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How Do You Make a Complaint About a Doctor?

I was wondering who you should talk to when you have a complaint about a doctor. I don't want to call and talk to the receptionist because I'm sure it would just go in one ear and out the other.

What can I do next?

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It depends on if the doctor is independent or affliated with a hospital. The office I work in is part of Deaconess so if the complaint is bad enough (malpractice, unethical, etc) someone would file a complaint with the hospital. otherwise, the office manager is the best way.

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What do i do when my doctor treats me with no care in the world she's very rude to me I would like to report her please tell me how

It depends on if the doctor is independent or affliated with a hospital. The office I work in is part of Deaconess so if the complaint is bad enough (malpractice, unethical, etc) someone would file a complaint with the hospital. otherwise, the office manager is the best way.

I agree with the other mom's. MEDICAL BOARD, Indiana dept of Health, case managers, etc. but my personal advice: change doctors. If you disagree, seek a second opinion and if you feel that 2nd opinion is more logical than the first opinion, stick with that doctor.

If you have insurance you can call and talk to them, also try the Indiana board of medicine. The doctor has to be liscensed in this state. Call them. Most doctor's offices have the number posted in the office. Usually in a frame that says something about dirctiong complaints. Good luck.

I am the expert on this....
Ok - if the doc is in his own practice you call and ask for the office manager. If it is the doc's office we used to use, then she will avoid you and you will never get to speak to her. (I ended up switching docs because of the office staff)
If the doc is with the hospital, as in you saw them in the ER, you call the main number and ask to speak to the person who can handle complaints. If it is MEC - I do believe they affliated with a hospital - and just find out who signs their paychecks, and that is the person to talk to.

You can message me privately if you need any thing else!

What kind of complaint is it? If it the logistics of the medical practice (eg. problems getting an appointment, difficulties with office staff) then either the doctor or the office manager would be appropriate. If the complaint is about the medical care you are getting then it depends on how serious it is. For example, if you feel the doctor is too rushed, or you have a problem with one of the nurses, then speak to the doctor about it. If it is a matter of malpractice, then go to the state medical board and/or a lawyer -- don't tell the doctor that you're taking action, and get a copy of your medical records before he finds out.

I wouldn't call the receptionist... My best friend is a pediatrician she is friends w/ everyone in the office & I'm sure a complaint would go no where w/ them. I would cal the organization that the office is affiliated with. For example, my Dr's office is w/ Humana... so I'd call them.

Depending on the problem you should talk to the doctor about it. I know at my dr's office if I ever had a problem that I couldn't bring to his attention i could talk with the nurses and they could figure something out.

Better Business Bureau I believe.

I think it depends on the severity of the complaint. Most doctors hire their office managers. So, if you have a complaint, why would she make it a big deal to her boss? If there is a real problem (neglect or severe oversights), I would contact the Medical Board and file a complaint in writing otherwise contact the Better Business Bureau (inappropriate comments,rude office staff). Most doctors will simply brush off a minor complaint. Contacting either the Medical Board or Better Business Bureau will let the doctor know you're serious.

I would send a registered letter to the doctor informing him you would like him to contact you directly, making sure only he can sign for receipt of the letter.

Many doctors offices have an office manager to whom you can make a complaint. Call and ask the receptionist if the office has one and how you can get in touch with him or her. Good Luck!

Depending on the complaint, I'd go straight to the doctor. You'll probably have to make an appointment, just make sure to let whomever schedules you know that it's a "consultation" and not a medical issue. If it's a serious complaint (breach of oath, malpratice or the like) see if you can contact the medical board in your area.

There is probably a office manager and that is who I would talk to. We had the same thing happen and that is what I did. We love our doc, but the one we got on the phone one night was a real witch.

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