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How Can I Tell If I Miscarried?

I am in my sixth week. I just found out I was pregnant 3 days ago. I took 2 home tests and both were positive. The day i took the tests i also started spotting. I've had a few cramps here and there for the past two weeks, but nothing major. My breasts had been really, really sore for the last few weeks. Now all of a sudden tonight they aren't sore anymore. I called an ob/gyn to make an appointment and they won't even see me until July 27th. That is a month away. I've never been pregnant before, so I don't know what to do. I don't want to tell people yet if I'm not even sure if I'm pregnant. If I can get into the ob/gyn will they be able to tell at this point if I am pregnant or if I miscarried?

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Thank you for all the responses and advice. I went to see my OB/GYN last week and they ran blood tests on Wednesday and Friday to see if my hormone levels were increasing. The didn't increase enough so they did an ultrasound and found that either I had miscarried but my body hadn't gottten rid of it or that becuase of the size of my uterus that I had a molar pregnancy. I have a D & C for Friday. Please pray it goes as well as can be expected and that I would heal quickly (physically and emotionally).

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I am truly very sorry. I had a D & C because @ 10 weeks because the baby had stopped growing. You will heal physically very quickly as for emotionally I can tell you it is one of the hardest things to deal with. Take one day at a time and don't take offense when people say everything happens for a reason, they are only trying to help. If you need someone to talk to please fell free to email me and i will give you my number so that we can talk. ____@____.com

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M., dont worry spotting in the first trimester is not unusual. It happened to me also, I started spotting on the 6th week, But i went to the hospital, At that momment they found my baby and his hearth beat. YOu should go to the hospital or look for another doctor that would give you an appoinment soon. Every woman needs medical care as soon they know they are pregnant.

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I am truly very sorry. I had a D & C because @ 10 weeks because the baby had stopped growing. You will heal physically very quickly as for emotionally I can tell you it is one of the hardest things to deal with. Take one day at a time and don't take offense when people say everything happens for a reason, they are only trying to help. If you need someone to talk to please fell free to email me and i will give you my number so that we can talk. ____@____.com

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I'm saure you're a bit nervous right now so I agree w/the other comments....call the dr. again, tell them your symptoms & concerns & demand to be seen for your own piece of mind. They will be able to tell if you're pregnant or not, via an ultrasound. The nurse may tell you the spotting is common for some women but just tell her/him that it's your 1st pregnancy & you're nervous & want to be seen for your own piece of mind. Waiting until the end of July (probably your 1st pre-natal appt.) is too long. I also suggest you go to Babycenter.com & look up symptoms of a miscarriage. But, keep in mind, not everyone exhibits the same symptoms. I had a miscarriage back in Janauary. It started off w/slight spotting that I called the advice nurse about & 2 days later was very heavy. My husband & I ended up in the ER for a few hours to be certain. I never had ANY cramping or back pain, both of which are symptoms of a miscarriage. On the flip side & more positive, some women do spot a bit in the 1st trimester. I have a girlfrend & mom of 3 who spotted a bit thru all 3 of her pregnancies. Good luck!

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I am sorry, I'm sure you must be so confused. Since the home test was positive, a doctor can definitly tell for sure if you are pregnant or not. I would go to an urgent care or planned parenthood for definitive results. I know when I have experienced this the doctor asked if the bleeding was bright red. Also, spotting doesn't mean that you are defintly having problems, sometimes people have periods while pregnant, for a few months. I hope this helps. Also, I would wait a couple months to tell people other than your closest friends and your partner, when you are pregnant.

M., dont worry spotting in the first trimester is not unusual. It happened to me also, I started spotting on the 6th week, But i went to the hospital, At that momment they found my baby and his hearth beat. YOu should go to the hospital or look for another doctor that would give you an appoinment soon. Every woman needs medical care as soon they know they are pregnant.

First off, you need to get to the doctor..... that is TOTALLY LAME that they can't see you any sooner. I would complain.....
But, I had my period for the first 5 months I was pregnant and I didn't even know I was pregnant...... I smoked and drank still, for I didn't know I was carrying until the 5th month when I felt a huge not in my belly when I leaned against the counter on day. Needless to say, I quit then. Today my daughter will be 17 and is a straight A student.........
Everyone is different, so get to the doc's office.
Good luck and best wishes!!!!!!

Hi. I had a sixth-week miscarriage a couple years ago and all i can say is, you'll know. spotting and crampsa re very very common in healthy pregnancies. generally, there is a lot of bleeding with a miscarriage (liek a heavy period) with a lot of cramps and pain and other symptoims (depression, dizziness, fatigue) but in some cases the embryo could die and it would be a couple of weeks before you had these visible signs. the vanishing sore boobs are totally normal and happen to every pregnant woman.

i'd actually take another home test to be honest with you., if it's still positive, you'll feel reassured. if it's not, you'll know something has gone wrong. and if you suspect a miscarriage you should tell your doc this and see if they can make an earlier appt for you... in week six you can very often see a heartbeat and confirm things are going all right.

post back and let us know what heppens ok? miscarriages are very common unfortunately but so are healthy pregs with all the things you described. best of luck.

you need to see a doctor right away! July 27th is too long away. Is that your regular OB/GYN? You need to see what is going on with your body. Do you have a doctor that you see, or do you not have one? It's imperative you see a doctor. Did you tell that OB/GYN what is going on? I can't believe they wouldn't schedule you for an appointment until July 27th.
If not, maybe try going to an E/R? Take care!

it is never a good idea to publicize a pregnancy beyond your closest family until after the first trimester is over. Since you are in your mid-30's the chance of early miscarriage is not low. I never told anyone until I was showing so much that I couldn't hide it anymore. I gave birth at 35 and 37. I can't believe you can't get an appointment until a month from now!! That is pretty criminal if you ask me - did you tell them that you thought you were pregnant?? Good luck with this and future pregnancies.

Hi there.....

When I first found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks, I had been spotting for awhile (even long before I knew). At the time I didn't have insurance, so I called planned parenthood, and they told me to got to the e.r. I did just that. I told them the story, (I think i'm pregnant, took two tests that were positive, and am spotting) After that I basically sat around for 5 hours took some blood and urine tests, and waited. I was told because of the urine count number I was probably pregnant, and from then on I had my first ultrasound. That confirmed my pregnancy. But they weren't able to tell me what was wrong, they just told me to make an appt. with a doctor which I did. I went in, had an ultrasound with them, and she confirmed that I had a tear in my placenta (there was a name for it, but I don't remember.)I had to do a colposcopy (which is basically a more in-depth pap-smear) and they said I was fine, and that my pregnancy should continue on great. It did! I never had any problems after that, and everything was wonderful. I know it's a little nerve-wracking to be spotting while you're pregnant, but i've heard it's a little more normal than most think. You should definitely go see your doctor. Call them up and tell them the situation, and i'm sure they'll be able to squeeze you in. And if they don't I would switch doctors. BTW, what city do you live in? I have a great referral. Let us know how things go. And good luck! You're in for the ride of your life!

Don't worry, I spotted and cramped pretty bad during the first trimester with both of my preganacies and everything turned out fine. It's just your body adjusting to that little baby growing in your uterus. Congratulations and good luck! S.

I went through a miscarriage last month in may, i was 8 1/2 weeks and i knew there was something wrong, my breasts were not as swollen anymore and my belly felt different, and i was spotting. But that was my fourth pregnancy. When i called my doctors office they gave me an appointment the very next day. The babys heart beat had stopped at 6 1/2 weeks. But, i want to tell you that it is not unusual to bleed in your first trimester. Its common. If you are seeing brownish blood, then that is old blood that is coming out, but if it is red i would go to the emergency room right away. Also, cramps are very normal, this is when the baby starts to set in your uteris. If i were you, i would also see another doctor, they should have had you come in right away, when they checked me out, they did not look for a heart beat, they performed, a vaginal ultrasound. Good Luck,

After I FINALLY got pregnant with my son, I worried about every cramp and every drop of blood. My sister, a Labor & Delivery nurse and mother of 4, finally gave me some advice that calmed me down.

1: If the blood is brownish, it is old and your body is probably just sloughing something off. If it's bright red, it's new blood and could very likely be a miscarriage.
2: Even very early on in the pregnancy, if you were to miscarry, you would feel a clump coming out, unlike just urinating or menstral bleeding.
3: Your body is producing all kinds of hormones and everything is in overdrive. Pains will very likely come and go (cramps, tender breasts, etc.)

I'm no doctor, but these tips kept my mind a little at ease until I did get in to see my OB/GYN.

Hi M.,
First, definitely call again your doctor and insist on being seen as soon is possible. They will test your urine and will have the result in a few hours. Tell them that you need to know the result so that you could adjust your lifestyle accordig to the outcome of the test. You shouldn 't be smoking or drinking alcohol during your prgnancy, so you really need to know. The other aspect is that you are in your thirties, which means you are at a higher rate of possible complications, and don't want to take any chances with that.

Take care,

call and be

My very first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. I had light cramping for a couple of weeks and one night I started spotting and the next night I was bleeding and cramping and it was super intense. I was 7 weeks along at that point. In the middle of all of this, I did a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I'm not telling you this to scare you, but to give you hope. Spotting is normal in pregnancy. As long as you are not bleeding, it should be alright. Also, with my second pregnancy, I had light cramping the entire time and ended up with a healthy baby. These could just be normal pregnancy symptoms for you. Breast tenderness may come and go, it didn't stay the whole pregnancy for me. If you were going to loose the baby, it is so early on that there is nothing the doctor can do. They don't like to see you until you are 8 - 10 weeks along because that is when they can detect the heart beat. The first visit they usually just do a pap smear and send you off for blood work to measure your HCG levels. If you are having such concerns, try calling your doctor's office and ask them if they can do blood work. As long as your HCG levels keep rising, the baby is growing. Try not to worry too much and congratulations!

You should go to the ER. They will be able to tell you what's going on. You should not have to wait a full month to know if you are pregnant or if you've miscarried. I had a miscarriage last year, and I didn't even know about it until I went in for my first doctor's appointment (at 10 weeks). I had been experiencing some spotting around 6 weeks, but everyone told me that was normal. I still felt pregnant, though. So, when I went in at 10 weeks I was very surprised to find out that I had miscarried. I thought it was supposed to be a lot of blood and cramping, but I guess it doesn't have to be. So, please get yourself checked out. If you have miscarried you will probably need a procedure called a D&C. It's important to get that done as soon as possible. Of course, your baby could be just fine (and it hopefully is!!!), but it's better to be on the safe side. Good luck, and keep us posted.

I didn't read everyones responses but I would say call your primary care physician (PCP) and talk to them first. They should be able to get you in to do both a unrine and blood tests. Spotting is actually normal at the begining of a pregnancy. As long as it looks like OLD blood, your risk is not as high. Also, take another home test and see if it still reads positive. If it is now negative, that's bad news. Either way, get an appointment, for your own peace of mind.

Hope it's good news, ~J.

BTW~ even if you did MC, unfortunately, there's nothing that they could do/have done to stop it. I lost my son's twin at 10.5 weeks. :O(

Hi- If I were you I would go to urgent care. They should do a blood test for you.

Hi M.,
I believe the doctors have you wait so they can hear the heartbeat on the monitor. If I remember correctly, you have to be 11 weeks for that to happen.

I miscarried at 6 weeks and I felt it. It was work to get everything out, which appeared to be a bad period with a lot of cramps. I have a very high threshold for pain, however this was painful and had me in tears. On the flip side of that, I have read somewhere and don't remember where that woman can be pregnant and miscarry and not know it if they do not keep track of their cycles (that's me). Because I don't know where I read it I would take that bit of information too serious. I would be more concerned with taking care of pregnancy, since so far you have tested positive.


If you can't get into the doctor, go to a clinic (planned parenthood) and tell them you need to take a pregnancy test. They will do it for you.

Remembering when I did miscarry and I went to the ER, they did a urine test ultra sound of the uterus testing for the hormones.

If the spotting was just a little bit of loose blood (no clots), I wouldn't worry, but go test again.

Best of luck to you.

It's not that uncommon to spot a little bit, but you need to get into a doctor. And get a new ob/gyn!!! I have NEVER heard of an ob/gyn making you wait a month to get an appointment when you are worried that something might be wrong. To me this is a huge warning sign about you doctor. I would call again and tell them that you need to get in right away or ask them to refer you to another doctor that will be able to see asap. You don't have to sit around a full month and worry, that is totally unacceptable, and your doctor should know that! Good luck!

a miscarrage is very obvious when it happens. a little spotting is normal sometimes and not something to stress to much on. when a miscarrage happens, there is a lot of bleeding. more than your heaviest period. you would pass a lot of "matter" and there is very intense cramping. if your really do feel that you are having a miscarrage, you need to go to the e.r. good luck!!!


I had 4 miscarriages before I tried for the last time and had my beautiful boy. Around 6 to 8 weeks, each time, I would start spotting...brownish? It's not a good sign I'm sorry to say, but nature is taking care of you. Sometimes the"mix" just isn't right, and it's better this way. The first time I got pregnant, I told EVERYONE. by the 4th...I told no one. What I found out was a very simple thing. I had very little progesterone in my system because I was thin, and I worked out alot. Progesterone creates the lining inside the uterus, so the fetus can attach. If the lining is weak, it can's hold anything, and will fall apart. I started taking progesterone pills, and had the easiest pregnancy. Not one problem. You might consider getting another OB...someone that would see you RIGHT AWAY. You have time. I will tell you that. I got pregnant for the 5th time at 42 and had my baby at 43. If you were going to miscarry, this would be the time. Even if you miscarried, the pregnancy test would be positive because of the hormones. But the fact that your doctor can't see you for a month isn't very caring. Pamela Boyer at UCLA is a high risk OB. You have to be pregnant to see her, but she is wonderful. Good luck.


I remember reading that when the fertilized egg implants in the wall of your uterus it can cause cramps and spotting so everything sounds normal to me.

Miscarriage would be a full-on period as your uterus is expelling its contents. If you haven't experienced a regular to heavy period then I think you're going to be just fine. A few spots and cramps here and there is the egg burrowing into its new home.

As the placenta grows it inches along the uterus wall sending vein-y tendrils into your flesh. The results of that are probably what you are experiencing now but good prenatal care is essential so you should go to the doctor regularly even if you feel fine.

I am pretty sure you are pregnant. The home pregnancy tests are very accurate. Many times when the pregnancy is very early on you may spot and there may be some cramps, and this is usually due to the egg attaching to the uterus. Hopefully you won't spot anymore and your cramps will subsize. Take your prenatal vitamins if you have some and folic acid, which helps with your pregnancy (orange juice has folic acid too). If you definately don't feel well and your cramps increase and bleeding too, then don't hesitate and walk into the hospital. Good luck.

I don't mean to scare you but you should call your doctor back and tell them exactlly what is going on. they need to get you in sooner then july.
I have miscarried two times before and it does sound like you have the beging symptoms. What you should look for is any thick substance or clots If you pass any thing of that sort you probably have miscarried.
But every woman is differant and you could be okay also.
I know someone who had her peroid her entire pregnancy so dont freak out. But dont let it go.
Good luck and I wish you the Best

Hey M.,
My name is S.. Unfortunatly I have had two miscarriages but I also have one healthy toddler and another one on the way (due in Nov.) My best advice would be - yes, it definatly sounds like your pregnant, however you do want to keep a close eye on the spotting. A little spotting with a pregnancy can be normal but alot is not good. If the OBGYN wont see you until the end of July ...Do you have a general practioner Dr. that would see you? They will probrably want to do an ultrasound to make sure everything is o.k. I hope and pray that everything is fine. Try not to worry but if you need to talk please feel free to write me. :)

Did you tell the Ob/Gyn that you thought you may have miscarried or that you have had cramps for two weeks and were spotting? If so, and they wanted to wait until july 27th, I would say find another Doctor! Or call them call back,let them know you are concerned that you may have miscarried. They should bring you in right away. Please try to call again. Have you tried another home test? There is no way on god's green earth that I would wait a whole month to find out. I will say a prayer, weather your religous or not, it couldn't hurt. God Bless & I sincerely hope everything for you is fine......

Dear M.,

I really don't know the answer, but I can tell you that this is one of the hardest parts of life. I went through exactly the same thing. It is so terrifying to wait, but that is what you have to do. In the Spanish language the verb for to wait and to hope is the same one. So, just waiting is also hoping and praying that all will be well for your family and for the baby.

I would say, if you can keep it from being known too much, it will be easier on you. You don't have to explain over and over. Also, sadly, people tend to blame the mother, I don't know why. Just the way that human beings are they have to blame someone or something. So be prepared.

For one thing have you had a heavy flow period just recently? That may be a sign that things are not good, but then, again, maybe not.

If you can, just rest as much as possible. Feet up.

Try to be calm, God is with you, and he will never leave you. C. N.

Hey M.,
Well, I've only been pregnant once and have a beautiful baby girl... but I had the same questions as you. I had spotting, even in month 4 or 5 and I had cramping. Sometimes my cramping got really painful - like really bad period cramping. And my boobs were really sore, but some of my friends boobs were not. So it really varies. The only time I would worry is if there is a lot of blood or severe cramping. Otherwise you're probably fine. And if you're spotting over the next couple of months, esp brownish blood that is normal because your body is just getting rid of blood that would be from your period. A pad full of bright blood is most likely the only thing you need to worry about.

Let me know if there is anything more that you need to talk about.



They will be able to tell if you can get in. If you have good insurance you can also go to an ER, they will do the blood tests. Another option may be to just have your OBGYN fax a blood test to the lab so you can go have the blood levels checked, that will tell her where you are right now. Best of luck!

I'm sure they will be able to tell you if you have or not. I would say that you could try going to a free clinic and maybe they will be able to tell you something. I hope everything is okay.

Hi M.!

Are you still spotting?
I had a similar situation. My recommendation to you is to go to Urgent Care. Preferably one that is a full service urgent care. They can go ahead and order blood tests to check your hormone level and maybe do an ultra sound. My doctor had me do another blood test a week or so after the hospital did one to make sure my hormone level was rising. Good Luck!

If I were you I would try to get in somewhere, one of the clinics, planned parenthood, pregnancy crisis center maybe. They should be able to tell. Many years ago when I was about 5-6 weeks along I had a misscarriage I didn't even know I was pregnant but I was having doubled over in pain type pain and went in they could tell that I was misscarrying.I'm sure they could tell what is going on. Also it is common to have spotting during the first trimaester I did with my second pregnancy and the baby was fine although it freaked me out.good luck hun, I wish you the best

Well I have been through on full term pregnancy and now my daughter is 2. When I first found out I was pregnant I didn't have any kind of soreness in my breasts till I was about 7 months along and I spotted for 3 days. The real question is was is red like fresh blood or was it brownish red. The reason I ask this is because mild spotting of fresh blood just could be from what they call inplantation bleeding and the old blood is just the body ridding of the blood from your previous period. The mild cramping is very normal due to the egg implanting and the uterus getting into position for the next 9 months. If you are feeling well and are still having doubts about whether or not you miscarried go to the E.R and they will do an ultrasound on you to see if they can find the baby. You can also ask for a blood pregnancy test and they will tell if you are pregnant or not. The reason why I know all of this is because I miscarried my second child back in Feb of this year. I started bleeding really heavy with a lot of cramping, so basically you would know if you miscarried or not also you would have passed a huge blood clot as well. I personally think that you and the baby are fine and that you are having just a text book pregnancy but like I said if you still have concerns then go to the E.R. and they will do a full work up on you and you won't have to wait till the end of July. Also I never had morning sickness with my daughter so you may also be one of the lucky ones that skips past all of that so I wish you luck and be positive, you can write me back if you have any other questions.

Hey how are you doing? Hopefully alright... Call your OBGYN back in the morning and let her know ths situation. let her know that you are spotting and let her know that the situation is an emergency in your case. See if they do walk ins if not push until they can see you sooner speak to the doctor the nurse only goes by the set schedual and if she cant see you see if someone else in the practice can. I dont want to alarm in in any way. A lil about myself. My first pregnancy was way weird... I didnt know until i was 3 months pregnant.. I had spotted and my boobs hurt but i knew nothing of it never even thought to take an at home pregnancy test... talk to your close friends that have kids and see what another moms point of view is and what she says. Well good luck and bunches of love form here in San Diego.


Try to stay off your feet and don't use tampons or have intercorse,unfortunatly that is really all you can do. You will either continue with the pregnancy or you won't I know that sounds so unkind, but thats why the doctor is not jumping to get you in the office there just is not anything you can do. If you have a vaginal exam you could compromise the fetus. As hard as it is try to relax,"that is something you can do". All this being said,I have actually had full blown periods with one of my pregnancys, she is 4.6 yrs, the other three I also had spotting until about the third month. I have also experienced a miscarriage (incomplete so I had a D&C) it stunk but the truth was it was only a few weeks into the pregnancy and at that point it was so new it did not affect me the way it does when you are further along. I will pray god gives you strength to handle whatever your future holds. Take care and try to relax.

I hope to GOD to have blue cross. If you do, call my OB. She is in Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach. BH office is ###-###-#### and MB office is ###-###-####. Tell them that you tested pregnant but now might be miscarrying. It is unreal that a doctor would not see you. If you don't have insurance, then go to an ER. The spotting can be totally mornal (I spotted all through my first pregnancy). The cramping at the beginning is also normal and can be from implantation into the uterus. If you go see a doctor, they can do an internal ultrasound and see the yolk sac and baby to see if it is ok. I will keep good thoughts for you. Get pushy. Find a doctor who will see you. Think of it this way -- if this doctor won't squeeze you in and you mgiht be miscarrying, is this who you want? My doctor's name is Naomi Suriel, but her partners are also great (I have met with Dr. Wilson in BH and Dr. Sumen in BH/MB). All the docs are women. The nurses also might be able to talk to you. They are awesome. Bottom line, get some help!

Maybe you should call back and tell them that you may be miscarrying. This is kind of an emergency. Don't take no for an answer and I would try to stay off your feet and drink lots of water. YOu need to be seen today or tomorrow. Go to the ER if they won't help at your dr's office.

If you are really worried about it go to the ER. Sometimes those symptoms of soreness go away after the first couple weeks and come back at the end. There could be so many reasons... When you called to make the apt did you tell them that you were having concerns? They should have either addressed those concerns and calmed your worries, had to come in right away, or told you to go to the ER. I think that if they dismissed them I would look into finding a new doc. My OB as soon as I told her that I hadn't felt my daughter moving that day (I was 8 months) had me come in, did an ultra sounds and sent me to the hospital for more test. Put me on bed rest for 2 days and had me come back. Pregnancy is a swerious thing... physically and emotionally... I wouldn't take it lightly and let someone dismiss your worries. If you are concerned, do what you feels right. Good luck and I hope that everything is okay.

If you did 2 test and they were both positive I would say you are pregnant. If you don't want to wait you can go to the urgent care or hospital. Spotting and cramps can be normal or a sign of something else it's hard to say in the beginning. Sometimes you can spot when the baby is attaching its self to the uterus. I spotted with both of mine. Doctors making you wait a month is crazy. They seem to think what's the rush you've got nine months. Even though we are all stressed out waiting to know it's ok.

When you called the OB to make an apt. did you tell them you had been spotting and had some cramping? If you didn't you should do so and see if they can take you in, if not i would make a trip to the ER. The ER will take blood to check your HCG levels and do an ultrasound. It is possible to have spotting, if you are 6 weeks now and the spotting was 2 weeks ago then it could have been implantation bleeding. Sometimes the stretching of your uterus when it starts to grow can feel like cramping.

Every pregnancy is different, with my first i had no symptoms except the missed period and i carried 41weeks and didn't feel a contraction until 30 minutes before pushing. My recent pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 13weeks. If your worried about telling people then wait to give the news. With my last i told everyone right when i found out at about 6 weeks because i had no problems the first time around and didn't expect things to go the way they did. With the next i will probably wait until 15-20 weeks to give the news.

I spotted with all 4 of my kids! But if it turns bright red you need to see a Dr. immediately. Cramping is part of your ligaments and abs streching. I wouldn't worry yet but if your OB won't see you soon just to put your mind at ease for a whole month maybe you should consider a new OB!? Relax and take it easy, worrying isn't good for you or your baby. It's hard when you can't see what's going on inside you for yourself! Good Luck!

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