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How Do You Know When You Can Conceive

Hi All,

I know this might be a tough question to ask but I really want to get pregnant with my second baby. Just a little back history. I never used to get my period before I had my daughter I got my period once every 3 to 4 months. I breast fed my daughter now 14 months until she was 13 months. I got my period a few days after I stopped bf and than again 50 days later.
I am not sure if my cycle is 50 days or not. What is the best way to know the best time to try?

What can I do next?

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You might want to visit a Reproductive Endocrinologist if you return to the odd cycles that you used to have. You need to find out why your cycles are so irregular. You could start charting your cycles for a while and use an ovulation kit to see if you are ovulating before seeing the RE (having a period does not always mean that you have ovulated). Take your chart with you because that info. will be helpful.

Get the book "taking charge of your fertility." It will teach you how to chart your cycle, because every woman is different. VERY VERY FEW women have a 28 day cycle, and ovulate on day 14, yet its considered "average." If you are trying you may be missing you fertile days, so charting will give you an idea when those are. They are NOT the same for every woman, or for every cycle for that matter, but it will help you better understand your fertility and when would be a good time to conceive or avoid pregnancy. Good luck!

First thing is first, Relax you can stall yourself out if you are trying too hard. Also Get a thermometer, and take your basil temp. (@ the same time every morning before you get out of bed) Chart it. There is information on this online. I personally love the ovulation kits; however, in your case it would be very expensive. These kits are designed for you to know how long your cycle is and the use the pee indicators during the 7 days they recommend.

I recommend the temp. thing for now just to tell you when you have ovulated. This is not a predictor but a pattern indicator. This will tell you when you have ovulated, if you make woopy right away you still have a chance; however, right now just knowing when you ovulate could help to know how many days after your period you need to "dance". Once you have seen a pattern you now know when to test, so get thos ovulation kits.

Have Fun & Good luck.

You could try one of the ovulation kits you can buy at the store. I would just not use protection for a while and see what happens....it seems like the more people stress about getting pregnant, the more difficult it becomes. If the kit doesn't work, you could always ask your midwife what they recommend.

try having sex 14 days after your period begins,


When I was bf'ing my kids, once my periods started again, it took a few months for them to regulate again. The first one I'd get after 6 mons. The second was about 40 days later. Then each month after that it was less and less days until it was 28 days apart. Do you know how to track your cervical fluid, basal body temp and such. How did you become pregnant with your daughter. Try those same methods.

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