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How Do You Get Vinyl Lettering off of Glass?

Hi I need to get the vinyl lettering off of the back window of my car. I have tried goo gone and I have tried scrubbing and scraping and finger nail polish remover and so far notta! does any one have any ideas?

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Try WD-40. It is in a spray can and not expensive, under $3.00. Has worked great for me for many gooy situations. Also is a lubricant for squeeky doors, etc. Many blessings to you!

Trying heating up the lettering with a blow dryer, then you peel it off and clean up the residue with the goo gone.

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Use a razor blade (carefully) to remove the actual vinyl. For the adhesive that is left over - I would take it to a car wash and have them clean it up. We had to remove vinyl letters from our paint, and that's how we finally got them off. My husband used goo-b-gone for an hour or more and still had quite a bit to do. Save yourself the hassle and fustration!!

We just bought a new car and they took off all the numbers and letters with a HAIR DRYER of all things!!!! They heated up the letters and numbers and poof they peeled right off!

Try WD-40. It is in a spray can and not expensive, under $3.00. Has worked great for me for many gooy situations. Also is a lubricant for squeeky doors, etc. Many blessings to you!

Try vinegar and a scraper. It worked on ours. I hope this helps you.

Trying heating up the lettering with a blow dryer, then you peel it off and clean up the residue with the goo gone.

Try using a razor blade.

I used to work applying these types of graphics and depending on how old it is/how long it has been on the window, you should be able to just carefully peel the lettering off without needing any solvent. Use a hard plastic spatula or scraper (razor blade as a last resort so you don't damage any tinting) to get the edge/corner up and then slowly peel off. If the sticky stuff is left after then try something like windex or rubbing alcohol before any of those solvents. Good luck.

Try WD-40. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. I used to work in a grocery store and used it to remove all kinds of adhesives, and I just recently used it on my own vehicle window to remove stickers my children placed on the windows. Just spray it on, wait a minute or two and wipe off. You can also a straight razor to scrape off the WD-40 moistened stickers if it won't just wipe clean (that's what I had to do) and it won't scratch your window.

Once you get the letter off and just have the sticky part left, try WD40. Just pray it on, leave it for a minute and wipe it off. Once you get everything off, just was your window with soapy water. (not too much soap.)

oddly enough a blow dryer works like a charm. my sister was able to get the tough automotive lettering off her car (don't ask my why she didn't want her car model on her car but she didn't...) it peels right off - i was amazed and wondered why the sun didn't have the same affect...? but it doesn't...

Razor blades. It's a horrible, tedious process, but I don't know anything else that won't leave a residue. Good luck! (Hope someone has a better idea than mine, it works but AARRGHH!)

First you'll need to peel the letters off. If you heat thym up with a blow dryer they will come off easier. Sometimes you just have to scrape them off with a razor blade. The use a cleaner with citrus oil. Like orange glow. This will remove the sticky residue.

i used to work for a sign company.. anything with a natural orange agent should do the trick (cleaning supplies).. if its out in the sun - that should help loosen it up as well..

L0) best wishes.. good luck

Heat it with a hair dryer, then pull it off. If that doesn't work, then very carefully use a razor blade to scrape it off. But don't scratch your glass.

My husband was in the sign business and had to remove lots of vinyl lettering. There they use a heat gun which is much hotter, but if you hold the hair dryer really close, it will work.

Hope this helps.

My son owns/operates a mobile detailing service in the Albuquerque area. He does work for dealers removing stickers, etc. He said it sounds like the lettering has been on there for a long time and baked on.
Is it on the inside? or the outside?
If you are in the ABQ/surrounding area he is willing to meet you and look at it and see if there is anything that can be done and give you a quote if it's possible to remove. If you are interested call Park N Shine @ ###-###-####.

Is it on tinting or just the glass? If it's on tinting, wow. Surprised that the Goo-gone didn't take it off. Try rubbing alcohol. You don't want to use a solvent if its on the tinting.

If it's on glass I'd say razor blade and the WD40 would work. Oh, and if you can, get the car in the shade or garage for awhile first. Don't do it in the sun or you'll not only have a gooey mess but a streaky one.

If you try a hairdryer and heat it up it should work well. You may have to use something to get the rest of the adhesive off, but heating it up like that REALLY helps.

Have you tried those magic erasers? they seem to work on everything especially when there is that sticky residue from labels and things like that. The only problem is they disintegrate very rapidly so it might take a couple to get the job done.

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