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How Does Your Bunco Group Play?

Hi Ladies!

I am getting ready to start a Bunco group and wanted to find out how you handle your game nights. Do you give prizes? Does everyone chip in money? Do you rotate houses? Any information you can give me would help a ton since I have never played before but love to get my girlfriends together for fun. Thought this would be a great way. Thank you for all your help!


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I'm a sub in two diff groups...

in one... we have 12 regular players and several subs...each regular hosts one month and the hostess provides dinner, non-alcholic drinks, and desserts..... we have 4 rounds with dessert in between round 2 and 3....we pay $5 to play and the chairperson divides it all up for the cash prizes at the end of the night... you can win multiple times (most buncos, most bad buncos, most wins, most losses, closest to 12 wins 12 losses, then a pity prize drawing between all who didn't win .......... the regulars are invited first to fill up the 12 open spots, then a week later all of the subs are invited.. only 12 spots available for 3 game tables ........ then at the end for $3 each we all play Left, Right, Center

in the other group.... every person brings an appetizer or dessert and we end up with 10-16 people......it's usually way too much food... it's $5 to play, cash prizes at the end, but nobody can win more than one prize.... usually only get through 3 rounds..........

I like the first group's organization better

oh.. and Evite is used for the invitations for groups www.evite.com

Our group no longer plays but we played for years. We finally came up with the idea that the hostess just pays for all the gifts - we did a 12, 10, 8, 7 and 5 dollar gift for door prize(only allowed to win this once a year so that everyone wins something at least once a year) most buncos, high score, low score, and traveling. It was so much easier than collecting money each time. Once your turn is over, you don't have to pay anything. Enjoy!

In our bunco group we have 12 girls. It is $15 a month to play and that includes dinner and a prize. Each member is required to host one month, they provide the dinner and 12 prizes using the monthly dues. If someone can't make it, we use a sub from our sub list, but you are still required to pay that month. Subs don't pay. I have heard of other way, but we really like this way, since everyone gets something at the end of the night.
Good luck

When I did play they rotated houses and played for a small gift. I think one group played for money too, which everyone really loved. And yes, everyone did pitch in a minimal amount like $2-$5, I can't remember exactly. I want to say $5.

You picked great names for your children by the way.

Have a great time!

I was in two groups and the one I thought worked better had everyone sign up in advance for a month. That person for that month hosted the Bunco night at her house. The hostess would provide snacks and drinks. If a Bunco member could not make the Bunco that night that person who couldn't make it was responsible for getting a sub (it's good to have a sub list to call from) Everyone pitches in $5 in the beginning and that at the end of the night the pot is divided up into "most wins", "most losses" and "50/50".

OUr has 12 ladies- so each one takes a month to host it. If you want to do a meal- use a sign up sheet & each will put down what they will bring the next month. We do a $10.00 per person fee & it gets given out at the end in different amount to= Winner ( most points) Most Buncos- Most Mini Buncos- lowest score and most snake eyes. Have FUN!

Our group is reforming after a year break. First of all I had to make sure I had 12 ladies to commit to playing & to commit to having it at their house one time in the year. So I am having a Christmas Party at my house & all 12 of us we will draw which month we get to host it. I am making gumbo & everyone will be asked to bring a candy or cookie or sweet. We will play one round just to practice w/the new Bunco players on our team. Then we will enjoy the rest of the night with visiting & eating. You have to have 3 tables- one being your dinning room table & two card tables & 12 chairs total, 4 being your dinning room chairs so that leaves 8 folding chairs. I can email you the rules & price amounts. We first played w/prizes & now we are playing with cash prices. We bring $10.00 to play for each game & I have a desinated person that will always bring change & break the price money down in envelopes for each prize catagory. I found that cash works better because everyone doesn't like the same things & have the same taste & they can buy what they want to buy with their own money, it seems easier to keep up with this way. I can send you the Bunco rules & score sheets & all you would have to do is print them. You email me at: ____@____.com if you need me any additional information as in my phone # or anything just call me & I will tell u exactly what you need as in how many dice per table & regarding the bell & bunco bear or object & regarding the way the prizes are broken down.

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