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How Can I Extend My Maternity Leave So That I Can Still Get Paid?

I dont have disability insurance but people have told me that I can have my physician extend my leave under illness. What are some conditions that warrant an extended illness leave besides postpartum depression?

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When I had my daughter (April 2006) I was able to take off until September 2006. I left in March 2006 for my initial 4 weeks before she was born, then my 6 weeks after her birth. Applied for the "family leave act" and got another 12 weeks to spend with her. This was the best time for me. I got to be with the new baby and have the summer with my oldest child (son, then age 7). Go to the California EDD website and all the info is there. You need to be employed for minimum one year in order to apply.

Best of luck! K.

If you have a cesarean, you will automatically get 10 weeks afterward, instead of 6. I don't recommend lying about an illness to get more time off.

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Don't lie. Get a new career.

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i have a 2 and a 3 year old and wish i had done this...typically you'll get 6 weeks off (depending on your job), i got an extra 2 wks for a c-section. you have to have your doctor write a note for an illness, in my case with my first child i should've taken off longer for post-partum, but you will know after baby is born! it has to be a valid reason, though, for the doctor to excuse you for i believe up to 12 weeks (6 weeks extra paid by disability). anyone corrrect me if i'm wrong. hope this helps! good luck - there is nothing like motherhood! :)

you can get paid through state disability insurance for 6 wks after you give birth, then stay out of work and get paid for an additional 6 weeks through the Paid Family Leave Act. (I am currently in the last week of paid leave myself.)
call this # (877) 238-4373 it is the state office that handles all claims, or just google CA state disability insurance and it will give you a link. you will have to download a form from the website, get your doctor to fill it out for you and send it in. its really easy and you get paid your full pay, its not just a percentage!

Under CA State disability you will recieve about 6 weeks, but after that is completed they have Paid Family Leave that can be used as soon as that ends. It is 6 weeks that can be used any time during the first yr of babies life for bonding or illness whatever the case may be. It doesn't require anything from the dr, just is an application that gets sent automatically the day when your initial disability ends. Hope this helps, I am using it now, and very happy to have the extra time.

Under CA law, you should be entitled to FMLA which is paid leave up to 12 weeks and PFL, which is for baby bonding that allows you an additional 6 weeks through the state as well.
Your physician can extend your disability for as long as you tell them "you're not quite up to par" and you tell them how much longer you think you may need.
The PFL kicks in once you have been released to your normal job and can go back to work. You can take PFL up to 1 year after the birth of your child and is for dad's too.
Check out the EDD website for further information.

Where I work , our union allows us to take up to one year (includes 6-8 weeks maternity & then another few weeks for FMLA). The additional time falls under is care for a newborn/childcare. Check with your employer. Be advised though that you may have to pay for medical out of pocket after you leave time runs out.

With my son, I had a very difficult delivery. I had a Level 4 episiotomy. It did not heal weel or fast and I had pain and problems. So, I was actually on CA disability for 7 months. It may be worth checking into for you.

Sounds like there are some great legal ways to extend your maternity leave. So please, don't ask your doctor to lie, and don't deceive him/her to get false excuses to stay home. One lie always leads to another, and that's no way to start out your new life with a baby. Good luck and congratulations.

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