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How Do I Get Pee Smell Out of Couch Cusions?

My daughter had an accident while taking a nap on my couch yesterday and peed all over. I took the cushions off and tried to clean them using a lot of water and soap...but today they still have the pee smell on them. Any ideas for how to get them...di-pee-a-fied? (I'm sure that's a word in some language!)

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Pet Smart sells this spray for the carpet and I have used it on the couch, and in my car. It takes the smell out. Simple Solution stain and odor remover. I will sometimes use Febreze or if you want to go cheap vingar works really well. But the smell of the vinagar take a long time to leave the house.
C. B
P.S. Febreze give me a bad headache.

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Hi R., I recently started using OxyClean in a spray bottle to get those pee stains/smells out and it works in 5 minutes. I used to use Nature's Miracle but in my experience it didn't work as well. I bought a small container of OxyClean powder and a dedicated spray bottle and mix it up. Then I soak it on the fabric for 5 minutes then dab with a towel to get the excess up. It has worked in our bed, the carpet, the car seats so I didn't have to take them apart and wash.... Keep in mind though that this stuff also works as a cleaner and it may leave a really "clean" spot on your fabric depending on how much you use.. Hope this helps!! K.

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Febreeze! if you can't afford try vinegar mixed with water 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. I had to use vinegar to get cat smell off my walls. Accidentally mixed too much vinegar, house stunk for 2 days. But on the plus side house no longer smells like cat.

The stuff you can buy at a pet store for pet urine smells will work on us humans also, Wal-mart also offers a few varieties, lord knows I have had to use it a few times!!

Vinegar in water works great on getting smells out. It also works great on vomit smell, too. I would use about a cup to a gallon of water. (The measurement does not have to be precise.) Soak the cushion with it and then suck as much moisture out as you can.

I swear by this stuff called "Nature's Miracle". It's actually for pets, but works great for everything--even got chocolate milk stains out of my brand new, light-colored carpet. It works wonders on pee! I buy it at the vet's office, but I know they sell it at Petsmart. I have used it on my daughter's mattress when her pull-up has leaked, so I am sure your couch would be no problem! For the future, you could always put a cover on your couch until kids and pets are past the "wetting" stage. :)

according to the ladies on the bbc show "how clean is your house?" they advice using club soda and good ol' elbow grease to get rid of the urine smell for pets ...i figure it should work for humans too...plus, it probably won't leave that "clean" spot that most cleaners leave from bleaching the area out..

have you ever considered using the same cleaner used for cleaning pet urine?
pet urine is sometimes stronger than human urine so give it a shot.
make sure you are not using any ammonia products since it can make the odor stronger than it was initially...
make sure to have the cushions aired out and but into the sun to help remove the smell.
sometimes calling a furniture / carpet cleaning company and asking advice can be helpful on such items..

Most pet cleaners work we have two dogs and some be our first child. we keep stuff like that in stock.

I will second the Nature's Miracle. Buy the bottle w/ the sprayer - it gets it covered better than pouring it straight and follow directions to the letter. I would stay away from Febreeze - it just covers up the odor - doesn't get rid of it. AND it gives me horrible headaches - I don't think its as benign as the manufacturer would like everyone to believe.
If Nature's Miracle doesn't work, call a professional. They can get most anything out.

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