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How Do I Get Rid of a Strong Perfume Smell?

My mother-in-law was here visting for a few days. She wears VERY strong perfume. She stayed in my daughter's room and now everything smells like her. I've washed all the bedding, but I get get the smell out of the room. I've used febreeze, baby powered and I vaccumed. Our couch also smells like her. It's too clod to open the windows. Any ideas?

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haha, she probably sprayed some to leave her scent. I would mix some vinegar and water together in a spritzing bottle and just spritz everywhere, that should neutralize it.

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I also agree with the baking soda. Let it sit for awhile before you vac. Also, Clorox makes an anywhere anti-allergen fabric spray. It's in a white spray bottle with a green label. It has no smell, but gets rid of smells. My daughter has asthma and it's the only spray that I can use around her.

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haha, she probably sprayed some to leave her scent. I would mix some vinegar and water together in a spritzing bottle and just spritz everywhere, that should neutralize it.

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Your nearest Home Depot sells jars of stuff that neutralizes odors (look for them in the same location as the gel jars that add scent like Glade or whatever). I like the citrus ones.. .they don't actually add any scent to your room, but the gel inside the container absorbs odors. Normally, if I fry bacon I can clean everything, do some things around the house, leave and run into town to the grocery store and come back hours later and STILL smell bacon. Ug. But, I can wave one of those things around my kitchen after frying a big pan of bacon, and when I get home from the grocery storeI smell NOTHING. Otherwise.... I would be smelling bacon for HOURS!

They cost about $5 a can/jar. I think it's called Citrus Magic Odor Absorbing gel. Don't get anything that doesn't absorb odor.. otherwise it just adds stuff to cover it up instead of getting rid of it.

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Hi M.,
I would try baking soda. Put it on the carpet, let it sit for an hour and then vacuum. Also, spraying equal parts of water and white vinegar should neutralize the odor in the room. It might smell like vinegar for an hour or so but that will go away. We have a dog and the baking soda always gets rid of the smell after his bath.
One more thing, I love eucalyptus and when I put a bunch in the guest room it usually freshens the room after company has stayed. You might want to try it. I usually buy it at Michael's but they have it at the grocery store too.
Hope this helps, good luck!

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Make sure you keep the door open...to keep circulating the air. I would wash the comforter and might consider shampooing the carpet (or steam cleaning it if you have one available...).

All the best!

I would mix a little rubbing alcohol and water in a plant sprayer and spray all surfaces, linen, furniture and walls that she may have brushed by. The carpet you can spray the alcohol mixture too or if the carpet is really dry sprinkle baking soda through out the room hall on the furniture and leave a few hours come back and vacuum. The Alchol breaks apart the oil in the perfume and once dry the baking soda picks up the residual that did not breakdown. It however needs time to work because the baking soda absorbs the odor and needs time to do so.

Try baking soda? And maybe open the windows for just a few minutes at a time. If your couch has cushions, maybe bring those outside to air out.

I don't know why people think that anyone appreciates such strong fragrances. They always give me a headache.

Good luck.

i agree. ick. it drives me nuts, my MIL does the same thing in a way. When i send my kids over to her house to spend the night she insists upon washing all their clothes so they come home "clean". they just get rewashed because as soon as your open their bag you are overwhelmed by perfume!

i buy a deodorizer online, but obviously you wouldnt want to wait for that to get to you. personally, i would just cover the whole room with baking soda and leave it all day them vacuum it up that night. probably leave the windows open for an hour at a time too to really air the house out.

White vinegar and water. It really makes the place smell like vinegar for only about 5 minutes. A few years ago, we had an infestation of those ladybugs that smell really bad when you step on them. And I guess we stepped on them by accident. I tried baking soda and it didn't really help. So I filled a bottle with vinegar and sprayed the carpeting and the stone fireplace mantle. Within minutes that putrid smell was gone. If it can get rid of that, it can get rid of perfume.

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