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How Can You Tell How Far Along You Are????

Okay so this is probably a question every new expectant mom wants to know when they find out they are pregnant but it is about to drive me crazy! Here is my delimma, I called the doc and they said they will not see you until you are at least 8 weeks so they can do a ultrasound on the first visit so with that I made an appt for Sept. 14....that's still 3 weeks away!!! My questioning comes when A) I haven't had a period since April (which isn't uncommom for me since i usually only get about 3 periods a year) so when it went off i did not think anything of it. B) I swear I can feel some moving going on down there not necessarily kicks but those fluttery type moves.... C)I started working out in June so if I got pregos at that time then I could be at least two months....see i am freaking with all of these "opportunities" :) LOL. Here are some of my symptoms so far, quesiness(sp), sore boobs for about 4 weeks now, burping out of this world, sore back, I can feel in my stomach where it's beginning to get harder, and then of course the moving I swear I feel not constantly but at least 4-5 times per day. Anyways, I want to know what all of your thoughts were on how far you think I could be or what I should do about this doctor thing, should I try and find a new doc??? Also, Can you get pregnant without having your period every month? Also, I have 5 1/2 year old twin boys now so the thought of being pregos with more twins is another concern of mine! Thanks for listening!!!

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Okay so I went to the doc on Friday. I am 11 weeks and there is only one baby in there....yeah. Thanks again for everyones advice and words of wisdom.

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Good luck, momma. Who's the doctor who won't see you for 8 weeks?
Have you taken an over the counter pregnancy test?
Blessings, and best wishes

Find a new dr tell them you feel movement and have irregular periods. You need an exam at the very least. There is a show on Discovery channel about women who didn't k ow they were preg and went into lobor. Crazy but true

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I would look for another dr that will treat you better. I've never heard of a dr saying come in after 8 weeks. It the drs. job to look at you and determine how far along you are, not you tell them. My dr. saw me as soon as i thought i was pregnant to do a confirmation test & make sure everything was going well. And i would think that with your history of twins that most dr would want to see you to check that out also.

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I remember with my last pregnancy (he's 3 years old now) that I called and said the home test was positive and I wanted to make an appointment. They started to say something like they don't make the first appointment until after your (X) week-- I forget if it was 6 or 8-- but I said I don't have a regular period and have NO IDEA how far along I am-- so they made me an appointment to see the doctor within that week and then scheduled an ultrasound shortly thereafter. Call the office back and if they won't give you an earlier appointment then you need to find a new doctor!

hi J.,
when i took the preg. test (2 of them) & it came up positive...i called my reg. doc & told them i wanted the blood wk done to see just how far along i was, it's very easy...they just order the te st, then you go to the lab & they take a little blood...i was called in about 4/5 days w/the results. it gave me the weeks...I was 7 weeks along. then i went to the obgyn. maybe try that. congrats....babies are tons of work & lots of fun! god bless...J. j

I haven't had my period since the end of March/early April, and I am 20 weeks pregnant! You're probably not that far along (most of the time the queasiness and sore boobs start in the first trimester), but you need to find out! I would go to another doctor!

If you do not have regular periods there is no way for you to tell how far along you are.If everything is normal, which it sounds like it is, there is no harm in waiting 3 weeks. Just eat right and do the right thing. If you are that nervous call the doctors office, tell them you dont know how far along you are and are too nervous to wait. Although from what you said, I think your fine to wait the 3 weeks.

umm, you can get a second oppinion like now! I've never heard of them not even seeing you because they wait to do 1st visit with an ultrasound. An OB or midwife can usually tell with an internal about how far along you are and then they schedule an ultrasound.... I'd find another Dr or midwife at least for the first visit and then you can always switch back later if you're comfortable but if you want to know now, make an apt. with another physician. just my oppinion. Also, if you are feeling movement you are at least 10 weeks along!! Heartbeat is audible at 8-10 weeks and I was getting flutters between 10-12 weeks with both. Congradulations!!!

Good luck, momma. Who's the doctor who won't see you for 8 weeks?
Have you taken an over the counter pregnancy test?
Blessings, and best wishes

J. , the best thing to do is be careful and wait for your appointment, However if you start to have any pain or abnormal bleeding you can always go to the emegency room where they will do an ultra sound after you have explained your delema.

J. , I wish you the best

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