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How Do You Get Rid of Mattress and Boxspring, and Other Old Furniture?

Goodwill? Dump? It's just mattress and boxspring, no furniture or even frame. I know about freecycle; this mattress and boxspring are years old and I don't know it would make a good sleep for anyone. I don't want to store it in the garage. I want it gone.

How do you get rid of a bed?

Also I have a coffee table that is just the right height to bark your shins on a lot. It was pretty years ago but now has scratches etc. so that it isn't a great candidate for consignment.

Also I have a Tiffany-style table lamp that probably *would* be a good candidate for consignment. I thought about eBay but the lamp is heavy like you wouldn't believe; I don't want to lug it to post office to sort out shipping, or to pack it and then worry until it reached buyer safely.

How do you get rid of stuff, mamas?

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List everything in the free section. Its a great way to get rid of unwanted items and a great way to get stuff that you need. Someone may be looking for exactly what you have.

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You can ask for money or put it up for free. If you live next to a big city things like that tendt to go fast.

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If the mattress is not in usable condition, contact your garbage hauler and they will remove it for a fee I think it is around $35, but I have not checked in awhile. If you are buying a new mattress to replace it, you might be able to negotiate removal of the old one as part of the sale. Goodwill cannot take it for legal reasons and technically, it is not legal to sell it, although lots of people do.

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I donate stuff (like the lamp and coffee table) or have a yard sale; you could also try Craisgslist (just be sure to ask for CASH only!). If it is good enough, but not really worth anything, I put it at the end of our driveway with a big FREE sign on it. I don't think anyone takes used mattresses as donations; if you aren't getting a new bed with a free take away offer, the other option is the dump.

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Hi Kristen,

I know you have a lot of suggestions here, and I haven't had a chance to read them all, so if this is a repeat, then I apologize.

You can list things on craigslist.com for free. Just mention in your post that the item needs to be picked up and not shipped. Try to include a pic...this helps to sell things faster. Craigslist also has a listing category for things you want to give away (free stuff). Someone may be looking for just that thing you want to get rid of.

Good luck and God bless.


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Craigs list has a section for "free" items and you could also sell your lamp on the site.

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My son's neighobr put things on his parkway with a free sign and they are gone. We have done it a couple times. My husband said it would not work but the items were gone. I see free signs on things all the time on people's lawns or the parkway. Now if they are not gone in a couple days, I would not keep them there; then it gets to be an eyesore for the nieghborhood. When someone buys a new bed they will take away your old one free; that is how we have done it in the past. Sorry I am not more help.

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City Team Ministries takes any kind of donated household item and then GIVES it to a rehabilitating homeless person when they go into their first apartment. They also supply furniture and house wares free of charge to people that have lost their posessions due to house fires, flooding, etc. There are City Team Ministry offices in San Jose and San Francisco. They offer very effective programs and I highly recommend them.

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When you go to buy a new mattress most mattress places will offer to haul away your old one for free. I've dropped couches and coffee tables off at the goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores.

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