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How Do I Get Mold/mildew Out of Baby Clothes

Sometimes when cleaning up the house I round up bibs, socks, etc. that the baby used. Sometimes the bibs still had leftover food, oatmeal, yogurt,etc. on them. These were tossed into the hamper and left for a few days. When I did the laundry I noticed little black spots (mold? mildew?). How do I remove them? I tried oxy-fresh, hot water soak, scrubbing, etc. Any ideas ladies? Thanks!

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For a non chemical alternative, try soaking in the washer in hot water with white vinegar and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract.

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I've never had that happen my my grammy used to swear by Lestoil on all tough laundry stains.

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For a non chemical alternative, try soaking in the washer in hot water with white vinegar and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract.

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I am sure you have already got this response or something similar to it. I have been having the same probelm, and I tried everything, and I normally use everything that is for sensitive skin/ hypoallergenic. I started using regular detergent and spray and wash, but nothing was working. I got the stains out, but my childs clothes still smelled like mildew. My mother recommended a white distilled vinegar soak in warm water. It worked perfectly. Plus if you have any mattresses or furniture that has been peeded on it, it works perfectly to get the smell out and I believe it does a little disinfecting. Hope it works for you. Plus the other woman are right that Lestoil is one of the best stain removers, but I think the vinegar would be less harsh on baby or children items.

dreft makes a really good stain spray. I use it on my baby's clothes, bibs etc all the time. It is able to take out almost anything. It works so well I use it on my clothes too. only 3-4 times have I had somehting not come out with it on first wash. I buy it at Walmart. Sometimes it is in the laundry section, sometimes the baby section so check both. It is in a container like spray and wash.

The same thing happened to me, and I finally soaked them in Oxi-clean. I literally let the washcloths soak for days and eventually the little black spots came out.

try regular original blue dawn. i have gotten some good grease stains and other stains out of clothes by using it. put it on the clothes and let is sit for at least 30 minutes and wash the clothes again. try some baking soda in the washing machine also or some oxy clean. good luck.

Try chlorox. If that doesn't work, go shopping and don't put the stuff in the laundry basket wet. :-) That doesn't mean you have to wash it right away - I'm not a good housekeeper to suggest that one ! But if you get teh food off, then hang it on a towel rack or something until it's dry, then it shouldn't mold while waiting for wash day. (I had the biggest problem with the bibs that went on the road. I'd put them in a plastic bag and in the diaper bag and forget them. oopsie !!!

I would definitely use some sort of a bleach product, especially if it is a fungus (mold, mildew, etc). If they happen to be whites, I would use regular bleach. If they are colors, use a color safe bleach. You can never be too careful with molds on a baby's clothes. I would rather be safe than sorry. Good luck!

Again.....Densie P beats me to it....Lestoil! Best product on the market for that stuff. You can purchase it at your local food market

I to have has the same proublem, i would bleach the white ones and try anything and everything. I even have come across the issue when it comes to baby clothes. I would pull them out, after being stored away clean and they would have spots on them. My mom has told to me to try lemon juice and let them soak in the sun. Which is had to do since it is winter.

You can also try old fashioned "brown soap", Fels-Naptha. It's a bar that is sold in the laundry aisle. It's usually tucked away high or low and at the end of the aisle. It's sold as single bars and is wrapped in white paper with green and red printing. My grandmother used it for everything. She washed laundry with it on an old-fashioned scrub board, she washed the floors with it, she washed the babies with it! LOL I still use it, and it always seems to make easy work of stubborn stains. Just wet the item, rub the soap bar on it and lather it up. Then let it sit for a while and launder as usual. Be sure to check that the stain is removed before you put the item dryer. Stains "set" in a hot dryer.

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