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How Do I Clean Highlighter Writing from Wall

My 2yr old daughter wrote on our white wall with hot pink highlighter. I tried to clean it with Clorow wipes, nothing. Then I tried baking soda and still nothing. Does anybody know what else I can use? I heard vinegar might work?
Any tip will help. Thanks!

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I do the magic eraser personally. BUT, before you scrub down to the sheetrock...try off. I know that works w/ permanent marker. Then try the eraser!!

Don't know if this will work on highlighter but it worked on sharpies so it might be worth a try!!! Try GERM-X. It took red sharpie off of a desk and wall!!

Try using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It even gets permanent markers from the wall. It is amazing.
Hope it helps you.


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Try using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It even gets permanent markers from the wall. It is amazing.
Hope it helps you.


I got permanent marker off of my white wall with Clorox Clean Up. It comes in a white spray bottle.

P.S. the marker is still in his bed sheets. Lol...But not on the wall.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are amazing!

I don't know how to clean the highlighter off the wall but I had good luck keeping my little ones busy by reading to them while I nursed the babies. Maybe that would help keep your daughter out of trouble! Good luck with both of them.

Years ago my father in law offered to take care of the kids so my husband and I could go to dinner. I put them all to bed and we went out and had a fine time. We came home and Dad was sitting in our chair reading a good book and our youngest, a little 3 year old girl was hiding behind the chair. Dad greeted us and said "Oh she woke up and she has been so quiet and good just playing behind the chair. I didn't bother to take her back upstairs." My husband and I looked at eachother and smiled. Dad was clueless - our little girl drew the entire family including the cat on the wall directly behind him and he didn't know. Of course it was magic marker black ink. Dad was mortified at first but then said, "You know these drawings are quite good for a child her age."

We painted the wall but it bled through. So we had to spray the wall with something to seal the ink and then paint over it. Good luck.

Try Expo cleaner for overhead markers. You can find it in the office supply area. It takes just about any kind of marker off. I used it as a teacher to remove sharpie marker from many different surfaces. I keep a bottle at home just in case.

Rubbing alcohol is usually effective for removing highlighter stains. However, alcohol will remove latex paint. Latex paint tends to be porous and absorbent, so it is likely that the highlighter is not just on the surface. If the stain can not be removed, it should be covered with a couple coats of primer/sealer like Zinnser and repainted.

If that doesn't help, try nail polish remover.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Just wet it, and scrub. Job done.

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