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How Can I Get Cigarette Smell Out of a Stroller?

I just received a like new Bugaboo Cameloen stroller/bassinet from a friend and it stinks of cigarette smoke. The stroller was kept in their garage and they smoke in there, with the door closed. Unfortunately for me, I was unaware of this when I picked it up. I stored it overnight in my daughter's bathroom and was shocked when I went in to get it that the bathroom smelled like a bar! I have aired it out all day outside, I have tried Febreeze, I have tried Lysol. My next thought is vinegar. This is a gorgeous, very expensive stroller that I would really like to keep and get a lot of use out of. Any other suggestions?

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I read on Bugaboos website that the whole thing is easily removed and machine washable. It was quick and quite easy to take apart and throw in the washing machine. I added a little white vinegar to help knock out the smell. They advice not to throw it in the dryer so it is currently drying out in the shower. It smells pretty neutral now :)

Also, a member informed me that you can buy a complete new set of fabric for around $100. Thanks so much to all!

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I had a stinky dirty stroller as well, and one day i was sitting by my folks pool, and thought - hey, I wonder if i throw the stroller in the pool if it would clean it? Well it didn't only work but it looked brand new, especially after letting it dry in the sun. If you don't have access to a pool, mix some clorox with water, and spray the whole thing down then let it dry in the sun. You'll be amazed!!! L.

How about a baking soda and water solution??

Douse it and let it dry?

Good old fashioned airing out (Dilution is the solution to pollution :))
Hope something works free strollers are hard to find!


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Newspaper can help. We used it to get the smoke smell out of the fridge when we had a fire in our home and also used it for other smoke smells that you can really wash.

i used renuzit super oder neutralizer.... i borrowed a double stroller that was in a basement and smelled like cat pee/litter.... of course this was in the summer so i had the luxury of doing this outside.... but i first washed it with soap and water and let it dry in the sun.... then i soaked it with the renuizit spray and again let it dry in the sun... worked like a charm.

Vinegar will definitely knock the odor out, once it dries! Leave it outside or in a garage/basement for a couple of days. Vinegar is super CHEAP (or free is you already have some) and super effective!

most baby things are made to be washable. See if there is anyway to remove the fabric parts and wash them. We had to take apart our stroller and carrier to wash on occasion. Good luck!

I have a Bugaboo Cameleon that I have been using for almost 2 years. I love it and one of the reasons is the everything comes apart and is washable. Just don't put it in the dryer.
You can also order all new material for around $100. Good luck.

Hi, Jen,
I, too, am a non-smoker and hate when things arrive at my house full of the smell of cigarette smoke! Unfortunately, plastic seems to absorb and hold that particular smell. I would try scrubbing the entire thing (fabric included) with a mild bleach/soap solution (one that won't damage the material) and leaving it outside for a while. I find that fresh air (even winter air) does a lot for stinky things, especially with a good scrub!
I wonder if some type of baking soda solution would work, too, since baking soda is so good at absorbing odors...?
Good luck!

I have family members that are smokers and on occasion I have left somthing in their home for a few weeks.
And OMG has it wreaked. What I have done is washed and scrubbed with a brush and detergent and let it air dry.
Sometimes it has required two cleanings so I do the same thing and then do a second scrubbing with a paste of baking soda.
I usually do this outside and rinse it with the hose.Using the sprayer nozzle is best .
I find the pressure helps in deep cleaning.And let it air dry as much as possible.
Put a towel over it with baking soda on top of the towel and it will help on absorbing anything left over.
A few fabric softener sheets can hurt in the lower part.
Enjoy your stroller those are really neat.
Just try not to put anything to toxic on it just because of the smell.I t can cause your daughter irritation on her skin when it comes in contact. Good Luck Roni

can the stroller be taken apart? i know when i had my 3rd child, my mom got me a double stroller at a yard sale. although it didnt smell like smoke, it was kept in a garage also and was pretty dirty. my mom took it apart for me and washed it. if it cant be taken apart, my only other suggestion would be to wait til spring, or at least a nice day and bring it outside with a hose, bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush. wash it, then leave it out in the sun. that usualy takes smells out! if its too cold to dry outside, try leaving it in the basement or something. of course you dont want it folded up to dry, so make sure you have a big space!! good luck!

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