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How Do I Get My Kids to Eat Soup?

Ok, strange request, I know. But my 2 daughters do not eat soup. My one 5 year old eats the Ramen noodles and she used to like Lentil soup but now she just likes the Ramen noodles (I don't like that, of course). My 7 year old doesn't eat soup at all. Does anyone have any ideas? I made a great chicken soup last night, with beans, etc and it is excellent. My kids said it smelled good while it was cooking but it wasn't done by dinner time yet. I would like to give it to them tomorrow night for dinner but don't want to make it a big deal. Thank you Moms!

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Try one can Swanson chicken broth and 1/2 cup of ABC Pasta or Pastina Stars(from Publix).

My little ones gobble this up every time!

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Try one can Swanson chicken broth and 1/2 cup of ABC Pasta or Pastina Stars(from Publix).

My little ones gobble this up every time!

Just put a little in their bowls and make them at least try it. You can't really force them to eat it. After all you don't eat things you don't like. My rule was when I made something the girls had to at least try a little of it. If you get them to try it every time you make it they just might decide they like it. Also sometimes kids in school can say things that reflect on what your child likes. I remember when my daughter came home and said one of the girls in school told her that only poor people eat soup. Try asking them why they don't like it. It might not be the actual soup at all. But stick to the rule you have to try it, but don't force them to eat it if they don't like it.

I have two boys. My 8 yr old won't look at soup, let alone eat it. My 12 yr old started eating soup like crazy when we started going to Crispers. Not sure why.

Have you tried the soups with the kiddie noodles? Sorry I couldn't be more help.


Kids shy away from homemade soups with too much in them. Try buying an organic boxed broth and then just add organic veggie ABC noodles. They love finding their names. Anything else you slip in needs to be pureed. So you can make your own broth from veggies (I find meat broths are too strong for their tastes) with tomatoes, carrots and celery. Then pull out all veggies and use just the juice. My kids also like to add their own parmesan cheese on top.

What about crunching crackers in or making biscuits to dunk in the soup? Anything to make it more fun and involved, engaging for them. Let them pick out crackers that they think they'd like best in their soup. Let them help make the biscuits (Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are easy and fun). Getting them involved will peek their interest and if not, they'll come around in time. Children can go through phases sometimes and refuse what once was their favorites. It'll all work out in the end. Enjoy your children for all they are, even the quirks. Have fun and be blessed!

I don't think this fits into your plans of eating chicken soup tonight, but my kids love French Onion soup. They actually call it cheese soup and of course I don't correct them! They like the cheese and the bread in the broth. My oldes hates veji's, so if he eats soup that has carrots and things in it, he will scoop them out. Try introducing something like the "Cheese" soup if they like cheese. I usually put only broth in theirs and exclude the onions.

Anything creamy is good too!!

Cheese works on mine... shredded cheddar primarily... I sprinkle it heavily on chili type soups. Sour cream is another approach. My 4 yr old daughter will eat practically anything if it means getting a dollop of s.cream. (even on rice!) A family favorite over here is Tomato soup with cheddar cheese chunks on the bottom of the bowl. I cut it up and put it on the bottom of the bowl then pour boiling hot soup on top and let it cool down before serving. The boiling soup melts the cheese perfectly and the children LOVE it all ooey gooey like that. (So do I!!) They also like crackers in their soup. We use saltines or Ritz but I think they would like goldfish too. Whatever you kids already like...maybe just trying to fancify it up will entice one of yours!! Hope this helps!! Love, K

Try a straw so they can drink the broth? My girls like to do that after they eat all the noodles in chicken noodle soup. Also, you might want to try soup with not too many ingredients so they won't be overwhelmed. Again, noodle soup works best as most kids love noodles.

I have 5 kids and they are not thrilled with soup but they will eat certain kinds. They love a chicken tortilla soup that I make. I let them add their own cheese, crushed tortilla chips, avocado, etc. They also love cream of broccoli soup. I mash the broccoli up so it is not in chunks and let them add cheese, bacon, and crackers themselves. They will choke down chicken noodle but that is about it.

Forgive me if this has already been said, but i tell them if they eat the chunky stuff they can drink the broth through a straw, and i let them use the curly straws! they still love to eat it that way!

Hi K.,
How about putting those cute little crackers in the soup and when the kids spoon up the crackers they naturally get some soup too and perhaps eventually they will enjoy the soup alone. Also, my husband and I sometimes make cornbread with our soup and it is an added bonus to drop some in the soup!
I know what you mean about homemade soups, they are always so comforting. I hope the kids will eventually enjoy your soups as well.
Happy Cooking!

hugs C. in Florida

My kids love soup, but some of the things we do are.... Tomato w/ grilled cheese sandwiches for dunking, ABC noodles, drinking the soup out of a mug, thick creamy potato soup with ham and cheese in it( think thinner mashed potatoes - Message me for the recipe) I don't like straws , they get all clogged up but then again we eat soups with a lot of stuff in them.
Kids love choices and control over things, maybe start with a soup base and let them add what they want to help make the soup , perhaps have them take turns and write down what all they add and name the recipe after them. IE "Evan's creamy corn chowder"
We are having beef stew for dinner tonight , I also like adding rice to soak up the extra liquid. good luck

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