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How Does the Baby Come Out?

Hi ladies. I am three months pregnant for our second child, and have a daughter that will be four in March. Of course she is very excited about the fact that she will soon have a baby brother or sister, BUT she wants to know how it is going to get out of my tummy. I don't know what to tell her! I told her the baby wasn't coming until June, and so we would talk about it when it got closer for the baby to come out. I always try to be as candid and honest with her as possible, but I don't want to scare her, or have her go to her school and start telling kids how babies come out. I'm hoping I can read a book or something before we have to talk about it again! Any advice as to how to explain to a three year old?

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Dear J.,

I have no advice for you, but I am laughing as I read this. It has reminded me of a story my mother loves to tell of the time I was four and we were visiting her VERY pregnant friend. She was complaining (on a hot summer day) that she couldn't wait for the baby to be born. Apparently, I told her to just unscrew her belly button and let him out. Unfortunately, I can't remember how my mother explained the real way babies came out at that point, or I would pass that on along with the giggle. Enjoy you children. :)


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I have a 3 yr old and a book called "I'm Going to Be a Big Sister" - the book simply explains that the baby is growing in a special place inside mommy's body called the uterus. When the baby gets too big and is ready to be born it will travel down a special tunnel in mommy's body called the birth canal and then come out of a special opening and into the world. My DD seems good with this answer so far! I also talk about how this is how she came out of mommy's tummy and she thinks that's cool.

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I simply told my son that babies come out through the birth canal. That was fine with him. Good luck.

My niece is 3 and I am due to have my baby in May. She has asked how it comes out of the belly and we told her I have to go to the hospital and a special doctor will take it out. She was satisfied with that answer and we feel that she doesn't need to know anything more than that right now.

i have a book that i inherited, "what to expect when mommy's expecting" (or something like that) - it's by the same people who do the "what to expect..." series.

in that book they explain how the baby comes out pretty accurately, i.e. no euphemisms. you could read that book to her, or paraphrase. it also has pictures.

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