How Do I Get Bright Pink Nail Polish Out of My Comforter?

Updated on March 31, 2008
J.S. asks from Rochester, MN
19 answers

Hi Ladies! My 2 1/2 year old son got into my nail polish and get one drop on our comforter. The nail polish is BRIGHT PINK and my comforter is blue. Does anybody have a tried and true method of stain removal that will work? I don't want to try anything until I have something that might take it all the way out...not leave a pink tinge.
Any help would be great!

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answers from Grand Rapids on

J., have you tried to wait till its dry and peel it off like we can do on our own nails, it should wear off, but then you have to wait, a while, before removal, i dont know what will take the stain out, but it should not stain? it might just wear off, and again the key word is might, sorry for the not so help, help, D. s



answers from Green Bay on

Hi J.,
I just use a product from my company that has tea tree oil that I've been using for 11 years. It gets out everything, including smells and it's totally safe.
Blessings and Success,
Helping families with health and wealth for over 11 years.



answers from Lincoln on

Try acetone (sp?), you can find it at Wal-mart. OR try fingernail polish remover. Good Luck!!



answers from Bismarck on

don't know if this will work!

Test an inconspicuous spot on your comforter first with nail polish remover. If it doesn't cause bleeding of the original color of your blue, it should take out the pink?

here's an internet link that had a couple of different ideas:

if all else fails, go shopping! spring is around the corner and you just might find a brand new comforter that you like even better...

hope it comes out!




answers from Lincoln on

HI There, my little girl got nail poilsh on my new white carpet, so i used nail poilsh remover. and it took it right out. just get the clear remover.



answers from Madison on

So the other night my daughter got nail polish on her easter dress.... Long story short after trying everything including some Melaluca stuff a friend gave me, I found a website and it said that basically if all else fails you can try windex or even oven cleaner. Just thought I would let you know. I tried the windex and it worked a little, but I did not have any easy off oven cleaner. Hope it works for you



answers from La Crosse on

I know carpet and comforter aren't the same things, but I once spilled green nail polish on my parent's white carpet. My mother used Tide w/bleach alternative and scrubbed like crazy. There was no tinge of green when she was done. You might want to test a part of your comforter first, but it may work.



answers from Fargo on

I would try calling a dry cleaners and/or a furniture store and see what they they would advise before I would try anything. I have called them before, and they have always been helpful with free advice (the furniture store).
Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I think you don't, J..



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I spilled nail polish on my inlaws comforter and nail polish remover didn't work. Neither did washing it. It's still there if I remember correctly. :) Sorry, but I don't know if anything will get it out.



answers from Sheboygan on

This is from a book that Heloise wrote. She suggests "sponging the stain with pure acetone after testing a hidden area for colorfastness. Launder as usual. Do not use acetone on fabrics containing acetate or triacetate because it will dissolve them." She also suggests taking it to a dry cleaner. Hope either one works for you.



answers from Duluth on

My daughter took my entire bottle and opened it and "wooshed" it across my white carpet while holding onto the bottle. Nice! Anywah, I used Pinesol and it came out with no "ting". Good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

Try Hydrogen peroxide(3%) on the spot. Not sure if it will work on polish, but is worth the try. I have used it on chocolate and feces stains and it worked great(when nothing else worked) Good luck!! S.



answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter got red nail polish on my beige carpet and I used hairspray to get it out, as suggested from some website on the internet. I just grabbed an aeresol can I had in the cupboard and it came right out (to my complete surprise!) Not sure if you need to use any particular kind, but I used the Bed Head brand called Hard Head simply because that was what was in my cabinet. Good luck!


answers from St. Cloud on

If you can't get the color out and you don't want to buy a complete new comforter, a duvet may work well providing you can find one with a color / design you like. Ebay is a great place to find these for a reasonable price.



answers from Appleton on

I know when my son spilled nail polish on my carpet, I used Goo Gone. It is a strong stain remover that you can find by the spot removers at the store. It comes in a small bottle. Test an area first to make sure it will not take out the color of your comforter. You can also test an area with nail polish remover. Hope you have good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't think anything will take it out completely.

I know hairspray takes ink out



answers from Eau Claire on


I hope you haven't tried anything yet, because whatever you try will only set the stain and prevent something that can really work.

My mom got red nail polish out of her white pants with Solumel. It takes out permanent marker, crayon, you name it! This product is from Melaleuca and it has over 100 uses. It is awesome! I even use it as ingredient in bug spray and my wonderful baby wipes.

Again, don't use anything if you haven't already, just wait if possible. I'd be happy to help you get this product into your hands. I rep the company that manufactures it (along with 300 + other products), I don't sell it, but I help others buy it at wholesale.

Please call or email and I can tell you about it.
###-###-#### cell



answers from Davenport on

I would suggest asking a dry cleaning place.

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