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How Can I Make Valentine's Day Special for My Husband

Hello all! I have a delimma this year with Valentine's Day. My husband and I have been together for 6 years and we have never really done anything for each other for Valentines Day. This year I want to change all of that. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to make this Valentine's Day special for us? Thanks for your help!

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I recommend the husband project.


It is fun, cute and helps spice things up.

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Send the twins to Grandma's and meet him at the door wrapped in saran wrap! LOL Either that... or just make him a nice dinner and have a sweet card at his spot that you made from scratch. Have fun!

I'm with Diane.
Yes, the sex is going on already, but probably at a much diminished rate, with a pair of 5 yr olds in the house.... am I right? Send the kiddos to grandma's (it is on a Saturday this year, right?) and do things your husband will love. New lingerie. Sex. Some kind of manly food. Most men aren't that into salads and champagne... but a big juicy burger and an ice-cold beer are right up their alley...
Go do something physical with him (that doesn't involve sex)... not a womanly walk on the beach.. but a bike ride on a bike trail! My man likes a good workout... can't stand the idle stuff. But he will, on occasion, pen song lyrics for me... :)

Make him a special dinner, then feed it to him. Make it even more fun by either blindfolding him, or being naked! I love the idea of ordering pizza, then eating by candlelight, maybe put Coke in champagne glasses. Make brownies and cut them out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter for dessert. I think if you do anything 'special' related to food or sex, you're good!


You can be as extravagant or as simple as you want.

You can give him a gift card to his favorite store and take him shopping there. Then, go for Starbucks afterwards.

You can book a nice hotel for one night that is within driving distance and a nice restaurant nearby. Then, surprise him by having everything ready to go when he arrives home from work. Order chocolate covered strawberries for the room ahead of time and plan to give him a full body massage when you arrive in your room. After dinner, take him to the hot tub and then go back to the room and relax together and enjoy each other. In the morning, take him to breakfast and let him choose from 3 different activities that you have already researched. Take him home and thank him for being such a wonderful husband!

You could get a sitter for the night and plan a candlelit, music filled, dinner at home with his favorite foods and his favorite movie. Make sure to be creative and feed his dessert to him...

There are so many options, depending on your budget.
Take Care,
Wife of a wonderful Man of Integrity
Mother of 4 terrific Children
Child of The Most Awesome God

PS. I do agree that as long as sex is involved, he will be happy, but although some men are basic about it, there are many men that enjoy fine things in the mix every now and then. Afterall, the raw sex should be going on already anyway.

me & my husband have a'tradition' of making each other home-made cards (so the holiday isn't all 'Hallmark' and 'fake')
it's fun and let's us be creative- neither one of us (especially him, LOL!) is very 'artistic', but it's fun to see what he comes up with! he surprises me every year by what he comes up with!!! (me, I do more 'traditional' kid type ones with lace doilies and foil & glitter- his are made fro wheat he finds around the house and aren't always red or pink LOL!)

Taking your husband out for a special romantic dinner on Valentine's day ;)

I know I will not be looked upon favorably for this response and I mean no disrespect, nor do I mean to insult anyone. I see these posts all the time and the responses are always the same "Take him out for a romantic dinner, a picnic, a special day" HE IS A MAN. You ask any man to answer honestly what they want from their woman for Valentines, their anniversary, for whatever and the honest answer will be SEX. They dont want romance and the beach, they want to know you want them in a sexual way and they want to feel like if you had a choice between anything and their manly genitals you would choose their genitals. why do you think men love strip clubs. Its all about them and their desires. Men do not desire romantic walks on the beach and candlelight dinners. They do those things in hopes that they will have sex. Get rid of the kids for a night, remember what it was like right before you got married and have lots of sex. He will know you think he is the "best man" in the world. Sorry girls. Ask any and all men in your lives, brothers, brother in laws, co-workers, friends and ask them to answer HONESTLY- Candle lit dinner or oral sex in the morning? 99% will say oral sex in the AM, the other 1% are in the closet.

wrap your self in red or pink reynold wrap.....and let your husband unwrap you

One year my husband got a baby sitter for the kids and when
I got home he told me to pack a small bag. He got us a room
in Key West and we stayed for 2 days. It was so nice just the two of us with no kids. We went out to the local clubs,
went to dinner. Nothing real exspensive but I still remember it after 24 years of being together. It was special.If you dont want to go all the way to the keys get a
place on the beach at the board walk.

I recommend the husband project.


It is fun, cute and helps spice things up.

It seems that your schedule may not allow you much private time. I would suggest some quiet time to let him know how much you love and appreciate him. Get a baby sitter for the night and go to the beach with a picnic basket and talk about your dreams. Do not bring up any 'to do' stuff but dream. It is in those quiet moments that we forge our lives.

Hi J.,

Well.. I would suggest perhaps fixing a dinner of things he especially likes, (or going out to dinner someplace that the both of you like, and would be a special treat for the both of you.); finding, or making a Valentine's Card that says just the right thing that you feel for him. The perfect Valentine's gift also depends on the recipient's likes and dislikes.. their taste in whatever it is they are receiving.

The last Valentine's Day I had with my late husband just days before his passing, I had given him a lil pink (cant remember now if it was a bear, or a monkey type stuffy thing about 2 or 3 inches tall) it had a huge heart on its chest, and a white halo atop its head. When the heart on it's chest was squeezed, the halo would light up, and it would say "What a blessing you are!"

I believe (but couldnt swear to it)that I had purchased it at Walmart back then(8 yrs ago). I would like to find another one to give to the man I'm currently dating, but havent yet found one anywhere. (I must say here, that I've only searched Walmart online, and havent yet looked IN the store, so I really have no clue if this item is even carried there anymore.)

Whatever you choose to do, Im sure he'll love it, since it'll be coming from your heart, J..

Please let us know what you decide on, and how it was received by him. =)

T. B.

Hi, J.. Well, it sounds like you're both VERY busy. I would suggest getting someone to watch the kids and give you and your hubby a day alone together at a hotel or something like that. At least take a day trip. If you do get a whole day to yourselves, along with some privacy, lingere can be a very special way to say, "Happy Valentines Day!" LOL It can say, "No matter how busy I am, I still love you and want you."

Even if you can't get away, the lingere works well ( ;


Get a baby sitter and go on a picnic;
send him a single red rose at work;
take a nice hot shower so you are relaxed and feeling frisky; let him do the same while you make an easy but yummy dinner (a big salad and piece of his/your favorite meat or veggie recipe); champagne or wine;
And put a note in his pocket before he goes to work...and tell him to open it at noon...You can write any loving thought...

My advice is whatever you do, try not to do anything TOO big because it will be hard to top it and every year you'll try to do something bigger and better and one or both of you may end up disappointed if the expectations are higher than the follow through. Instead, start a small tradition that's easy to stick to. Decide if you want it to be just for you and him or if you want to include the kids. You can make a special dinner at home (sounds silly, but I've made meatloaf and used heart shaped cookie cutters!) or start a simple tradition of something inexpensive but romantic that you wouldn't do any ol' day, like a picnic in the park.

I would suggest of thinking of everything he likes, and pouring it all into one night (if possible). One year, I got my husband's favorite food (pizza, go figure), sat at the table in a rob (with a sexy outfit under it), lit some candles and ate our pizza. Then I blind folded him, and had a bubble bath ready with rose petals in it. Then had some candles lit in the bedroom with rose petals on the bed.Then we ate some cherry pie(his favorite). He loved it all!

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