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How Can I Get My 10 Mo. Son to Eat Table Food-he Gags If Its Not Jar Food!

Help with transitioning from baby food in jars to table food

What can I do next?

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Just keep giving him jar food. My son came off jar food about three months ago (he's 19 months now). His doctor said not to worry about it and that some kids don't take to table food until they're 18 months. She actually told us she would rather have him on baby food then rushing him to an unhealthy diet. I just wouldn't rush the issue if you can afford to. That baby food is expensive!

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I hope I might offer some help. When my youngest son was about your son's age, he couldn't eat anything except baby food without gagging too. He couldnt even really eat 3rd stage of baby food till he was 12 mo. Shortly after that is when he tried to eat speggetti, right off my plate! it even was spicey. lol. But it wasnt until he was at least 13 months or latter. i asked the doctor about it and he said that some babies just dont learn how to manage food in their mouths till they get older, he said not to worry, as long as he was eating the baby foods and drinkin milk and such stuff that is good for him, its not going to hurt him. Now my son is 4 years old and eats just about anything. If it is really bothering you ask your peditrician. I think that your son will be ok.

HI M.,

This is NOT uncommon! I did this when I was a child and my mother thought I had a swallowing disorder. She started feeding me the "adult" Vienna sausages and finger foods that look like baby food. Basically, she would set it in front of me like it was baby food and let me eat myself, instead of making a big deal out of eating "grown up" food. I remember it myself to this thinking, "But, I LIKE eating my jar food..it tastes better!" I think babies get conditioned to eating the blander tastes/salt only and all the adult spices play a role in the hard transition. So, maybe keep in mind to stay with the bland tastes. Like: Canned chicken, cheese crackers, Vienna sausages, boiled carrots w/ just a little salt/butter. I read in a magazine that green peas were great to start them on- just microwave and make them mushy and let them explore!

Hope this helps!

I just bought a product from Target made by Munchkins, like a mesh pacifier, 2 in a set, u put food in the small sac, to prevent choking. I have a teething baby of 5 months and I put frozen banana in it for a heathy teether.

You can start with pureeing table for or just mashing it very well or mixing it with is jar food. I started by making my daughter her own chicken soup then blending it making it the texture of jar food. Find something he really loves like sweet potatoes and he will want the eat it anyway it comes.

I would highly recommend for you to get a baby food grinder, also adding a small amount of salt to the baby food will help to make this transition into table solids. Most of the problems that children have converting to table food is texture, slowly changing the texture will help a lot. Try the food grinder and see if that doesn't help some.


I have never hurd of that one before. I would try not letting him see you and mix table food in a blender os it is smaller for him to choo, then put it in the jar like baby food.

get french fries and take the filling out of them start him with that its not like mash potatos cause its not smooth its a little chucky and may help him get used to the texure of solid foods.

You can feed him soft foods like mashed sweet potato or mashed avocado and add water to it to make it more like the consistency of jarred baby food. But... I say don't worry about it too much. If he likes baby food in the jar... let him eat it. He won't be eating it forever... keep trying the table foods from time to time, but don't stress out over it. He will eat them eventually. I used to cook brocolli and mash it up and add water and my daughter ate it like crazy. You have to experiment a little to find what he might like. Yogurt is also good and mashed bananas. A good book to take a look at is Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron.

Be sure to keep it really bland, no salt, butter seasonings. his taste buds are not ready for it. Start by making sure it is near the same consistency that baby food is. Then mix it half and half. After a week or two try 3/4 table food 1/4 baby food. Then after another week or two go full table food. I always kept my kids on baby food till they reached for my food while I was eating. To me that was a signal that they were ready for it or at least wanted to learn about it. Baby's learn more about their world through their mouth than any other sense they have.

More importantly, it is important not to rush table food. Also be sure to introduce the same food over 3-5 days and only one food at a time. It will help you isolate any possible allergic reactions.


He'll eat it when he's ready to. My 13-mo. old son is still transitioning over to table food. One day he'll eat something just fine, then spit it right back out or gag the next day. The only other thing you can do is puree it - make it the same texture as jar food.

I have a one-year old who still eats mostly baby food. My advice is to not rush it. With my older daughter, I covered frozen veggies & fruits with their jar food counterparts. It made the solids less offensive to her. She gradually got used to the solid texture & I would put less & less jar food on the real stuff. He'll be ready in due time. Good luck! :)

Just keep giving him jar food. My son came off jar food about three months ago (he's 19 months now). His doctor said not to worry about it and that some kids don't take to table food until they're 18 months. She actually told us she would rather have him on baby food then rushing him to an unhealthy diet. I just wouldn't rush the issue if you can afford to. That baby food is expensive!

Hi M.

I have 4 kids so I have been through this 4 times. if you are trying to get your baby to eat table food what you could do is mash the table food up prepare your tha same way you would always prepare it and just mash up your babies serving but it's one of those tings once your baby is done make sure you give water that way they wont get to dehydrated because of the seasonings in table food. the first thing I tried was the can beefaroni and just smashed that up real good and it just went from there Good Luck

My son did this. Actually, he gagged on rice cereal. My son had problems chewing and would try to swallow the food straight back. We had to take him to a speech therapist and actually teach him how to eat and move the food to the side of his mouth to chew. You may watch your son and see if he tries to chew. Does he eat stage 3 foods, or is still in stage 2. It may be the thickness that bothers him. In that case, we would gradually thicken my son's food by putting crumbled up grahmn crackers in his jar food until he could stand that thickness, and then we'd make it a little thicker. It is a gradual process. Also, table foods may be too savory for him, jar foods are very bland. We would also get canned vegtable soup (like Cambell's) and mush up the veggies really good and feed it to my son. It helped him with texture and taste. If it continues, you may want to see his pediatrician. It may be something like my son had that you may need help with.

I have a 10 mo. son also. He is currently still on baby food with some table food. We dont give him a serving of table food for himself. To get him adapted to it we give him little pieces while we are eating. We give him things like pieces of french-style green beans, sm. manderine oranges, and corn casserole. Even though he eats those thing he will not eat the stage 3 foods with rice or pasta in them. Just introduce some table foods that mash easily little by little. But dont compare him to others because children develop at their own stages and when he wants to eat table food he will.

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