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How Do I Get 4 Month Old Twins to Sleep Through the Night?

How do I get my 4 month old twins to sleep through the night?

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The only advice I have for you is "Baby Wise". It's a book that was suggested to me when I first had my son and it was amazing. Read it, apply the routine that they suggest and you will be AMAZED! Seriously! It really helped me, my friend, and both of my cousins.

I have no experience in this, but, would they sleep better together? Or was that the whole reason for the seperation in the first place?

When my baby would not sleep through the night...(and it took him till he was about 4 months old to do so) We started putting a little bit of rice cereal in his formula for his last feeding. It seemded to help. He kept him fuller longer so he slept better and longer.

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Honey we would all like our kids to sleep through the night as soon as possible, but they'll do it when they are ready. My second son starting sleeping through the night around 9 months, my first child was still waking up most nights when he was two. You just have to get used to being tired for a while.

As for a schedule, start with feedings, every three hours or whatever works, once they fall into that it will be easier to schedule their naps. Getting them on a schedule will really help you. It just makes things a lot easier. Once you establish a bedtime, start a routine that you use every night. Bath, stories, bottle, singing, etc. This will help you for years to come.

Fatigue is every mother's legacy! Just hold on, you'll sleep again some day.

P.s. Hold your son as much as you can. Once he starts crawling and walking, he won't have time to snuggle anymore.

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When my baby would not sleep through the night...(and it took him till he was about 4 months old to do so) We started putting a little bit of rice cereal in his formula for his last feeding. It seemded to help. He kept him fuller longer so he slept better and longer.

Hi, I have 17 month old twin boys and it was a challenge when they were infants. I don't know that there is any definite way to get them to sleep through the night, because believe me I tried everything. Here is what I ended up doing. Try putting a small amount of Gerber baby cereal in the last milk bottle before bed time. This makes the formula/milk a little heavier and more filling and seemed to help keep my twins full a little longer. but as for one sleeping better than the other and waking each other up. There is only one solution to that. You have to seperate them. We had one baby in the nursery and the other either in the living room or in our bedroom (which is right next door to the nursery. The living room seemed to work best because it was farther away from the other baby in nursery. They loved sleeping in a little bouncy/rocker seat that reclines back and vibrates. That helped tremendously. They actually slept in those off and on till they were 12 mos old. This really helped us get more sleep having the baby who wakes up more sleeping in another room so that both babies are not awake at the same time. That's great that you have a Nanny to help you at nights. But may I say that when Dad is around, put him to work. He needs to bond with those babies too, regardless of how much he works. If he is home, then let him take the early evening shift and you go to sleep, then he can go to bed later and you can get up with the babies for their next feeding. Both my husband and I work full time and I did not let him weasel his way out of helping. Yes, he works longer hours than I do, but that is no excuse. These are his babies too, and so we took turns, and he'd get home from work around 7pm and by 8pm I was in bed and slept a good solid 4-5 hrs and then would get up around 1am and take over with the babies. It was very hard, and we hardly spent any time together, but it worked for us, we both had time to bond with the twins and we both got more than 1-2 hrs of sleep at a time. Hang in there, and if you need any more moral support, please contact me: ____@____.com.

Beleive it or not, but sleeping 4-6 hours is considered sleeping through the night. My guess is the boy is hungry and needs a feeding or perhaps needs this. 4 months is notorious for sleep regressions. Try and get some sleep while the nanny is there to take advantage of her time.

Hi J.,

I also have boy/girl twins that are now 4 almost 5. Mine never were on the same schedule until around 1. My daughter just didn't need the sleep as much as my son. The same still holds true today.
As your twins get older and are at the same weight they probably will sleep on the same schedule. Its tough, I know,when they aren't sleeping as well as you would like. Just keep doing the best you can and I promise you, you will survive this first year and after that it will become easier every day.


My twins are 4 1/2 years old now. They started sleeping 5-6 hours a night at around 5 1/2 months and we were not able to start sleep training them until they were two months old. A strict schedule/routine worked for us. They would eat, play, sleep, and then repeat! When one ate, the other ate too. When one slept, the other slept too. It took about two months of this strict schedule and then around 6 months they were sleeping 10-12 hours a night and taking two 2-3 hours naps during the day. If they are in the same crib, split them up. Around 4 months my boys started waking each other up because they were moving around! Schedule, schedule, schedule so you won't go crazy!!!

My b/g twins came home about 6 1/2 weeks after being in the NICU on a schedule which was a life saver. We had to wake them every 3 hours because they were so small. They slept in the same crib until they were 10 months old. We were told that cosleeping was good because they were used to each other in the womb and during the later part of their NICU stay. They never really woke each other, if one started to cry, I would just do and get him/her until the other woke up, but when we fed one, we fed the other.

Hi. My kids are not twins, but the girl slept great and the boy didnt!!! It just took some time. My son would sweat during the night and it woke him up because he would be soaked. He was up every 2-3 hours.

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