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How Do I Clean Urine Out of a Mattress?

My son wet the bed last night and it soaked through his mattress pad. What can I do to salvage the mattress?

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One rule of thumb I always used, buy a complete plastic zippered mattress and pillow cover. I don't know if it is salvagable. I would call an upholstrycleaning company. I would also put it out in the direct sun. Good luck.

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I don't know how large the mattress is or what type (innerspring, foam, etc), but I'd mix about a few drops of liquid dish soap, a pint of warm water and 8 oz. of hydrogen peroxide and pour it on the mattress just long enough to soak in as deeply as the urine penetrated. THEN turn the mattress over flat on the floor or porch/patio/deck so the the solution can 'wash' the urine back OUT of the mattress. Lay it on towels or a 'shammy' (chamois) if you have one. After that has soaked up all it can, lean it over a heat register or other heat/forced air source til it dries thoroughly.

Just my idea of remedy. Here's a stronger 'recipe' to remove pet messes from carpets.
Pet (vomit, feces, urine) odor eliminator in carpet:
16 oz. peroxide
2 Tbsp. Baking Soda
1 Tbsp. Hand Dishwashing detergent
Mix carefully, pour onto carpet mess and let dry completely. Vacuum up soda residue. (Can't store any remaining solution as it expands and explodes).

Solumel (as suggested) is good, but hard to find (we were in the Melaleuca business for a while). And vinegar is a good odor eliminator, but you wouldn't want to use it with an innerspring mattress (would start rusting the coils).

Good luck!

I would like to know too

Hi C.:

Try some Kids and Pets sold at walmart. Seems to have taken out the odor. Good luck I am having the same problem with my son who is 4. He is potty trained during the day but not at night! Lots of changing and cleaning of sheets. I use a shower curtain on top of the mattress which seems to work well no more wet mattress..Good luck


I've had the same issue. I sprayed the mattress with vinegar and then sprinkled corn meal on it until it was covered really good and let it sit. The corn meal soaks up all the wetness and the mattress is as good as new.

I have the same problem. Will you please let me know what you find out. Thanks in advance!!


Hi C..
Nature's Miracle. It is sold at pet stores. My dogs have had accidents on the beds, my kids have vomitted and it cleans it up.
Good luck!

baking soda ans peroxide. i cant remember the exact measurement but i normally do 1/2 cup peroxide w/ a few table spoons of baking soda and you just spray or pour it on then use a towel to soak it up. works every time for us!

White vinegar will clean almost anything. You may need to soak it.
P. V Seay

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