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How Do You Get Premanent Hair Dye Out of a Carpet??

I haven't tried anything yet. Not even water. Any suggestions?

What can I do next?

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Nope, you're out of luck. Its not going to come out. They dont call it permanent dye for nothing.
You are going to have to patch or replace the carpet if you want it totally gone.
good luck!

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I have a wonderful spot remover I use from a wellness company; never had to remove permanent hair dye out of carpet but it worked on RED nail polish and a purple sharpie marker so I can't even imagine it not working on hair dye....email me or call me and I'll give you some more info; ____@____.com or ###-###-####

Use that OxyClean stuff. It's supposed to be great.

Nope, you're out of luck. Its not going to come out. They dont call it permanent dye for nothing.
You are going to have to patch or replace the carpet if you want it totally gone.
good luck!

You might try White Vinager you can try a small spot using it full strength see how it reacts. Depending on your carpet color you may want to try deluting. Remember to blot and not to rub the stain. I hope it works.Good luck.

I own a carpet cleaning company, and honestly, there is no way to get it out other than having it patched. The only other method I would suggest is heat transfer, and you have to be very careful. It might lighten it some - MIGHT! Take a white terry cloth towel and dampen it, apply it to stain. Take a hot iron and press and release from the carpet (do not hold it there). If you see the color is transfering to the towel, continue process. After awhile you will see it's no longer transferring the color and that means it's as good as it's going to get. Do not attempt to patch yourself - it's not easy, even for a trained professional. It will end up looking worse than if you would have left it alone. We've had to fix many of botched patch jobs.

Depending on what color your carpet is I'd try a product called "goof off". If your carpet is on the darker side if might fade it, but if it's gray or beige it would look better than hair dye. You can buy this product at home depot or lowes. Just dab a small amount at a time until the stain fades. It does smell really strong so a fan might be helpful. Just start with a small amount. A friend that works for CC carpet told me about this product. Let us know if it works. Good Luck!!


Dye is permanent. Nothing will remove it. You can have it cleaned professionally and it might lighten. Otherwise if you have extra carpet it can be patched. PLease call my office at ###-###-#### if you would like us to come take a look at it. Cornerstone Chem-Dry ____@____.com or ____@____.com

I dont know if anything will get it out....

But here is an idea.

When you get your hair colored and they make a mistake they use a product called the "Wash" and it removes the hair dye they put in your hair.

I would call the beauty store and see if they have anything like that and try it.

When I moved into this house it had new nutmeg colored carpet. But after inspection, as we were moving in, I saw very obvious light spots. I asked the previous owner what happened and she said she didn't know. She had someone come in and clean after they moved out. There were about 8 snall spots across the LR and den between bathrooms. I think bleach was dripped.

OK--the moral of this story is that I played around with my craft paints until I had mixed a blend that matched my carpet. Thinned it a little and with a small stiff bristled brush I carefully worked the color into the bleached fibers, being very careful not to overlap. SO-----if I were you I would see if I could bleach the dye spots out either with the mentioned hair product or household bleach. Rinse well and neutralize with vinegar. Then try your hand at coloring. Take your time, do only a small part and let dry to be sure you have the color right.

Hey--it's worth a try. You can't make it any worse, can you?

Let me know if it works.


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