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How Do I Remove Permanent Ink from My Child's Skin?

My 4 year old daughter colored her entire thumb with dark red permanent ink. I've tried Goo Gone, nail polish remover, vinegar, baking soda, and lotion to get it off. Nothing has worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Thank you everyone for your responses. What a great network we have! No one thing took it off, just a combo I think of the things I had already done and rubbing alcohol that so many of you suggested. Thank you for those who were concerned about her safety with chemicals. Other than the Goo Gone, I didn't do chemicals. I didn't want those soaking into her skin, nor did I want the ink, too either. It is still there slightly, but time will get it all off. I guess that's why they call it PERMANENT! I was concerned also b/c she sucks her thumb, but she swithced thumbs last night! Thanks again everyone. Have a blessed day.

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As wierd as this sounds try liquid insect repellent- it gets permenant ink off many things but I never have tried skin- Good Luck !


Good housekeeping suggests rubbing alcohol or a milk-dipped cotton ball

Just don't use a magic eraser since they are abrasive and will also remove skin!!!

Noxema worked wonders on my little body artist. When she was about 15 months old - she colored her body with a perm black marker .... even her eyelids. I used makeup remover on her eyes to get that off. It took a couple of applications.

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hairspray or rubbing alchol

I have always just used good old soap (Ivory) and water. My sons draw on themselves all the time with permenant marker and that's what I use. Hopefully that will help, eventually it will go away on, it just might not be as soon as you would hope.

LMAO mom i been there many times only with black marker, only thing to do is let it wear off which it will in a day or two, i always used just plain old soap and water took most of it off then it wore off in a day or so, kids love to think they are tattoo artists on their bodies. it won't hurt her just looklike her thumb is a lil red is all.

Contact the manufacturer of the marker. They should be able to help you out.

Maybe try specific eye makeup remover?? Good luck! LOL

Get hair spray in the pump bottle and pour some in a cup. Have your child soak their thumb in it. Worked for my child when he colored the tips of four fingers with a sharpy.

I have always had great luck with using rubbing alcohol....

Try babywipes, they clean everything! If that fails to work, try rubbing alcohol pads.

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