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How Do You Get Mildew Out of Clothes?

Does anyone know of a detergent that will get mildew out of clothes? A few of my daughter's clothes have mildew from her formula that didn't get rinsed out before I put them in her hamper. I was thinking that Oxyclean might get it out? Any suggestions?

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I have had this same problem! What happens if you have already treated the stains, but there are still slight stains left behind after treating? How do you treat that?

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HI! Are you talking about mildew smell, or mildew stains? If you have a mildew smell, white vinegar put in during the rinse cycle will get it out. Personally, I use some stuff from Sam's call Odoban. It works great but it's $10/jug (a gallon I think) and vinegar is a lot cheaper, but I use it for pee smells.

If you are talking about little black spots, from mold (I have gotten these the same way you did - a wet clothing item in the bottom of the hamper for a few days) then I have tried everything, Oxyclean, Felz Naptha soap, shout, etc. The only think that eventually worked was just plain old bleach. I used the Clorox bleach pen for that. Luckily this item was mostly white, and the stains were on an unnoticable area, so I could use bleach without worry of fading colors.

When using bleach, remember that if you use it on printed items, it will not remove the color. However, if the actual clothing or threads are any color except white, it will remove the color. For example: a white shirt with a screen printed design can be safely bleached, but a blue shirt cannot.

hope that helps!

Hi there, I had the exact same issue with some of my baby's bibs. We only wash once a week so they were sitting there with food or throwup (washed out of course - but some was still on there). My Mom used 409 and saturated them and let them sit over night in it and then put it in the wash and poof! it was gone. A couple of times we had to do it twice, but it always worked and came out clean and not smelling either. Hope this piece of advice works and I'm sure you will get plenty more pieces of good advice!

Honestly, whatever detergenet you decide to use it should not have to be a week long task to get the mildew out. You should be able to pretreat it and throw it into the wash ONCE and be done with it. The WORLDS best detergent is MelaPower manufactured and sold by Melalueca will do just that. I have been using their laundry items as well as many others of the over 350+ products they manufacture. The best part is their products are Better,Safer and kinder to your pocket book. Melaluecas' MelaPower has a PH of 7 which is right there with the consistency of Water. so, that tells you right there it is good for your baby and you. Interested? Contact me at:


A. C

Murphy's Oil Soap. It is a staple in my laundry room and will get almost ANYTHING out. prescrub it into the clothes and DON'T dry till it's out. Good luck.

Try 2 tablespoons each of each Shaklee's Nature Bright and Fresh Laundry Powder
Pour into a basin/bucket of hot water.
Put washable stained clothing (check for colorfast) into basin.
If required, let water cool.
Let soak 3-7 days-you'll be amazed at what you can save!
Nature Bright is not a bleach, so it's safe for colors.
Get Clean laundry products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly so they are safe you, your home and the earth

Vinegar kills mildew.

I have never gotten it out. I went camping once and left my sheets in the dyer and had to throw then away.G. W

http://smellywasher.com/ This stuff works. Just used it to get mildew smell out of our bath towels and the smell is gone. $20 for a year's supply. And it doesn't have a fragrance to it either.

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