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How Do I Clean a Dish Washer?

This is an odd request but I'm having trouble with my dishwasher--at least I think that's the culprit. Over the last few weeks, after running the dishwasher, I've noticed that the valves and the lids to my son's sippy cups have black in all of the groves and lips. It's disgusting and very hard to get out--the only way I can get to it is with a q-tip and even with that there are some spots that I just can't reach. The black stuff is not there before the wash but is there after. Today i stuck my head in the dishwasher and saw that what looks like the same black stuff (it looks like mold!! that is so disgusting that I can't bear to think of it) is up under the bottom of the door. Our dishwasher is very old--20 years, original with the house but we've only lived here for 2 years. Unfortunately i finally convinced my husband to replace the old stove this summer for safety reasons and I'm sure there's no way I can convince him to buy a dishwasher also in this economy. Does anyone know how to clean a dishwasher? Are there products out there that you use and run the dishwasher? Has anyone ever had this experience with old dishwashers or with their sippy cups? I'm so grossed out!!

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Jet Dry makes a dishwasher cleaner that you hang off the top racka nd run the dishwasher and it 'should' clean up everything. If it doesn't help, I clean the straw inserst to my son's cups with a pipe cleaner to get anything thats hard to reach. Good Luck!

Vinegar worked best for me. Just add a cup to you washer and start the cycle. My mother-in-law suggested I do it monthly and it has worked like a charm. The thought of rinsing all my dishes with vinegar makes me a little sick so I run it empty. Good luck! I'm interested about the tang response you got earlier...

There is a product you can buy and I cannot think of the name of it. It is in stores near the rinse aids (jet dry, etc.) and dishwasher detergents.I have used it because I often notice a musty smell coming from my dishwasher and it seems to help.

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RepairClinic.com. They have tips for every make and model of just about every appliance ever made. They have advice for caring for and cleaning them as well as replacement parts and repair info. If it turns out that there is something wrong with the dishwasher and causing the mold, this site is great for helping get it fixed without expensive maintenence men -- recommended by the Debt Proof Living lady - Mary something. :)

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If you bought a Home Warrranty with your house- we did and keep it updated every year, they can send soemone to fix it or they pay to replace it. IF not, you could try Appliance Smart which has some scratch and dent - many are just fine or the scratch is on the side that is hidden by the cabinet, and you could getone really cheap - like maybe $200. If it is mold, you are just putting your whole family thru it on the dishes. Good Luck

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My dish washer had started to smell. I used the cleaner made by Cascade and my dishwasher smell great and dishes are much cleaner. You may also want to check the drain at the back. Sometimes it can become clogged with food particles. Ewwww! Hope this helps.

just and update: The cleaner I used may have been the one made by Jetdry mentioned in another reply. I don't remember exactly.

I hope someone responds to this b/c the exact same thing is happening to me too. It just started happening in the past two weeks and it is to my daughter's sippy cups lids as well. I also noticed the black spots on the top of my dishwasher door. I had to use a toothpick to get the stuff off and it is grossing me out! I have had to start handwashing those things and that just sours my mood. I live in an apartment and I don't think my dishwasher is very old.

Just out of curiosity...what kind of dishwashing detergent are you using?

Could you stick you back up there and spray the area w/ bleach? bleach kills mold; especially good in bathroom around tub area

Jet Dry makes a dishwasher cleaner that you hang off the top racka nd run the dishwasher and it 'should' clean up everything. If it doesn't help, I clean the straw inserst to my son's cups with a pipe cleaner to get anything thats hard to reach. Good Luck!

Give this a try... in an empty dishwasher spray it with clorox clean-up which has bleach in it (which kills mold.) Let it sit for 10 minutes, run the dishwasher. Before the drying session, brush it out genly with a scrub brush. Then run a session to rinse it out!

I use a spray or 2 of clorox cleanup in every dishwashing load with my dishwashing detergent to assure there is no bacteria or staph germs just to be on the safe side, so I know it won't harm your appliance or your family! Good luck! L.

try leaving the door open to dry out after u wash. take the vaulves out asap and shake out the access water. some vaulves just dont come clean...i got new cups with easy to clean vaulves(playtex). and some of them i always use a q-tip. good luck

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