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How Do You Remove Permanent Marker from Walls?

My two year old got a hold of one of my black permanent markers took it upstairs and decided to decorate the doors and some of the walls. Is there anything that will remove the marks short of repainting everything?

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Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, works for everything i use it for so it should work for a permanent marker.

Good Luck!!

I understand exactly what you are going through. Macic Eraser by Mr.Clean worked for me. Maybe it will help you too.
Good luck

Try the Mr Clean Magic eraser. You can get them a just about any grocery store. It got sharpie off my walls. Good luck!


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The only thing I have found to take permanent marker is the magic eraser.

I'm not sure you can. When I had difficult marks to cover up, I would use Killz to seal the mark in (keep it from bleeding through the paint) and then paint over the Killz.

It depends on your paint...If you have semi gloss or hi gloss paint then use the magic eraser...it WILL work, but will take some work to get it all instead of just fading it. If it is a flat paint, then it is too porous and the marker has sunk into the paint...Using the magic eraser or anything really is just going to remove the paint. In the case of flat aint you are just going to have to repaint, I am sorry...

Good Luck!!! ;-)

I used germ-x to remove black sharpie...good luck!

A grease remover will do a very good job if your walls have the right paint.

We had an incident with permanent marker on our leather couch. We used the magic eraser and with a little rubbing it came right off! just make sure it is the real magic eraser; the off-brand didn't do anything for us.

Good luck

magic erasers work great! and i would recommend making your 2 yr old clean it up! the few times my kids have colored on walls or the floor or whatever, i've always made them clean it up. it's a great punishment because it shows them how much work it is to clean it up

I've had this experience before. Sol-U-Mel from Melaleuca works. I've seen other suggestions, which may work, too, but potentially toxic, I would think. If a babywipe takes off permanent marker, what is it doing to the baby's skin - the skin is our largest organ and absorbs what it comes in contact with. Try a safer alternative instead. :)

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