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How Do I Keep My Pants Up?!

Help! I had my 2nd c-section 4 months ago, and I have this tummy that won't go away. My regular pants won't fit, so I've bought a bigger size. Everything is fine in the dressing room, but when I get them home and walk around in them they slip down to below my belly. I can't keep them up. A belt doesn't help - it just slides down, too! Does anyone have advice about brands, styles, tricks, anything that might help? I am tired of looking like a teenager with my pants between my knees! Thanks!

Addition: I saw that several people mentioned sundresses - I would love to do sundresses, but I'm breastfeeding. So, I thought I'd also ask if anyone has figured out a way to easily breastfeed while wearing a dress.

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Ever since I had my first child, I can only wear elastic pants because of the way my front is shaped now. I haven't been able to wear button-top pants at ALL, because they either cut into me or slip below my belly. They actually make elastic pants really cute. They also have some botton-top pants that have elastic in the waist band.

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Elastic waist pants, like cotton or matte jersey styles.

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Ever since I had my first child, I can only wear elastic pants because of the way my front is shaped now. I haven't been able to wear button-top pants at ALL, because they either cut into me or slip below my belly. They actually make elastic pants really cute. They also have some botton-top pants that have elastic in the waist band.

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You might be more comfortable in a simple sundress this time of year.

Your body will likely continue to change for a while, so you might not want to invest a lot of money on pants that may be too big next month.

You may have better luck getting pants that have the waistband that sits a little below the waist. That's what works best for me. If I get pants that go up to my waist, I have to get a bigger size to fit my belly. The problem then is the pants look too baggy in the legs.
Another idea is yoga-type pants or capris- they'll be more comfortable.

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Same here--6 months out and just now able to wear some of my old "fat pants." LOL Only dresses I can wear these days are the ones either loose at the top that I can slip down or over a shoulder, or the wrap-style front where you can just pull down one side or the other.

I'd go for drawstring if you like pants at your natural waist, now that it's summer. Or I just get lower-waist pants that fit below my pooch in a size up from normal.

Hang in there! :)

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The Bella Band (or the Target version Be Band) that you can use with pregnacy also works to help keep the pants up. I have a few sundresses that either have buttons down the front or a tie at the top that can be loosened/undone to facilitate nursing. I also love Expressiva nursing wear. You can find it online and they have some nice nursing dresses. I got one for my daughter's baptism and have worn it about 6 more times. It is discreet enough that you can't reaaly tell it is a nursing dress so I will continue to get use out of it past the breastfeeding years.
Good luck.

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Elastic waist pants??

Don't invest in a lot of clothing -- your body will continue to change...


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haha! Your subject line made me laugh. Sorry to say, but get some maternity pants. They'll fit your legs/bum the best and leave room for your belly that has yet to go back to place. You're only 4 months out from having a baby, so no wonder your still have a bit of a belly. And, c-sections to cause a bit of a pooch with the skin there, but if you get the flab (assuming you have any) and the muscles back in place, you should be fine.

Also, get the book "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" by Tupler. She has awesome exercises that get your muscles back in place from having a baby. Likely your muscles have been pulled out of place and need to be reminded of how to get back to where they should be. Doing situps and crunches are actually bad for most "mummy tummies"! This would explain why they didn't work for me...

Anyway, hope that helps some. Really get the book, though. It's supposed to be awesome. I have the book, but I'm prego again! I'm still going to do the exercises (I guess some are pregnant-safe), but I won't know how it works until I have this baby. My friend suggested it and it's done wonders for her. Good luck!

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I get my jeans from old navy and I buy a size smaller than what i normally wear that way when they stretch out they fit perfect.

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I would go for sundresses too! Also, Lee makes some pants with elastic in the back, but you cannot tell from the outside-I think they are called comfort fit. Also yoga pans with a wide waistband might work. A friend of mine had a c-section 7 months ago-even though she got back down to her pre-pregnancy weight, none of her pants fit anymore, she wore lots of elastic waist and is working on losing weight to get back into her own clothes.

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As for the pants, elastic, stretch, drawstring, are your friends for now! You may want ot keep wearing you maternity pants, or use one of those "belly bands" they sell to help hold up the regular pants ( bonus, they help cover your tummy while pulling up a shirt to nurse). Good luck you will recover somewhat, if you work at it, but our shapes are pretty much forever changed by pregnancy, hip size changed, c-sections give you a poooch, and it can be reduced, but it does take lots of work - I have had 2 c-sections, and haven't been dedicated enough to lose the baby weight, let alone work on the pooch, so, I just live with it.

If you get a sundress with strapps, not sleeves, you can just slide one strap off your shoulder to only expose that side, or stretchy wrap style dresses work well. I almost ALWAYS wore a nursing tank top under all my clothing, that way no matter what you were wearing, your tummy was covered while nursing - you will get better with more and more practice.

Here are some great nursing clothing:



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I have the worst luck finding pants that fit! I have no butt to hold them up, I have no advice but I feel your pain even with a belt I constantly have to pull them up.
Edited: my baby belly is long gone and mine still don't stay up. I think it's the way they make women's jeans.

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I didn't have a c section, but have the same problem keeping my pants up. Ugh! I'll be trolling your answers to see if anyone has a solution (other than losing the belly, which I'm working on...lol!).

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I have the same problem - the body just isn't the same after having kids! I am also a big fan of dresses because pants and shorts just never fit right and I get SO irritated about them constantly slipping down. I make a habit of looking for tops and dresses that have a low/stretchy enough neckline to allow me to breastfeed "over" rather than pulling the shirt up (without being so low as to be flashing cleavage to everyone either). I find that to be more comfortable and easier to do with a nursing cover in public; I hate the feeling of my back and stomach hanging out. For things that are too low cut, I just put a tank top underneath that has a stretchy neckline for more coverage. If your baby is a messy eater, tuck a burp cloth into the neckline after you pull it down. I buy almost all of my clothes as Old Navy and Target, if that helps.
Word of caution: avoid those strapless dresses that have the stretchy "smocked" tube top, the baby WILL pull it down and you'll have a wardrobe malfunction ;-) Good luck!

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I don't have an answer for the pants question, except to say that I'm right there with you, after 4 kids, and 1 c-section. I wear more skirts now, and choose my pants carefully.

I'm breastfeeding right now too, and sometimes I can manage it with a dress. I'm pretty large-boobed, so a little discretion is in order. If I'm wearing a sundress, it's easy to pop out from the top. Wear a light jacket and you're covered from several angles. I also have a stretchy sleeveless dress that I've found I can bf in via the arm holes. A light jacket helps there too. I'm pretty creative about finding secluded places to breastfeed when I'm in public, which helps keep my 7 month old from getting too distracted, and prevents most or all of the disapproving glances from the troglodytes out there. Best of luck to you - and congratulations on continuing to fight this good fight.

I have this problem and I had my last child 6 years ago. My pants drop below my pooch and sag right in the front. It drives me crazy. the only way to stop that is if I put a belt on but when I sit it's super tight.

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