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How Do You Get the Glue from the "Size Sticker" off of Pants?

Hello! So my little 3 year old is hard to buy clothes for. She's so petite that most 2T's fit her around the waist, but then the length is too short. After trying on about 20 pairs of pants on her (dang she grew alot from last winter!) we finally found 2 pairs of pants for her! So I'm all excited to wash them so she can wear them & that nasty glue is on the pant leg from where the retailers put that size sticker. I hope tihs makes sense~ LOL. I haven't washed them yet.... Any suggestions on how to remove this icky goo?

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The easiest way to remove the goo from stickers is by using a product called "Goo-Gone" ... it's non-toxic and works like a charm to get rid of sticker glue, without doing harm to fabrics. You should be able to find it at any drug store, but definitely at an Ace Hardware or Home Depot.

HTH and have a great weekend!
Tamara :-)

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Hi V., I always use baby oil to get the sticky stuff off of things after I remove the sticker, but I haven't tried it on clothing. It's all natural and works great. I would try just washing it first also and then try other suggestions. Good luck!

Hi V.,
I had the exact thing happen to me just last week. I just threw them in the wash and hoped for the best. I didn't want to chance putting any kind of chemicals or oily substance because I was afraid of ruining brand new jeans. But to my surprise when I took them out of the washer and checked them before I put them in the dryer, the sticky stuff was completely gone. I would say wash them like normal and just check them to make sure its all gone before you put them in the dryer. If it is still not off after you wash them then try one of the other suggestions the other ladies have put on this site.

Good luck! ;-)

I had the exact same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I just pre-treated it with some Shout and it came right off in the wash.

Hi V.

My suggestion for sticky is goo be gone or resolve carpet cleaner for hard to remove stains or sticky items.

But i also have a suggestion for pants. Try the pumpkin patch. There are two stores in the valley chandler mall and san tan. The pants have adjustable waist bands that make it easier to find pants that are long enough and will fit your petite little girl around the waist as well.

All the best


Hi V.,

I'm kind of new to this country, so I'm not too sure about product names, but a solvent-type cleaning product based on orange oil is what I always used to get glue (and other oil-based stains) out of clothes and other things. I know there is one available at Sprouts, I just don't remember the name of it!

I am not sure about the sticker, but many brands now make the adjustable waist bands. I have the same problem with my 2 1/2 year old. She has long legs and a very small waist. I have found that the Children's Place, Old Navy, and Osh Kosh make adjustable waistbands. Hope this helps!

That's a "sticky" problem:) LOL....ok, bad joke. I think GOO BE GONE works on clothing and maybe even WD40..Just wash them right away to keep the oils from sticking. I'm not positive that it works for clothing, but WD40 and some elbow grease removed sticky silly puddy from my carpet and didn't leave any residue. Maybe the Queen of Clean has an answer...www.queenofclean.com

As far as pants for your daughter. I love the pants that have the adjustable waist inside. The length always fits perfect for my tiny 3yr old, and if the waist is too big, I just tighten up the elastic on the inside of the waist and they fit perfectly. You can find these at The Childrens Place. They often have great sales.
Good luck.

Hi V.,
My husband is an upholsterer, and he uses lighter fluid to get glue and sticky substances off of materials. Basically, put some on a rag and really work it into the pants then wash them. Try that. Hope it works

The easiest way to remove the goo from stickers is by using a product called "Goo-Gone" ... it's non-toxic and works like a charm to get rid of sticker glue, without doing harm to fabrics. You should be able to find it at any drug store, but definitely at an Ace Hardware or Home Depot.

HTH and have a great weekend!
Tamara :-)

try goo b gone. you can get it at the hardware store. but try it on another prag or a part that cant be seen before you do it on the sticky stuff. my grandson too is small and long legged. he is 17 months in a few days and hsi waist is aobut a 12 months but his legs are long. the 1T pants are long enough but they fall off. its realy hard to find cute stuff for boys so when i do i buy a bunch. we hadnt realy noticed how much taller he grew because he has been wearing shorts all summer. i had bought a bunch of really cheap shorts at the dollar store for the summer as play clothes. they were like 2.99 a set. ater looking all over for somethign that would fit i jsut went back to the dollar store and dollar general and they have jeans and courduroy outfits that are skinny and long. i bought several and use those for play clothes. for going out i found a western store that had baby and infant stuff. the twenty X size 1 fit him to a T but they are rather expensive, i only got two pair because they were 14.00 and i know he will out grow them soon. we jsut found out we are becoming his primary caregivers and parents havent really been taking care of stuff so all of his clothes are form when he had his baby shower except for stuff i have bought here and there so all of a sudden we have to outfit a new room and new clothes so it has been expensive. but its worthit, i love that littel man.

I use Goo Gone on sticker glue and gum in hair & clothes. Works great. In a pinch I have also used peanut butter to to the sticky stuff off. Good Luck........Toots

hmmmm...you don't think it will come off in the wash? i haven't had any problems with that stuff not coming off. You could always use ice and treat it like gum...rub and peel. I have also heard that vaseline works, you rub it into the stain then wash off the vaseline with dishsoap, but then you have to wash clothes in the hottest water they can tolerate...but I wouldn't do that, too afraid of shrinkage. Goodhousekeeping.com has all sorts of ideas for stain removal.

Greese Lightinng Works awsome on clothes (takes out baby spit up and any thing else my 4 kids can dish out)... It takes out stains like you wouldnt believe. I also use in in the kitchen and as a spot treatment on my carpet before I carpet clean. It also takes out the dirt ring in the showers and bath. I buy it at Lowes or Home Depot in the gallon size, but you can also get it at walmart or any of the grocrie stores. Im sure it will work on the sticker glue.

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