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How Did You Tell Your Husband You Were Pregnant. - Miami,FL

Just curious. Just found out I'm pregnant baby number 4 and I'm sure it's going to be a big shock for hubby as it was to me. I want to make it special to tell him. Any ideas.

What can I do next?

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You could tell him like I told my best friend. " you are never going to guess what happened,someone broke into the doctors office and killed my rabbit".
My friend just freaked out when I told her. My hubby and I had been trying for a year and a half to get pregnant.

Congrats on the new baby! I don't really have any ideas, but i just had to say I LOOOOOVE "grandma t's" response!!

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"Would you be a dear and run to the store for some pickles and ice cream?" Snap a picture of the look on his face. Print picture. Frame it. Place it on the wall above the new crib.

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Our second was a surprise, to say the least. I called him at work crying a freeaking out. Our first born was only 9 months old! I was so hysterical, he asked me if my mom died. I said, no I'm pregnant! And he said, cool :-)

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Don't tell him! Hide it till the end!! That would be hilarious!! OK, maybe not for everyone.


I got nothing.. hopefully someone on here will have a creative idea!

Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

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Sent him a pink and blue flower arrangement. He was in the field with his unit... He was at dinner, the foodservice crew brought it in for me, and after he ate, they asked him to help them with a special delivery... the arrangement... He called me from the field, excited, and very well teased... The men all congratulated me, when they came from the field. He ran up and kissed me, telling me that he was so happy! His friend had taken a picture of his face... He had the best doe eyes, and our daughter has the same ones...

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Hubby knew before I did. I had not noticed I had not had my "visit" yet we were super busy and I had just started a new job. It was the day before Thanksgiving and I looked at him and said I dont think Ive had my period yet, he said I know I bought you a test go take it. I did and I dont think 4 sec went by and it was positive. so you answer your ? hubby told me. lol

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CONGRATS!! My husband and I tried... once... and a month later, I woke up 3 hours before him (I left for work first and didn't see him in the morning), peed on a stick, was like OMG it's positive, but I didn't tell him.

All day he emailed me, asking if I was okay. That's not like him... I knew he didn't know because I took the test and box with me to work. I got home after he did, and first thing he said: 'YOU'RE PREGNANT, AREN'T YOU?!'... He just KNEW ;)

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number one was a frantic phone call about how that wasnt suppose to happen, and what should I do?
Number 2 I waited till he came home, made a huge meal, snuggled with him and number 1 and said, wouldnt it be great to add another... he said "not yet" and I said, too late!
Number 3, watching TV started bawling, said I dont know but I think I am pregnant. He laughed he thought I was crazy. He said go get a test to be sure, I say I have 4 days yet till my period. He laughed again and said then its not possible, I said OH yes it is, I FEEL pregnant. So he went to Walgreens and bought a early response test, I took it and it was BLARINGLY positive. I BAWLED for 2 days cause I found out a week before my 1 year old was going to turn 2. AHHH If number 4 ever happened I think the world will end. Thats why I am getting spayed in Jan. LOL

DARN IT I FORGOT MY IDEA: anyway I would wrap the pee stick in a zip lock and then wrap it in christmas paper, when he gets home give him an "early gift" say its not much but it will amount to something bigger later... be all sweet and kissy. When he opens it be like "OMG RIGHT like isnt it the COOOLEST way to go big guy" that kind of thing it might lessen the shock

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I made my husband a "newspaper" to read at work. It had stories of what we had done over the weekend, a "Dear Abby"-type column, hand-drawn "comic", etc...and the last page was a cryptoquip (you know, where each letter stands for a different letter and he had to try to figure out what the real message was.) It was something about having a positive pregnancy test. :) Now we can save it to remember all that was going on in our lives when we found out we were pregnant. :)

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