How Early Can I Test?

Updated on May 29, 2010
K.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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Hi everyone! My husband and I are currently TTC and I am 1 week away from my expected period. I already have one daughter and didn't seem to get the itch to want to test already with her. It seriously feels like I have never been pregnant before, I don't know if I am having pregnancy symptoms or if it is just PMS. My nipples are really sensitive, but not the whole breast. My breasts feel a little bigger, but I think it might be too early for that. I gag every time I change a diaper and when I cough. Sometimes when I eat - I feel like I am going to throw up - especially if it is milk. I don't know if I am making these "symptoms" or if they are real. With my first pregnancy we were also TTC and it was about 3-6 days before I was due to get my period and I was so sure I wasn't pregnant that i told my husband - "maybe next cycle" I was experiencing the normal PMS that I had every month (little cramping..etc) I woke up on the day that was supposed to get my period (at 4:00am) sat up in bed, said to myself "i'm pregnant" i got up and tested and it was positive! Anyways...long question short....when shoudl I test?

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So What Happened?

I decided to wait untl yesteday to test. I was 13 days past ovulation - period was expected for today... it cam back POSITIVE!!! We are having another baby - due in June. :) Thanks for the tips!

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Well, my first day of my last period was September 3rd. I took a test on October 4th and it came positive. So if you feel like you may be, take a test, but don't be disappointed if it comes back negative because it may be too early. Good Luck


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It could be symptoms or just a sickness. Most early tests say 5 days from your expected period. I tested 11 days past ovulation and got nothing but the lucky number for both my kids were 12 days past ovulation. If you know when you ovulated you'll know which day you're on.


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I would suggest waiting a few more days. Simply because if you're like me - a negative test is devastating. I also wondered if I was making up the "symptoms" or if they were real. This time around for us I felt pregnant, but took multiple tests that said no. It wasn't until a week after my expected period that I got a positive test. I later found out that was due to the infertility problems we had gone through and my cycles were just starting to come back and weren't quite normal yet - so when I got my positive test would have been right when I would have been 4 weeks.

But from everything I read sore nipples is a sign - one that I have definitely experienced.

I wish you the best in TTC!


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I just had a daughter two months ago and am now awaiting to find out if i am pregnant again you need to test either the day you are supposed to get your period and the day after if negative. Because here is the thing you might miss your period and be pregnant but you could have gotten pregnant very close to your next due period meaning you may have to wait an extra week or so. Good luck me and my husband are trying to concieve as well.



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I would wait at least a few days after your expected period before you take a test. IT could possibly be pregnancy or it could be something else. But yea, i would wait a few days to a week before u take a test....



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I always felt pregnant the first day. Most of the tests will show some type of a line early on. Your hormone levels won't be as strong so the line will be light but a line is a line. I've had positive tests and then went to the Dr. and had negative urine tests because they aren't as sensitive. I learned to bring my stick test with me so they would do a blood test.
If I were you I'd go and get a box with 2 tests. Take one tomorrow morning and if it's not positive you can take one another day.
Best wishes,



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I never got a positive test until the day my period was due, and it always showed positive that morning. I tried those "early results" tests, and they always showed negative 5,4,3,2, and 1 day before it was due. But, on the morning of the day my period was due, a faint line always appeared. I've heard of folks not getting a positive until much later though.
Good luck--hope you are! :)



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With my son, the symptoms started on the first day. I didn't realize what it was right away, but noticed the difference. Then when I realized what it could be, I still tried to tell myself I was just imagining it. Within a couple days I was eating more than double what I usually would eat, and still starving after eating that. I had a weird feeling in my stomach all the time- like butterflies. My nipples were black the day after I conceived- I couldn't figure out why (had no idea that was a symtom until I read it in a book weeks later!). I finally used the Clear Blue Easy Digital test 6 days before my missed period and got a positive (the box says up to 5 days early). I like the digital, because when you aren't sure if there is a faint line and aren't sure if it is positive or negative, the digital test reads it for you and tells you so you aren't left wondering. It is always possible that it is too early, but I am not patient and can't get my mind off of it once I start thinking about it- I was supposed to wait to test so we could do it together but I got impatient and did it myself because I couldn't think about anything else until I knew. I expected a negative at that point, but just needed to relax my mind, and still got a positive. I went to the Dr 2 days later for a test, and theirs was negative, which got me really confused and upset, but it turned out their test isn't as sensitive. So maybe try that test, and see what it says. They sell it in 3 packs now, so if it is too early, just wait a day or 2 and try again. Just try to make yourself expect a negative when you take it, remind yourself it is still early. That way you won't be too dissapointed if it is negative. Everyone's body is different, so it is hard to know when your hormone levels will be strong enough to show it. Good luck!

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