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How Do You Remove Stains from Microfiber Couch?

We have a microfiber sofa and a two year old. She is always spilling on, drawing on, ans most recently throwing up on our couch. We were told that water would remove just about anything but that does not seem to have worked. What do other people use to clean their microfiber furniture and how do you get the smell of throw up out? Thanks!!

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We also have a microfiber couch and we have had luck with water but as far as the smell..there is a pet product called natures miracle..you can get a pet smart...that should work on the smell

I have a 3 1/2 year old who has done just about everything to our micro fiber haha. There have been a few times where it has been really tough stains to remove and I have used hot hot water and a little bit of dish soap. It is gentle enough to not hurt the material.

Hi C., I would recommend Shaklee's Basic H2 as a start. It is a non-toxic cleaner that has worked wonders for me and can be used effectively on floors, woodwork, countertops, windows, mirrors - as well as on stains on clothing and furniture. As with any product, I suggest you try it on a non-conspicuous area first to be sure that it doesn't fade or in any way affect the material. I don't have a microfiber couch so have not used it specifically on that. It is a very concentrated product so you would rub just a very small amount into the stain and then rinse it well with water until the stain is gone. If you want to try it before purchasing it, send me your address and I will mail you a sample to try. Yes, I happen to be a Shaklee distributor but am trying to help you with your problem. Contact me at ###-###-#### or at ____@____.com E. Taft

Yes, I have tan, it does show everything, doesn't it? I use a spray bottle of a combo water and either Lysol cleaning solution, or Mr. Clean orange scent. About 50/50. Then, I spray it until saturated. I use a stiff brush to work it until I can't see the stain demarcation. I squeegie it with a clean, terrycloth towel until it comes clean. It is a bit of work, but it makes it look brand new. I spot clean, but do that for big stuff, or periodically just to get back to ground zero on cleaning so to speak.
Good luck.
D. S.

Not too sure about the cleaning of microfiber but I have used vinegar in the laundry to remove the musty formula smell from clothes and towels and to get pet accident smells out of the carpet. Could you possibly use a vinegar solution, soak the area with the solution then soak up the excess with towels. If you have access to a steam cleaner you could try plain water,no cleaner. You don't want your couch to smell and look bad so just be careful of cleaners, they can sometime fade fabric even if they claim to be safe on upholstery. Also an idea is to look up Arm & Hammer baking soda site they seem to have dozens of cleaning ideas.

Hi C., I have microfiber also and a 2 and 3 year old!! I hear your issues!! I have found that a dishcloth with warm water and a tad of dishsoap (I use dawn) works like majic!! it looks wet for a few hours, but when dry, comes out great! good luck! L. C.

We recently had this happen to us as well when my 4 yr old had the stomach flu. I found there is not much you can do with the cushion foam itself. If you are handy, I'm sure you could cut a new piece, add the cotton batting for the insides. The microfiber itself I washed in my washer on delicate with mild soap. Then I placed it over a couple of chairs to dry. If she gets ink on the sofa, hairspray will take it out. I've also used a product called Odoban. You can find it at Walmart or Sam's Club. That has never harmed the material. You can also try Simple Green. Of course, I would spot test first.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

A "furniture guy" once told me to get a bar of regular, Neutrogena soap. It has a very low ph so it won't harm the fabric. Takes a lot of scrubbing and rinsing, but it works. Good luck!

My MIL steamed cleaned our microfiber chair with her upright steam cleaner. All our stains were gone and the chair was fresh again.

I really don't know about microfiber couches specifically, but I will tell you that after our daughter had a massive throwing up incident in her room, we used Nature's Miracle on the rug and glider cushions (cotton) and it worked really well. It's actually something used for cleaning up pet messes and we have it because we have a dog, but it does work well for getting out smells. I'd definitely check before using it on microfiber, but if you decide to use it, you can get it at any pet store. Good luck!

I have a microfiber couch and so far I have had luck just using water, but for the smell I too recommend Nature's Miracle and I can attest that it truly works! I have used it to clean up pee and vomit. Good luck!!!

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