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How Do I Get Out of Jury Duty??

Hi. I live in NYC and have been called for jury duty. I am not sure what I need to do in order to get dismissed. Because I have two children with no babysitter, it will be very hard for me to even get to the courthouse.

Does anyone know what I have to do?

What can I do next?

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You need to call in advance, and I think the first time you want to be excused you don't have to go in--just call. They are very good about it when you go in, but I've never tried the phone in method. Take a look on the notice--I believe they specify a phone number to call in just this case.

show up with the kids.
some one will tell you children are not allowed.
Explain to that person that you do not have a babysitter.
You will be dismissed.
I saw a woman do it with my own two eyes.

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When you get to there they are going to ask if you have child care problems. And b/c you do you will be dismissed. I know b/c I just recently had jury duty and those were one of the reasons why you may be dismissed. Just be honest.

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If you are a stay at home mom you don't have to go to jury duty. There are instructions on the back of the jury summons that explain what you need to do. You basically need to write a letter to them stating that you are a stay at home mom and that you can't serve on a jury.

As far as I know you don't have to serve until your child is 16.


Hello B.,

Being the primary caregiver of a child or children is good enough reason to, not have to do jury duty. There should be information where you can send your letter with your reason for not being able to participate on a jury at this time. Or you can call and ask where to send the letter. ASk if they need any other information.


Hi, I was called for Jury Duty when my older son was still a young baby. All I had to let them know was that I am the primary caregiver to the children with no means of having a sitter. My husband was the main source of income and there would be no way he can take any indefinite days in case I was called to serve. I wrote a letter and sent it in, but did show up (with the baby) on the day they asked me to come in and made sure they had gotten it. They dismissed me with no problem and told me that being the caregiver it also gave me I believe it was another 5 years before they can ask me again to serve duty (at least my son is now 5 and I have not gotten a letter yet!). Good luck!

show up with the kids.
some one will tell you children are not allowed.
Explain to that person that you do not have a babysitter.
You will be dismissed.
I saw a woman do it with my own two eyes.

You can postpone it once by phone and then the next time you need to go to the courthouse. I had to do it and I just brought my daughter with me. Then the next time you get called you have to serve. I think they give you 4 years. Good luck!


There is a number on your summons that you can call. Even if you have already postponed you are not expected to serve when you are a caregiver of small children or anyone for that matter. Call that number and they will tell you exactly what you need to send in (i.e. copies of birth certificates of your children, etc.) I literally just went through this a few weeks ago and was dismissed before I even had to serve. The woman who helped me was very annoyed that anyone had suggested I even needed to show up.

Also, when you call, make sure they do not insist you come into the office to show "proof". You can do this all by mail.

Best of luck!

Hi B., I live in NY as well and recently received a noticed to appear for jury duty. There's a number you can call on the back of the jury card to postpone.


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