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How Early Did You Deliver Your Twins?


I was just wondering when all you moms of twins delivered your babies, and how much they weighed. My Doc says that 37 weeks is considered term for twins, but honestly, I don't know how I'll ever make it that far!! I can't imagine how it must feel to have a stomach that big! My son was 8 lbs. 9 oz. at birth, and I felt like I was going to burst so I'm a little worried! Even if these guys are around 5 lbs., that's ten pounds of baby inside of me! But then my daughter was born weighing in at just 6 lbs., so who knows. I'm hoping for small babies, just so I don't have to be completely miserable. Obviously I would sacrifice my comfort for their health, but I still can't help but hope to deliver just a few weeks early.

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hello my name is K.

my twins came at 35 weeks they were 5lbs 10oz and 5 lbs 14oz and yes i was huge my stomach was at the end of my knees when i sat down. i went into preturm labor at 28 weeks and went into the hospital that day and stayed there until 3 days after i delivered the twins bye c-section. it was horrible being on bed rest but it was wonderful that the twins were big enough and healthy enough to come home with me no nicu ugh that would have been horrible. if you have any questions i would love to chat my twins are 3 1/2 years old and i have a 14 month old also, all girls it is busy but totally worth it all.

i wish you all the luck the world has in store for you

my first which was born sept 25th 2006 was 28 weeks early my son weighed 2#8 ounces and my daughter weighed 2#4 ounces and my second set was born oct 20th 2007 was 34 weeks and my daughter was 3 #pounds 11 ounces and my son was 5#6 ounces it can vary depends on complications best wish's to you and enjoy your babies and one question im breast feeding my twins but started my period 3 days ago but bleeding bad what do i do the babies only 6 weeks old is that normal

I'm 5'7 and delivered my twins at exactly 36 weeks. They were 6 lbs and 5 lbs 9 oz and were 100% healthy and ready to go home before I was! (If you'd like to see a picture of me a couple of weeks before I delivered, send me a private message with your email address and I'll shoot one over.) Until my last trimester, nobody believed I was carrying twins because I didn't get that big until right at the end.

Also, the rate of growth of twins slows down as the pregnancy progresses because there just isn't enough room. You will have many, many ultrasounds during the pregnancy and the biggest thing they will be watching for is to make certain your babies are growing at the same speed. (When one twin grows faster and larger than the other, this puts the smaller twin in jeopardy.) My twin terrors progressed at almost identical rates throughout the pregnancy - which always made the ultrasound tech and OB very excited!

Hi K.,

I delivered my twins at 33 weeks. We were flown to Anchorage and they were born at Prov. My son weighed 4 lbs. 11 oz and my daughter 3 lbs. 8 oz. Considering that they were fairly healthy. She had to have oxygen at birth, but within minutes was breathing on her own. I had them vaginally with no pain meds - which is what I was hoping to do. They were early b/c I had HELP syndrome - hypertension, high blood pressure, low platlet counts, etc. They spent about 3 weeks in the NICU until they could eat on their own. If you are thinking they will come early I recommend The Premature Baby Book by Dr. Sears. I read it while they were in the hospital. Hope this helps.


p.s. you asked a few weeks ago about what gear we needed. I highly recommend a therapy ball too. We use it to bounce our little ones to sleep at night. Gotta run. Time for naps.

I know you hope to keep them small, I know the pain. I carried my twins to 37 1/2 weeks. My daughter was 7lbs 4oz and my son was 6lbs 8oz. I thought i was going to die! I am also 6 feet tall so I had room for this amount of baby in me. It is so very important to go as long as you can with them so they are healthy and happy babies. I am so grateful i was able to suck it up and get to that point with them. I also was able to have them vaginally and I made it almost to the point of delivery before i needed an epidural. I was grateful for that because the doctor had to reach in and turn my son around to deliver him. It was all worth it though as they are very healthy babies. They are 8 months old now and growing like weeds. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Stay strong!

Hi K.,

I have never had twins, but I have had a baby, last Dec. My son was 37 weeks when I delieved, and believe me you want to wait the full 37 weeks if you can before you deliver, especially if you are having twins. The babies need that time to develop, their lungs are still developing at 36 weeks. I am sure your doctor has explained all of the complications and you have had children before so I could only imagine you know it's better if you can keep your babies in you as long as possible. I do feel your pain, I threw up every day I was pregnant, had heart burn so bad, I couldn't sleep, gained 35 pounds, but you know he's worth every thing I went through, I wouldn't change a thing.

N. 7

Hi K., First of all best of luck and congrats. I have a set of twin girls and they were 3mo. early and weighed 2 lbs. 6 oz. and 2 lbs. 7 oz. not to scare you but I have a really small build put this way I'm only 4'11" tall and then only weighed roughly 100 lbs. 37 wks sounds about right for twins wish I could have made it I think my sister in-law made it to about 36 wks and her twins were over 3 lbs. each. and my cousins twins I think were almost 4 lbs each. neither one of them had there twins in the hospital very long either. But anyway good luck and try not to worry much about it even though it is pretty scary if anymore questions you can contact me at ____@____.com

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