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How Do You Know If Your Water Is Leaking?

Hi moms,
I'm 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby. How would you know if your water was leaking? Sorry for the TMI... I just noticed that my pants were wet but not sure if I peed without being aware of it or if I should be concerned about my water leaking. It didn't smell like pee though. Is there an easy way to find out? Should I just not worry unless it happens again? Thank you in advance for your help.

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Thank you all so much for responding and talking me into going to the doctor!! I got checked out and it wasn't my water, but am glad not to have to worry for now.

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Hi G.,
It never hurts to let your doctor or midwife know! It's possible that you can have a small leak which then repairs itself - if your pants were a little wet and you have no further leakage, then that could be the case, and the tear has sealed itself, so no risk of infection or need to induce labor. Your doctor can do a test where he swabs the area and tests on a special paper to determine whether the fluid is or is not amniotic fluid. It is also normal to have an increase in vaginal discharge
Good luck.

Call your OB ASAP and tell them and see what they say. They may want to see you right away. Better safe than sorry. A.

I would call the dr. If your water is leaking the baby should be delivered within a the next few days, to avoid infection. They have a simple test they can do to tell whether or not the liquid is amniotic fluid. Either in the hospital or the drs office.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Good Luck !!!

Call your doctor ASAP. They can test the fluid to see if it's amniotic fluid....

This could very dangerous, I would see your doctor right away.I rather look silly, then my baby be in any danger. Good Luck! :)

Hi G.
If your pants were wet and you don't know why, call the OB. Let them check and be sure. Better safe than sorry.
If in doubt protect baby by calling.
God bless you and your family.
Keep me updated
K. SAHM -- married 38 years--- adult children

Please go to OB now. I had the same thing with my first child. I thought I was urinating but didn't smell like it so I called the office and they wanted me in there right away and come to find out my water broke but just leaking at his point. My water broke a day before I was going into 35 weeks and my child came the next night the first night of 35 weeks. To prevent infection and so forth....go!! Please let us know how it turned out and I would love to see the picture(s) if possible. Ijust love it when babies are born including my own!!

CALL YOUR DOCTOR. If it is before office hours have him/her paged. It is extremely important that you are not leaking.

Good Luck

hi there,
Sorry for late response, but same thing happened to me. I was so worried after reading information on the net about it. I called my OB and went in for my check up and they did a quick test and just said it was discharge (sorry for TMI) but this kept up until my water finally broke 3 days past my due date. Due to the size of my son, my OB ordered more Ultrasounds in the end and she did notice that my "water" levels were going low so for me it could have been some "leakage" as well. Everything should be fine, but mention it to your OB

I agree...must call doctor's office and probably go there to be seen. They can do the litmus test to see if it was your water. They can do an ultrasound to see if baby has enough fluid around him/her. And they can do a non stress test with fetal monitor...
I did not kow my water broke. I had something leak too and went to the doctor and it was my mucous plug. A few days later same thing happened and I was like this is the same, but that time it was my water...who would have known. Not everyone gets the "gush.
Good Luck!

I'd call your doctor. I thought my water broke, but wasn't sure. I called the doctor and the front desk girls said I'd know and that it probably wasn't my water breaking - well I didn't and it was. It was a small break therefore a small leak. The doctor confirmed it broke the next day at my regular appointment (I was a week late though) so I had to go right to the hospital and get things underway. If your water did break there is concern over infection, I don't think the doctors wanted more than 24 hours to go by before delivery b/c of it. So give them a call, let them determine it.

Hi G. - I suggest you call your doctor and ask them to check you over. They can do a scan to check your amniotic fluid levels just to ease your mind. It's better to be safe than sorry. If it is leaking it could be serious and mean bedrest - or it could just be a leaky bladder.

Same thing happened to me about that time. I wasn't sure if I had urinated or if I was leaking. I didn't have a smell either. I called my doctor right away though just to make sure. They can do a quick test. If it is leaking you could get an infection, etc. Mine turned out to be nothing. I'm sure yours will be nothing too but better safe than sorry! Call the dr.

go see your OBGYN, the can do an easy test

Go to the doctor. They have test strips that can tell you immediately if it is amniotic fluid or not. Leaking fluid is serious and can lead to infection and/or premature labor. Go to the doctor ASAP.

Definitely call the doctor. If you wait, the baby can lose all the fluid and it can really hurt the baby. It's always better to be safe.

you can call your doctor. they can tell with a quick check. You should definately call them, I wouldn't wait. I am not saying it is an emergency however you are better safe than sorry.
Good luck!

I worked in labor and delivery for 5 years and I would say listen to everyone on here.. definitely call your doctor ASAP! There is a risk of infection if the baby isnt delivered within 24 hours of your water breaking(really breaking not just a leak).. if it is a small leak sometimes they will put you on bed rest (sometimes in the hospital so they can keep an eye on you and the baby to make sure all is okay) I dont want to scare you though. But it could be nothing but it isn't something to be laxed about.. Definitely get it checked out! =)Good luck!

HI G.,

Call your doctor and have them check to make sure you don't have a slow leak. This happened to me...it was my first child and I thought I was just having problems peeing too! I had that happen for about a week and then at 34 weeks my water just broke and I delviered Ryan early. If I had known and gone to the doctor it could have been prevented! Ryan is 2 1/2 now and doing great but it would have been nice to carry him to term! Good luck!

I had similar concerns with my first and got paranoid over it.The dr. has this kind of paper that changes color if it is your water or pee. That is how they can find out or in my case i went to the hospital for an untrasound and they can actually measure the amount of fluid.God bless and best of luck.

No need to panic. Could be amniotic fluid, could just be discharge. The only way to know for sure is for your OB to do a vaginal swab. Because you are early at 32 weeks, I would suggest you call your practitioner now. If you are leaking this could contribute to labor beginning.

Sometimes when you get a slow leak at this point in pregnancy it can reseal itself but sometimes it does not. Your practitioner will want to take steps to ensure the very best outcome for you and your baby which may mean bedrest, prophylactic antibiotics (to prevent infection) and/or steroid-based medicine to help ripen your baby's lungs in case he/she will be born a bit early.

Congratulations on the new little angel!

G., By now, I hope you have already called the doctor. I was also leaking and they take a quick swab test and if it turns color- then it's you amniotic fluid. Certainly better safe than sorry. I delivered twins 4 1/2 weeks early- so certainly you should call your doc.

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