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How does Reglan work on increase your milk supply?

Hello Moms
I am still working on getting my milk supply back up. Thanks again for all of the information. I just picked up my persription for Reglan, but have not taken it yet.I looked up the medication and few web sites and found some horrible stories about the medicine.Now everyone has told me about the good it does, but who out there has had some trouble with this med.I really want to do all I can to get my supply up and at this point, willing to do whatever it takes. I need help bad. Everytime I try to breastfeeds nothing is coming out. When I pumping, nothing is coming out. I really want to continue,but it hurts not being able to breastfeed like I want to. I am so stressed right,all I do is cry when I pump and get nothing or when she cry after beeing on for about 5 min and nothing else comes out. For those of you taking the perscription and the herb, how is that working because my doctor told me not to take them together. I now have the Fenugreek, Blessed Thisle, and the Reglan.

What can I do next?


Medicine always have different effect on different individual, read the article for more info., and contact your health professional.

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I took Reglan and it worked great for my milk supply. My supply more than doubled, which was great, but the side effects were not worth it. It made me very depressed, and when I quit taking it, the depression subsided, so I'm quite convinced it was the drugs. I wound up taking a different one. It was called domperidone and it worked almost as well as the reglan. It is also primarily perscribed for reflux (just like Reglan), but it is not available in the U.S. I got mine from Canada, but my doctor had to write a perscription for it. The American Academy of Pediatriacs actually recommends that one over Reglan, but it is not approved in the U.S. because it can cause heart problems in those that are physically weak (though there have been very very few cases of it). I read about it on the American Academy of Pediatriacs web site. I would try the Reglan first, and if you don't have any problems with it, and it works, keep taking it. If you do have problems, or it doesn't work, try the other one. I wish I could have kept taking it (it's much cheaper because insurance covers it).

I don't know about Reglan, but I do know that stress will do nothing to help...try to relax! Don't beat yourself up. I never had trouble with milk production, however, I have heard many times from many people that drinking a beer a day will help with milk supply (something about the hops and yeast). I would also try going to Whole Foods and asking the person in the supplement department for advice - I know there is at least one natural aid for this problem, but I can't think of what it is...the staff at WF are typically very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I think most importantly, relax, relax, relax - close your eyes, do deep breathing excercises, imagine your milk flowing, open your eyes and try to keep eye contact with your baby as you nurse. GOOD LUCK!


I too, had this problem. Stick with the Fenugreek. This should help. Also, you may want to pump and go 1/2 and 1/2. I nursed my daughter for 2 months before I started having trouble. She was big and ate really well. She would latch and unlatch contstantly which upset me but I needed to get her fed. So I began to pump at my dr's advise. Then I realized that I wasn't making much milk. So my dr said to use half breast milk and half formula. I did that for 4 months. I bit inconvenient, but worth it for my baby. My milk supply did increase for awhile but at 6 months, simply began to dry up. Fenugreek helped, but then I just felt it was OK to stop. My getting upset didn't help anything, it made it worse. Try not to feel badly, everyone is different and remember that you're a wonderful mom even if you can't breastfeed as much as you'd like to. Good luck!!!

Hi! I am a 35yo first time mom of twins and had horrible problems trying to keep my milk up. I tried the Fenugreek and it did not work well for me, even though I religiously took it. I ended up researching the Reglan (sp) and found more good things than bad, and was willing to try anything so they could have the benfits of breastmilk. It worked very well and I had NO side effects at all. I still did not have enough milk for two at once, so had to supplement with formula, but it was worth it. Hope this helps!

It is very stressful breastfeeding and worrying about your milk supply. The first thing you need to do is to try to relax about it. It's okay to supplement with formula while you are trying to get your supply up so you can do that while you concentrate more on getting your supply up. I stressed out so bad over breastfeeding with my daughter but once i allowed myself to think it's okay to supplement until I can start to produce enough milk, I was able to relax and get my milk supply up and then didnt need the formula anymore. My dr prescribed me Reglan as well. It did help. After I stopped using it I also used the fenugreek but I think the Reglan worked better for me. Also make sure you are eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I had no side effects or anything from the Reglan so if you are concerned about the cons you heard about it, talk to your dr again.

you can also get a vitamin called phenugreek (sp?) that I have taken with both of my kids, you can get it at any health food store and it will build up your milk supply. I've never heard of the medicine your talking about, however my dr. and a bunch of the nurses recommended the phenugrek to me and my friend and it worked.

Its okay if you are unable to breastfeed your little one. your baby can take formula. My first child wanted nothing to do with the boob bc she had to stay in the hospital for a week plus i was planning my wedding so I was stressed out and going dry. my second only wanted the boob and never a bottle. Its okay. Do not stress your self out. I have found drinking lots and lots of water helped keep my supply up.if you are stressed then it will effect your supply. good luck

DO NOT READ THE SIDE EFFECTS!!!!!! If you are serious about nursing your baby, do not give up. Do NOT give them formula and take that Reglan. Let me tell you, my son was 2 1/2 months early and has Down Syndrome. I had to pump for like 5 months before my son learned how to nurse and if it weren't for that drug, I would not have made it.

You will probably not get any adverse reaction from it but if you read all the side effects, you may psyche yourself into getting them. The worst one is baby blues and if you start to feel that, keep in mind that is what it is and it may be because of Reglan. Just stay on top of it and let your husband know to tell you if you start acting differently. Do not let that be a reason you do not take Reglan and go to formula. Most side effects on medicines are not the norm, but have to be listed because they have happened and been reported. If it were common to have the worst effects on women, doc's would not just hand it out so freely.

Go into thinking ti is going to work for you and everything will be fine. The mind is a powerful thing. Stronger than any drug and let it work FOR you. You will see a difference with this pill on probably the 2nd full day of taking it. If you message me on here, I will give you my number and I will help you ANY way I can to keep your kid on the boob! Good luck!!


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