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How Do You Remove Permanent Marker from Walls?

My two year old got a hold of one of my black permanent markers took it upstairs and decided to decorate the doors and some of the walls. Is there anything that will remove the marks short of repainting everything?

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, works for everything i use it for so it should work for a permanent marker.

Good Luck!!

I understand exactly what you are going through. Macic Eraser by Mr.Clean worked for me. Maybe it will help you too.
Good luck

Try the Mr Clean Magic eraser. You can get them a just about any grocery store. It got sharpie off my walls. Good luck!


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The only thing I have found to take permanent marker is the magic eraser.

I'm not sure you can. When I had difficult marks to cover up, I would use Killz to seal the mark in (keep it from bleeding through the paint) and then paint over the Killz.

It depends on your paint...If you have semi gloss or hi gloss paint then use the magic eraser...it WILL work, but will take some work to get it all instead of just fading it. If it is a flat paint, then it is too porous and the marker has sunk into the paint...Using the magic eraser or anything really is just going to remove the paint. In the case of flat aint you are just going to have to repaint, I am sorry...

Good Luck!!! ;-)

I used germ-x to remove black sharpie...good luck!

A grease remover will do a very good job if your walls have the right paint.

We had an incident with permanent marker on our leather couch. We used the magic eraser and with a little rubbing it came right off! just make sure it is the real magic eraser; the off-brand didn't do anything for us.

Good luck

magic erasers work great! and i would recommend making your 2 yr old clean it up! the few times my kids have colored on walls or the floor or whatever, i've always made them clean it up. it's a great punishment because it shows them how much work it is to clean it up

I've had this experience before. Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca works. I've seen other suggestions, which may work, too, but potentially toxic, I would think. If a babywipe takes off permanent marker, what is it doing to the baby's skin - the skin is our largest organ and absorbs what it comes in contact with. Try a safer alternative instead. :)

Magic eraser gets off permanent marker. its like magic!!!

I just saw it on an HGTV show. You take toothpaste and with a wet sponge rub into it and it comes off. Maybe you can look the show up, I think it was Get it Sold. The homeowner had some "creative" children. Good luck!!

The eraser will not work on black permanent markers-been there:)

Try the Mr Clean Magic eraser. You can get them a just about any grocery store. It got sharpie off my walls. Good luck!


Mr. Clean Magic eraser! I keep several on hand with my three boys in the house there is always something, including Sarpie Marker on walls, tile, doors, banister and baseboards!

I don't know of anything to remove it. If you decide to repaint use KILZ or another stainblocking primer before painting or the marker will still leach through the new paint job no matter how many coats of paint.

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Used it many times myself.

Mr. clean eraser!! It will work atleast on the door. Might work a little on the wall but it tends to rub the paint off. Might have to repaint the walls.

I use Sol-U-Mel also for this kind of clean-up. It works great without the harmful chemicals. You can get it from Melaleuca, Inc. (www.melaleuca.com). I also get many other benefits just for shopping and have saved money. Check it out then let me help you set up your account to shop. Everything is 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 60-day empty bottle guarantee if you don't like it.

You have nothing to lose.


I understand exactly what you are going through. Macic Eraser by Mr.Clean worked for me. Maybe it will help you too.
Good luck

the only thing i can tell you is kilz and then paint

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, works for everything i use it for so it should work for a permanent marker.

Good Luck!!

Hi C. there are several things you can try ,,,peroxide is great for things like that ,,also hair spray ,,,, cream of tarter and peroxide made in a paste last if all fail go by a can of KILZ paint cover up you can get it in a spray can if your walls are white you got it make if not you just have to do a little patch painting
good luck L.

Mr. Clean magic eraser.

I can tell you from experience. My daughter colored my recliner and walls with a black sharpie marker. Aerosol Hair Spray works wonders. The cheapest you can find. I do not know about the Mr. Clean Erasers everyone is talking about but they are more expensive I'm sure then a 99 cent can of hair spray. It took every mark off the chair and the walls.

Depending on the surface, but, try WD-40, it might do the
B. C

I have two things for you to try. First, baking soda and a wet washcloth. That will usually get anything off a wall. If it does not work, try the Mr. Clean magic eraser.....it works like magic!

My daughter did the same only on our coffee table and end tables. Use one of those white squares from Mr. Clean. I don't know how they work but they do. They kind of crumble as you scrub so you'll need a couple if your artist did a wide area.

My son did the same thing when he was around 3 or so. I found that hairspray removes permanent markers from hard surfaces. It may not work on walls, as the walls will soak up any liquids. Good luck.

I have had that problem before... my grandmother told me to put peanut butter on it leave it on for a minute then wash it off. it worked i got all the marker off. something to do with peanut oil i believe.

Yep - the Magic Eraser rocks! I have a 4 year old who got hold of my 20 different color Sharpies and went to town. You can not even tell anymore. It takes some elbow grease, but it does come off. I recommend you wear rubber gloves when you use it - it can dry out your hands pretty good.

Alcohol is usually good at dissolving permanent marker(which is why the hand sanitizer will wash it off your skin). It worked great for getting black permanent marker off my son's fingernails. It wipes right off shiny surfaces, but if your wall is not shiny it might smear it.

Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. That thing seems to work on just about anything!!! :)

Good luck!

Black is the toughest to remove, but I always use a magic eraser or a little "Bar Keepers Hand" on a plastic scrub pad. That should do it. Bar Keepers Hand is amazing at getting out tough stains without discoloring the surface. Good Luck.


Just a suggestion, try Hellman's mayo! I know this sounds crazy, but in my mother in-law's magazine it suggested getting crayon and marker off walls with Hellman's mayo! It worked for us! Just apply to the wall surface generously, and let it sit for awhile! I would recemmend you do this when your child is sleeping!

Good Luck!

I have had this very problem. My two boys then ages 4 and 2, decided to color the bathroom walls in an apartment we were renting. I completely paniced!! This was about the time that the Mr. Clean dry erasers came out. I was using them for things like scuff marks and crayon marks, and just thought to try it on this not so minor issue. It took a little elbow grease, but not a trace of permanant marker was left. Now 3 years and two more children later, my cleaning arsenal is never without them. Good luck!!

Toothpaste has done wonders with crayons and pens, so give it a try, and do not scrub hard. It did not hurt my paint, It did give it a little bit of a dull look, But I was the only one to notice, But that is better than black marker on the wall.
Hope this helps

I know vaseline will remove crayons. You might try it on magic marker.

Just a side note the the magic eraser. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD CLEAN WITH THIS. It can cause burns on the skin. If you want your child to join in on the cleaning, I would suggest a plain sponge and water.

Yes there is. Call me @ ###-###-#### or ###-###-####.


Have you tried Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean? It works pretty well.

Hi C.,

Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The comment about it burning your child isn't true. Go to Snopes.com and see for yourself. If that doesn't work, use KILZ (sp?) and repaint over it. Just keep telling yourself, "Children are gifts from God." My children know to look out when I start repeating that:)

Good luck,

C. hon, this is why it is called a PERMANENT marker. Even if you used stain removers, my feeling is you will still be left with some marking.
Your best bet will be to repaint.
And keep the permanent markers up high where Picasso cannot reach them in future!!

Have you tried WD-40? It is terrific for many things...http://www.wd40.com/uses-tips/
Check out the lists!

Otherwise, try Keels paint to cover and do touch up painting. I am not sure of the spelling, but any good paint store will know what you are talking about if you ask for it.
Good luck.

My son painted the carpet with a Sharpie, and we used BABY WIPES, of all things, to remove it. Don't know if it will work on walls, but you could give it a shot. Also, you can try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and see if that works. Just keep it away from the kids and wash your hands when you're finished. It's not kid-friendly, but it works well. Good luck!

Try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It really works. My 2 year old "decorated" our wood end table with a permanent marker and the magic eraser took care of it. It's an amazing tool...I don't think there's anything it can't clean! Good luck!
L. J.

You can try polish remover, it might work. If all else fails you can paint with Kilz. Good luck mine used crayon's on brick I got that by using soft scrub. You might even use that.

Vinegar works on just about anything and it does mess things up like bleach

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