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How Do I Get Wrinkles Out of a Prom Dress?

I have never owned a steamer and try to buy clothes that don't need ironing but now I need to get wrinkles out of a prom dress. Is a steamer the answer? Does anyone know a good one? Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

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You can hang it in the bathroom and let the shower run or hold the iron out in front of it and let the steam from it get the wrinkles out.

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I think a steamer is your best bet. Or try a dry cleaner, they should be able to steam it for you for a small fee. If you know anyone who works in a small retail store, they might be able to help also. I know most of the smaller mall clothing stores have steamers to help with the wrinkles that come from packaging.
If you want to purchase a steamer, I would skip the small travel ones, they're worthless. For just a little more you can get one that will really work. I think we got ours at Lowe's for about $20. They're handy!

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If you have a small bathroom you might try haninging it in a steam bath w the shower on hot.

You might also ty a Dryell home drycleaning kit if you think it canhandle the dryer

If you have a smaller bathroom you can hang it away from the shower and let all hot water run for a while until the room gets full of steam. It worked for me before.

My friend let me borrow her OLD Frazus handheld steamer for a Halloween costume that had been all folded up in the package. It worked so great that I bought one myself on ebay and use it several times a week just to get little creases out of our clothes. It's so much easier than setting up the ironing board to take out 1 wrinkle. It only takes about 2 minutes to start up, and now that I know about it, I'll never be without one. I bought the only one Wal-Mart had in stock for about $20, but it was a piece of junk compared to the Frazus. I took it back and got this one on ebay for about $13, including s/h. Good luck!

If you don't own a steamer a good trick to try is to start the shower and get it really hot. Hang the dress where it won't get wet. The steam from the shower should help. If not you can take it to a dry cleaner. They can steam the wrinkles out.

Hi L. W, I don't have a good steamer for you . But have you tried hanging the dress in the bathroom while someone is taking a hot shower, then while there is still steam in the room I like to well fluff it up a bit, and when the room cools the dress usually looks great. This works for me unless there are hard wrinkles in it, then it's time for the steam iron and an ironing cloth. You can also use a white linen napkin, pillow case, or something along those lines for an ironing cloth to keep from "shining" the dress, or schorching it. Hope maybe I helped.

Avon has a great hand held steamer out right now. look for it on my website www.youravon.com/suzannewebb

you may try to put it in the dryer with a wet towel. I have used this many times. It works!

Depends on the material.... Look into turning it inside out if possible- hanging it in the bathroom and spraying with Downy Wrinkle Releaser (I've had AMAZING success with this stuff. It's best if you don't have to turn it inside out, but that would depend on your material.

hang the dress up in the bathroom, and turn the shower on hot and let the room steam up.

You can put it in a steamy room. i.e. in bathroom while hot shower is running.

You can hang it in the bathroom and let the shower run or hold the iron out in front of it and let the steam from it get the wrinkles out.

Run a hot shower and hand it in the room (NOt in the shower so it gets wet.



I have had very good luck with steaming a variety of fabric dresses in the bathroom when taking a shower.

Hang the dress somewhere in the room where it is exposed
on all sides. Take your shower(s) and steam the dress as many
times as you need to. I've had better luck with chiffon,
tulle, and silk. Smaller bathrooms work best.

Good Luck!

N. W.

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