would dry him wih a thin sheet, then rock him with that over him, and just a diaper on, with the ceiling fan on low. I did call the Doc the next day, and she saw him, no virus or anything, but to give him Motrin every 6 hours, then 2 hours later give Tylenol, 4 hours later do motrin..etc. The main thing for us was the fever did go down for 5-6 hours and stay low thru the day, but I kept up the motrin and tylenol just about 24 hours..after 3-4 days he was fine. He ran the fever every 3-4 months for a while, and then 1-2 times in a year, and just the past few days he had it, but not so high...100-100.5. SOmetimes babies just run a fever, just make sure it drops from time to time. I would probably tke her to see your regular Doc tomorrow, or call and leave a message for her...our Pediatrician checks the messages herself thru the weekend, and I have had her call me on Sunday morning before...Good luck!!

Hi B.,
I went through the same thing like about two weeks ago my daughter had a fever of 103.1 and i gave her tylenol and it went down but the next day it came back so me and her dad decided to take her to the er. and they told us to keep giveing her the tylenol every 4-6 hours and the motrin every 8 hours and i guess its something that the kids are getting some bug. but it doesnt go away unless you give them both. so take your daughter to the er a lot she shouldnt have that high of a fever. it causes brain damage so take her as soon as you can! good luck and let me know what happens.

my daughter showed the same signs on the same days (always over the weekend!!), but fortunately i had just finished the chicken pox and the flu with her, so i was experienced to know - there is no benefit in sitting in urgent care or ER for hours (generally 3-6 hours) with a sick baby who's immune system is already compromised, when what the baby needs is hugs, water, rest, as much food as they are willing to eat and some light entertainment.
After the weekend was over, i took my daughter to the doctor, she diagnosed her with the flu, but in the end it was roseola, so there you have it. A doctor can't tell ya much either.
Nurses are fabulous for techniques to help your child get through illnesses.
Trust your instincts.

Our doctor has always said after three days of a fever, bring them in.

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