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How Did You Teach Your Baby to Feed Him/herself?

Isaac will be one year old soon and really likes to use his own spoon and try to feed himself. I don't know what age they should be learning how to self feed. I've tried to guide his hand to his mouth with the spoon and he's fine that way but when he is feeding himself, he just plays with the spoon and food. He never makes it to the mouth! I feed him of course and am in no hurry to stop but I don't want to stunt his independence... he would rather feed himself! I've settled on letting him eat his finger foods and I feed him the pureed fruits and veggies. How and what age did you start letting your child feed themself? TIA!

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Thank you for the reassurance! I'll keep letting him work on eating on his own while I make sure he gets food from me! Thank you!

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Every child is different. There is no specific age for a child to start feeding him/herself. Just keep doing exactly what you are doing now. He'll get the hang of it. Right now he's practicing his skills.

I did the same thing as you and my daughter did not start putting everything together until about 18 months. She is now 23 months and it still can be a messy task depending on what she is feeding herself. She will even sometimes just use her fingers still as it can be easier than the fork or spoon at times. I think you are right on track....as so many people have said every baby is different!

All children are different and there are no guidelines to follow. Your assistance will not hinder his independence and your patience will ensure that when he is ready, it will happen. I think you are doing a great job with the finger foods and as he is able to take more and more solid food, he will be more able to do the task on his own.......Enjoy these precious moments and all those yet to come.....

My son is almost 14 months now and is still working out the kins of spoon feeding himself. When I started introducing solids I gave him his own spoon to play with and when he was between 11 and 12 months was when he started trying to put the spoon in the bowl and take it to his mouth. It took a little bit of time (and a lot of mess) but he's doing great now. I would just keep the food where he can reach the spoon into it while you feed him. Once he's interested he'll let you know. Good luck!!!

My daughter is 19 months old & just in the last month can she actually scoop some food & get it all the way to her mouth. I did exactly what you are currently doing for several months (I'd feed my daughter the spoon fed foods & she handled the finger foods). Let him play with and hold the spoon as much as he wants to. Eventually, he'll put it all together. :-)

Hey B.,
It sounds to me your little guy is right on time with self feeding. It's important to make meals a social occasion. He needs to be eating with you. He'll watch you and Pop eat and try doing the spoon to mouth maneuver. Finger foods are good too. Between, mom's help with alternating spoonfuls, your demonstration of eating, and finger foods, he should do just fine. He'll make friends with food, enjoy family meal time with Mom and Pop (a very important habit to establish when they're very young), and reinforcement of successes.

Don't get too worried about the mess. It's part of learning. One survival trick for mom. When my son (now almost 32 years old) was learning, I spread an old vinyl shower curtain (or use a shower curtain liner-very cheat) under the high chair. After meal time, I'd take it to the back yard and spray it off with the hose.

Let us know how it goes for you and Isaac.


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