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How Can I Give My 2 Year Old a Haircut?

Im a pretty good hairdresser and have cut my husbands hair and my brothers hair numerous times. My 2 year old sons hair is getting out of control long. Its so bad that more people refer to him as a girl rather than a boy and when i correct them, they tell me its because of his long hair. Ive tried to cut in numerous times but he wont have anything of it. He struggles, fights, kicks, screams. He runs and throws a fit. Ive also tried a professional hair dresser, and no luck there either. Any advice?

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I would leave the water on and let my son play in the sink. A hairdresser I know has her grandson sit in someone's lap and lets him eat m&ms out of a bowl while she gives him a cut.

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My MIL cuts my 2.5 year old's hair. She will either let him sit outside watching the cars or something or inside watching TV. Seems to occupy him long enough for her to cut his hair.

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Can you cut your husband's hair while he watches? That is what I had to do. My husband acted like it was the most fun ever and I didn't have a bit of trouble with him again.

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My son was good for his first few haircuts... but then when he was around 2, he decided he was having none of it ever again. I know exactly what you mean about the struggle. We tried all the bribes you can imagine-- he simply didn't care.. he didn't want to sit still and have his hair cut. He wasn't afraid of the clippers or the noise, or plain scissors or anything. He just WAS. NOT. PARTICIPATING.

I let it go for awhile. Then we found a REALLY amazing guy, who started cutting my husband's hair. We took our son to watch a few times... then he (the stylist) asked if he wanted to sit in his chair? He put a big cushion (made for the chair) there so he could sit completely unassisted, wrapped that tissue around his neck, then added the cape. He let my son hold the clippers while it was on. He talked to him like a little man (not a kid). He asked him how he liked his hair styled. He was totally focused on what my SON wanted. Me and hubby didn't exist.

He gave him the most perfect hair cut. He even combed it nicely and then asked my son if he wanted him to put some "girl getter" on him... you know, some "smell good" stuff. ? Ooohhhh... he liked that!

He didn't mind getting his hair cut so much after that for awhile. But then, when he got a little older (like about 4 yrs old) he explained to us that he HATED the feeling of the little hairs that fell onto his neck and down into his shirt. He is 12 now, and he STILL gets REALLY SUPER agitated by that feeling. He will wear extra shirts, and has learned to ask them to wet his hair first (the hairs go down his collar less when it is damp first). If they just put on a cape and not the tissue around his neck, it is worse too.

I used to pooh-pooh his complaints about the hairs (he even comes straight home and takes a shower and changes his clothes, and will occasionally ask me to re-wash a shirt that he can still feel hairs in!), but one day I got some in MY shirt (can't remember... I think I had a shirt on the floor in my bathroom when I was using clippers on him, then put it on real quick to go outside and do something in the yard).. anyway... it was THE MOST ANNOYING thing. And actually a little painful. Those short hairs are sharp!

Have you tried asking him what part of getting it cut he doesn't like? Maybe there is something specific that could be bothering him, like the hairs thing with my son. Or maybe you could try clipping the back with scissors when he is in the bathtub...

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Do it while he's asleep. Cut one side and the top, then turn his head and do the other side and back. Be very gentle, and he won't wake up. Works like a charm.

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I would leave the water on and let my son play in the sink. A hairdresser I know has her grandson sit in someone's lap and lets him eat m&ms out of a bowl while she gives him a cut.

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I put my 2.5 y/o up on the bar stools in the kitchen, put in a favorite video, give him a sucker and away we go!

My son's hair grows really fast, so I've had to cut his hair every other month since he was born. I used scissors until he was about a year old and got too wiggly, it made me nervous. Then my mom asked me to let her try with her Wahl electric trimmer. I figured he would be scared and she would be sorry she offered, but when I went to pick him up, he had a perfect trim! Turns out she cut my dad's hair with it first, and my son got to sit in his lap. Then she let him hold the trimmer and "help" cut grandpa's hair, which he just loved! So when it was his turn he was very excited to get his hair cut just like grandpa, and sat perfectly still like a little angel.

I went out and got a Wahl trimmer right away, and he let me cut his hair with it without too much trouble. He just turned 3 and so far it's still working for us. Occasionally he tells me he doesn't want his hair cut because he likes it long. Luckily the Wahl has 6 levels, so I can leave the hair on top a little longer. I let him look in the mirror while I do it, and he likes to tell me "not too much." Just try to make your son feel like he's got some control of the situation, since it is his hair after all! Good luck.

I used to do my son's. I would put on his favorite show and do it while he watched. Sometimes it took an hour to get it all done in little sections. I would also do it while he was eating in his high chair/booster. He's confined and distracted that way.

Do you have a Snippets or kids cut kind of place by you? I take DS there now (2.5) and he does great. They have TONS of toys, TVs with their shows they can pick out, "race car" chairs for them to sit in....the whole place is just really cool. And the people work with kids all day, so they have the most patience in the world. Our lady made sure to show DS all of her tools, so he knew what she was using on him first.

I'm a stylist. I started cutting my boys hair when they were sleeping. I'd do one side, then roll them over and do the other side and get the top.

Now, they are pretty good, but if I am asked to do a friends hair who isn't used to it, I put in a cute movie, and give them a lollipop to keep them occupied. I've heard of stylists putting fun stickers on their shoes, so when they ask the child to look down they say, "look at your stickers!" and give them a sticker when they are being good.

Every now and then, I have to have someone else hold their head for me if they are young and fighting. Sometimes, if it's bad, I have to step away for a few minutes so they calm down.

Just use clippers, less chance of anyone getting cut with those than scissors.

Also, he isn't too young to discipline, march his butt to the time out chair when he behaves that way, even if he is covered in hair.

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