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How Do You Introduce Religion and God to Young Kids?

I have a toddler and a baby, I was raised Catholic but I didn't learn about God until I was about 12 (before that my parents had me pray at night and go to church during easter with my aunt but that's about it) then in catholic school they taught me about it. I don't practice religiously (which is sad...) but I try to do good for people, respect my parents, family and others, loyal to my marriage and so on... but I would like to introduce my kids to God, to know there is good out there protecting us and watching us.
Please note that the question is not if I want to introduce God to them but how to do it at this early age. Also, my husband is non-denominational but he is happy that I want to teach them about my religion.

Thank you for reading my post :)

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Start going to church is the best way. They have kids programs that teach them about God and then practice and pray at home with your kids and show them the Bible and that it is God's word.
The very best thing I did was wake up one morning, told my husband I was going to church with the kids, "do you want to go" I asked, he said no you go ahead, I took the kids and haven't missed a Sunday since. It's been five years. Sometimes religion is overwhelming and it's hard to get started kinda like scrapbooking, where do I start - I have so many pictures! The bible and God are the same way, there is so much information and getting started is the hard part. My husband never went to church with us. My kids were a boy 2 years, a girl 4 years and another girl 5 years. They love church and God now and still ask good questions that are hard to answer, like my son asks who is God's dad. But it is baby steps we take in following our almighty God. You can do it and the church and you can teach your kids about God's family.
Good luck!

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Another vote for the Veggie Tales videos/DVDs - many public libraries have them, and they're a very kid-friendly (and entertaining to parents too IMO) means of introducing concepts like being friends with people who are different from you ("Are You My Neighbor"), learning to be thankful for what you have instead of jealous of what other people have ("Madame Blueberry"), how "little" lies can cause big problems ("Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space" & "Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed"), and one of my favorites, "A Snoodle's Tale", which embodies the VeggieTales' motto "God made you special and he loves you very much".
You might also want to look around for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in your area http://www.mops.org/ - this can be a great way to connect with other moms of young children who also have the desire to introduce their children to God

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The Bishop Desmond Tutu wrote a beautiful children's book called "God's Dream" the illustrations are gorgeous and the message is completely universal. My son loves the book - it's very calming, great for bed time and has opened up a dialog about God in a non-scary way. My son was frightened when I tried to tell him angels watch over him when he sleeps ( he had just had a bad dream) He also gets the creeps from the Santa Clause song about "he sees you when you're sleeping..."
My hubby was raised Muslim and I was raised Baptist - we're trying to teach our children about
God and the basics like the 10 Commandments and then let them choose their path when they are ready.
Also, my son is in Kindergarten and he has been hearing about God from his classmates and getting conflicting info. so start the conversation before someone starts it for you! ;)

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Raise a child without religion and they probably won't have one. I can say that from personal experience with my first marriage and older children. We were both very different (Catholic and Quaker) and neither comfortable with each other's church. Now my older children are indifferent. I now wish I had chosen something.
Marriage 2, second set of kids. We sit at the table every night and say Grace, their Dad prays over them before they go to sleep and we go to church (Lutheran service) every Sunday, we talk openly with our children about our beliefs and the beliefs of others. Finding somewhere we related to spiritually has been a blessing to our family. I know that maybe our girls will have the comfort of Faith and are being taught the values of truth, forgiveness and love. Make a choice to go to either his church or yours, don't chose none at all, it will be good for all of you. =) Even a toddler understands kindness and love, that is a great first step.

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You've gotten some great responses! We're Catholic and are raising our boys in the Catholic faith, but Holly Bea has some great books for children of any Christian background. My kids love them!

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I can recommend 2 books that I already read to my 11-month-old son:
"What is God's Name?" by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, which is a board book; and "Because Nothing Looks Like God" by Lawrence Kushner and K. Kushner. They aren't any particular religion, just introducing the concept of God.

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Although my children were raised as catholics...as they have gotten older (eldest three are away at college) I am quite sure they have 'drifted' away!

There is one book...that they all loved...called 'The book of virtues' by william bennet as I recall...that had an assortment of moral 'virtuous' stories from all kinds of sources. Some were short and child centered...some were for 'olders'. There was an index of topics...and I found that I could look there for a story that related to a particular issue/challenge that one of the sibs was dealing with.

The book has turned up missing in my recent move (I suspect my college freshman daughter...lol) so I will make a point of getting another copy!

Hope this helps!

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I agree with books, songs and dvds. I also think it is important to demonstrate your believes through your actions. If your babies see you doing something, they'll know it's important. Verbalizing your thoughts about God throughout the day is important (like previous poster commented) As a Muslim, we pray throughout the day standing and kneeling. I'm sure prayers before meals and bedtime are great. It sounds like you already live with reverance to God and example is the best teacher :)

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