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How Far in Advance to Mail Invitations?

My son's birthday party is the end of June. How far in advance should I mail or hand out the invites?

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Thanks everyone. I am getting ready to mail the invites out this weekend. The party is 6/30 and I have asked rsvp a week before. So everyone should get them 2.5 (almost 3 weeks) before the actual date. I think 1-1.5 wks is enough time to decide if they are gonna rsvp! Well hoping for a good turn out!

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My daughter with be 19 May 27th, I aways mailed my invitations for my kids parties 2 weeks in advance, if they were going out of town I mailed them 3 weeks in advanced. J.

Hi J.! :)

My kids birthdays are also at the end of June and I was actually getting ready to ask the very same advice! hehe :)

I think I'll go with 3 weeks myself. I'm worried that with 4 weeks they might forget about it LOL!

Best of Wishes,

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Hi J.,

I would say 2 wks. is good. It's not too far off in the future that people will forget and you can also have them RSVP so you know how many will show up to the party. It's worked well for us, so have fun @ your son's party!

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My twins are young (just 2.5 years old) so we invite friends and family from far away, as well as local friends and family. Since we are inviting people that have to drive 2-3 hours, I like to send invites 4 weeks out so they can plan a whole weekend trip.

If this is a school aged child inviting just local friends I would imagine 2-3 weeks is plenty of time!

Good luck! Have fun!


I agree w/the other moms....sooner the better especially if he's in school which will be out soon. You want people to have them before the year is up & also before they get too involved w/their summer plans. Our oldes son's b-day is 11/22....Thanksgiving this year! He's turning 7. Since he started school & having parties w/his buddies, I send the invitations so they'd arrive w/in that first week of the month. The past 2 b-days, we've had his party a 2 weeks ahead just cuz everybody goes outa town for Turkey Day. My b-day is a week before his, so, basically, all of November is about b-days! Hope it's a great party!

I'd mail out the invitations 4 weeks prior to the event.

J., I have thrown parties for years and, unless these are people who you have a history of inviting every year regularly to the same event, you should definitely give out notices a minimum of 3 weeks beforehand. Four weeks is great if you have people out of state. As one of the mom's mentioned, this is a difficult time of the month. Students are getting out of school and parents often times go on vacation. You should get out those invitations because you will hopefully hear back right away from people who have scheduled vacations. If you wait 2 weeks before the party, people may be getting those invitation while they are on vacation and you won't hear from them at all. Many schools in Orange County are closed anywhere between June 14 through June 24 (public). I am not sure about private schools. You might also consider a website that sends out invitations. It think it is called e-vite. I believe that they also allow for reminders if you want to try that option.

Good luck. My sister's son has a birthday at the same time that your son does. She had a problem because people are on vacation for an early 4th of July as well as leaving right after school gets out. She has her challenges with people's availability for his party.

J. W.

My sons birthday party will be end of June too. June 30th. I am sending invites out the 15th of June. He will be turning 10. I have always done 2 weeks and works out fine. No matter when you do it you will always get the people that do not RSVP. Have fun.

Everyone seems to be suggesting between 2-4 weeks, and I have to agree. I send them out about 2.5 weeks before the party. (I.e.- If the party is on a Saturday the 30th, I'd send them out by Wednesday the 13th.) This way they typically recieve it about 2 weeks before the party. This allows them time to respond and make plans. HOWEVER- if you have an RSVP deadline (as I believe you do for the Gym his party will be at) BE SURE that your guests have them at least 2 weeks BEFORE the RSVP date.

Hope it helpd, ~J.- wink, wink! ;O)

It's a busy time of year and lots of people are on vacation - I'd send them three to four weeks in advance. Have fun!

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