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How Can I Tell If My 17 Month Old Has a Concussion?

My Little girl was trying to climb up the stairs and fell off the first step. She hit the right side of her head. I was not there when it happened, she was being watched.

What can I do next?

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i took her to the doctors and he examined her...she is fine. Fired babysitter!!!

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If you suspect your daughter might have a concussion, you should see a medical professional immediately. Only they can tell, and would know what to do about it, if she does have a concussion.

Hi Stacey: The best way to know is taking her to a doctor but generally you should look for general symptoms: loss of consciousness, blurry vision, headaches and throwing up after the fall. If you suspect a concussion please take her to a doctor. For minor falls, put ice on the bump for 5 minutes and keep her calm. Children are more relaxed in their movements and usually bounce back from a fall quickly. If you see changes in her typical behavior, see a doctor. M.

If you have any question, I would go to the doctor. You weren't there so you don't know if she cried instantly which is something that will tell the doctors if she does or not. Did she black out?

Sadly, as the news has shown us, you can't always trust the people you think you can. Not saying you can't trust the person you had watching her but out of fear for upsetting you even more, can you be sure you are being given an accurate account of what happened if you ask the caregiver? She/he might say she was crying just to make you feel better.

I would err on the side of caution vs. having something happen and wonder.

Check her pupils. If they are even (the same size) and reactive (they dialate when you shine light in them) then she should be fine. Just keep and eye on her and watch her while she sleeps.

Call your pediatrician. Even if the office isn't open, there should at least be a nurse on call who can help you.

You should take her to the hospital or the doctor - nobody can just tell. Good Luck

Hi S.-you don't say who was with your little girl when she was injured. The first thing you might want to do is assess the injury-next does it seem consistant with the explaination and finally -did the head injury need to be looked at by a doctor. If you have concerns regarding your childs saftey-look into another child care provider. Little about me-I am the mother of three-two adult children,one teenager and four grandchildren. I also work with children and families within my community-your note gives me the impression you are concerned! Go with your gut feeling. Take care.

If a child falls and hits its head you should check the pupils of their eyes, Take a flashlight and shine it into each eye and see if the pupils dialate. If one or both are fixed and not dialting it could mean a concussion.

I think dialated pupils and sleepiness? I am not certain, but go to web md to check. You'd be suprised how much of a lickin' kids can take when they fall. When my 5 yo was 2, he managed to climb up on Step Two jungle gym thingy and tell me he was going to "fly"....I tried to get there in time, but he fell, hit his head of course on the little patio area that the thing was on (was mostly on the grass). I rushed him to the ER bc his mouth and nose were bleeding. He was totally fine. Banged up, but fine. I wasn't so good, tho.......I had like 15 heart attacks, lolol!!

Take her to the pediatrician, she is young with not a hard skull to protect her brain. Also you never let a child go to sleep for an hour for it will tell you her condition if you not already on the way to the ER. if a child hits the head at a young age, take to the pediatrician, children react differently, but the quickest sign is vomiting. My son was horsing around with his brother falling and hitting his head after 1/2 hour he vomited, called the pediatrician told me to go to the Pediatric ER because convultions can start. Head trama can also cause blood clots to and in the brain since her scull is still soft and mangable. Pray all is well.

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