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How Can I Keep My 2 Year Old Out of My 1 Year Olds Crib?

Ok, my daughters turned 1 and 2 in September, as soon as that happened my 2 year old started climbing out of her crib accross the dresser and into my 1 year olds crib so I got the idea to get her a toddler bed and made sure she was now the BIG GIRL. Problem solved...NOT. Than she started climbing from her big girl bed, accross the dresser and into my little one's crib. So I rearranged their bed room with their beds on seperate walls and nothing to climb on by the crib. Now she just climbs up the side of the crib and flips herself over the rail (way not safe for either of them). I am running out of ideas and am tiard of getting up 10 times during the night to get her out. PLEASE HELP!

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Why, not get a full size bed and let them sleep in the same bed together. They make rails for a full size bed, and you oldest daughter acts like she wants to sleep with her sister.

My two boys share the same bed, and we haven't had any problems with this arrangement.

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I am laughing out loud. I do love the stick-to-it attitude of your 2 yr old. Just think of what she can accomplish in life with this attitude! It reminds me of my cousin's twins. They were excellent climbers and what one couldn't get, the other would hold the stool for the first to climb. It is all hilarious when your not the one having to deal with it!

I think I would give up the fight and see if they can sleep together in a twin bed with rails - and be ready for some fun adventures with these two!

does it disturb your one year old's sleep too much? since your baby is over a year, you might just move them both into a real bed together. my five year old son and three year old daughter comfortably share a twin bed about half the time. they also have their own beds to go to if they prefer. sleeping together is great for their bonding and helps mine sleep through the night.(and get along better during the next day!) though a double or queen would be better for us if we had the space.

you need to show your 2 year old they she is a big girl and give her big girl responsibility so that she doesn't have to feel that she's still the baby and has to be with the 1 yr old. The toddler bed was a great move but make it more ceremonial for her, let her know she has graduate to big girl status and that only big girls sleep in big girl beds. Show her how her 1 yr old sister has to wait to get to big girls status.....give her little things around the house to as a big girl, talk with her more, let her instruct her younger sibling on how to be a big girl...make sure she takes naps in her bed, not in your bed and let her know that the crib is a big no no....younger children have no sense of danger and only learn from what we teach them to what's danger (no-no)...trust me if u stay on her it will work..I must introduce you to patience b/c she will be come your new best friend when it comes to bedtime...good luck and i hope you won't have to be patient for too long.

Your two yr. old sounds like quite the climber! Funny but frustrating I bet. Try getting her a new life size baby doll and tell her she needs to stay in her own bed and sleep with it to take care of. You take care of the 1 yr. old and now she'll have her own "baby" to care for. Our little girl loved caring for the baby and it would scare me sometimes too. A baby doll with bottle, paci, (no wetting dolls!) helped us solve the problem for her. She just wanted to copy what I was doing and play like a mommy too. Good luck!!

why do they have to be in seperate beds? She just wants and needs the security. This can also be a development thing. My sisters and I have all shared a bed with each other at some point in our lives. Let them stay in the same crib, it won't hurt anything. Or put them in a twin together. good luck

buy a crib tent. it's made out of netting. take the 2 yr old to the store with you and get her all excited that she's big enough for a crib tent! what fun! she can even help zip it. but won't be able to unzip. i used it very sucessfully on my 2 year old. or you could put the tent on the baby. i like it for the 2 yr old b/c you don't have to worry about her getting out, it's all in the sale. make it fun.

Get another toddler bed, your 1 yr. old really is old enough to be in one if you wanted. Child Care Centers put babies 10 months old into toddler type cots/beds. If you are concerned about the baby falling out get a set of the rails that are web net that slide under the mattress that way she can only climb out around the rails. My 12 month old is already in a toddler bed and the 23 month old is also. They are in the same room at night and I have no problems. Occassionally the 23 month old climbs into bed with the 12 month old but I don't think it matters. If you don't want to purchase another toddler bed just put the baby bed mattress on the floor. You can put it in the corner against the walls and put the baby closer to the walls to sleep.

My older sister and I were born 22 months apart. We shared the same bedroom and slept together until our parents built a new house when were in middle school. We made it fine. There were no big bad psychological effects. My sister was my best friend.

Why, not get a full size bed and let them sleep in the same bed together. They make rails for a full size bed, and you oldest daughter acts like she wants to sleep with her sister.

My two boys share the same bed, and we haven't had any problems with this arrangement.

Okay I have not had this specific issue myself but One Step Ahead sells a product which is designed to keep kids from climbing out of the crib as well as keep cats and kids from climbing into the crib. It is sturdy netting, similar looking to a tent, that attaches to the top of the crib. Good Luck.

Hmmm Any chance of putting the crib in your bedroom (or another room) temporarily?

Or, don't they make some sort of netting that you can put over a crib? I think it's meant to keep the infant inside the crib, but maybe it would keep the 2 year old out???


You may need to invest in a crib tent. It prevents lil ones from climbing out and hurting themselves. Hopefully, this will work....but I am concerned that the tent would draw even more curiosity from the bigger child. A tent will not hold your bigger child and prevent them from climbing in.

Are they too little to put them in a full sized bed together? Just a thought.

If you'd rather not try getting a new bed or moving your younger daughter -- if it's very important to you that your girls sleep separately -- is your two-year-old daughter old enough/does she have enough of a grasp on language for you to explain to her why it's dangerous for her to sleep with her little sister? Also, whether she's at that stage or not, are the consequences you've set for when she does this significant enough (to her) and are you following them consistently? You probably are, but if not, it might be another place to start.

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